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Skill system

When you kill monsters or complete some quests, you receive experience points (Exp) which will increase your Base and Job Leveling bars. The amount increased is directly determined by the monster killed. in general, the tougher the monster, the more Exp it will give.

Whenever your Job level increases, you gain 1 skill point. From your skill window (Alt+S), you can use up this point to learn a new skill or improve on an existing one (by increasing its level).

Types of skills

Skills each have specific and often unique effects. Some may deal damage to the target while others can be tools such as one to uncloak hidden enemies for example. The list of skill types can be summarized in the following table:

Type Description Example
Offensive Such skills can inflict raw or modified damage to one or multiple targets Bash, Magnum Break, ...
Defensive Such kind of skills can increase one's defense or reduce the damage (or hit) of enemy attacks or skills Reflect Shield, Cold Skin, ...
Supportive This type of skill is often used to buff (or heal) oneself or an ally (or party or guild) in order to increase the receiver's attributes, damage, defense, magic defense or resistance to status effects Heal, Cure, ...
Utility Utility skills are useful and strategic skills allowing oneself to learn more about the target or to handicap it Sense, Divest, ...

List of skills

Job Skills

For any Job path you choose throughout your adventure, you will be able to gain new skills specific to your job while leveling. To learn more about the skills available for each classes, refer to Classes.

Platinum Skills

This skills are meant to bring balance to the classes. This are skills that are aquired through quest. There are only specific skills each classes some maybe necessary and some are not.(Note: All platimun skill for 1st job are aquired through Platinum Skill NPC located at prontera.Platinum Skill for 2nd job and alternate job are aquired through quests.)