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The 10 Commandments of RO

1) Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk

Remember that behind that graphic, there is a living and breathing person. Like you, he/she has feelings, and deserves proper respect.

2) Thou Shalt Not Taketh Away Ones Honor... and EXP

Do NOT kill steal. Kill stealing is attacking a monster another has already begun to attack. Please find your own monster, as the attacker only gets a portion of the normal experience. This is also referred to as helping or jamming.

Due to Gravity's servers being hosted on a tin can and string, sometimes you'll see players follow an enemy, but always be a few seconds behind them. You'll see yourself doing it if you're lagging badly. LEAVE THEIR ENEMY ALONE! This is just as bad as kill stealing, IMO.

Cooralary to Commandment 2: It is okay to Kill Steal if someone asks for help, usually indicated by using that emote.

Cooralart 2 to Commandment 2: MVP monsters are free for all, so feel free to join in and whack 'em around a bit. But take in consideration if theres already a party that take his time and enfort to lower most of the MVP hit points show some respect and let them kill it.

3) Thou Shalt Not Taketh Ones Crap

Do NOT loot. Looting is taking the items from a monster that you did not kill. If, after a guy kills something, and walks off without picking up the stuff, by all means take it. You'll find very often people leave Jellopies and other less valuable things lying around, so if your a newbie, go ahead and take them. Always give them back if they ask for them though.

4) Thou Shalt Not Lag Down Servers with their "Jackass-ness"

Do NOT bot. There is a program(s), somewhere out there on the net, that will level your character automatically for you. All it does is loot and kill steal from honest players, and take up bandwidth for real users. You are also violating DarkRO TOS by using one.

5) Thou Shalt Not be a l33t h4x0rz

Do NOT hack. This includes doing crazy stuff like duplicating items or zeny, or exploiting bugs in the program. All you are doing is hurting the economy, so in the end you are hurting yourself.

6) Thou Shalt Respect the Services of Merchants

Before speaking with a discount merchant, please check to make sure you have enough zeny for the item you intend to purchase. Most offer 20 or 15 percent off, so the math is not difficult. Also, if you don't have the money, don't ask the merchant to sell you the item at a considerably lower price. Discount merchants dont make that much of a profit, and none of them are willing to pay for some of your item out of their own pocket. Also, after you have agreed to purchase the item, you are bound by a verbal contract to buy it. Don't try to worm your way out.

About overcharge Merchants as well - Don't bother to give them anything that sells for 6z or less, because you won't get any extra zeny that way. So just sell it yourself.

7) Thou Shalt Not screw other Merchants over

Don't undercut other Merchants. Undercutting is basically vending the same item another is for a cheaper price, in an effort to get more business for themselves. Then the other Merchant will reduce his/her price, then you'll reduce yours, etc, and you'll wind up in a price war where you both wind up losing. Vend things for the same price everyone around you is, unless the other is selling things for a very, very high price.

8 ) Thou Shalt Not Beg Mercenaries of God for his forgiveness

Acolytes are not your personal, walking red potion. Most will give you a heal if you ask nicely though. Asking nicely would be "If it's not too much trouble, could I have a heal?" or "Can you please heal me?". "HEAL PLZ" and "HEAL NOW" will not do. As I always tell people, if your too lazy to even write out "please", you don't deserve a heal. If the Acolyte does heal you, be sure and say thanks. Also, feel free to tip them. About 20z for every 100 HP is good. They also really like Blue gems for thier warps.

And please tip them if one helps you or the Blacksmith you hired to forge.

9) Thou Shalt Not be a Lazy Bum

Please don't beg for money. We all know novices are poor, and you will be until around level 30. We all had to go through exactly what you did. So just be patient.

10) Thou Shalt Not Attempt to Steal from their Fellow Players Don't scam, and don't fall for scams. The less people that fall for them, the less scammers will do them! Popular scams are offering to "upgrade" your weapon for you, which you can just go yourself. Or, selling items for 1 digit more than usual. So a 100z item would become a 1100z or 1000z item, hoping nobody would notice. Unfortunately, people are dumb enough too. Just remember, caveat emptor, and if something sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.

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