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Server Information

Rates: 6/6/6 and 3k/3k/10k. Custom NPCs, Items, Pets. New dedicated host! Great community and GMs. Featuring our very own Custom Star Wars jobs! We also have Gunslinger and Ninja fully working as well as all the new cards! Welcome to the dark side of RO! Please, check the website for more details...



Rates: 3k/3k/10k (Cards drop rates: 600x)

Max level: 255/100

Max stats: 255

Max storage capacity: 1000

Emulator: Hercules (heavily moded and customized)

Type: PK (Player Killable) means you can attack other players (and being attacked) after reaching level 70 (you can attack everywhere except in towns).

Commands: @go, @who2, @warp, @autoloot, @storage, @gstorage, @mi, @me, @autotade, @mi, @ii, @sleep/@afk/@brb

WOE: Sunday (13:00 - 15:00), Friday (20:00 - 22:00) and Wednesday (9:00 - 11:00) (Eastern Time - Toronto, New York)


Dual AMD Opteron 270, 4x1MB Cache
10GB Ram
2x150 Gb RAID rated Server-Class Hard Drive
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
100 Mbits connection
Availability: 24/7