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PvP (Player vs Player) is simply a status where you are able to fight with other people. This is how one would test their skills against other players.

Most maps on Force has PK (Player Kill) on, which means that most of the fields and some towns are in PvP mode. Along with this feature, Force and Pie both have PvP rooms. These rooms are where you can meet people and fight each other without having the distraction of monsters around.

Official Command Skills

An optional skill for players to utilize all 36 hot keys to improve PvP, WoE, and PvM game play. Has a steep learning curve, but can smooth any combat experience. we know that battlemode or /bm is hard to use specially for the first timers. but always use battlemode so you can take advance of practice.

/nc is a basic command for players to attack continuously. It allows the player to click the target once and it will automatically attack the target without requiring the player to hold the attack button (mostly the mouse). It is used not only for PvP but also for hunting purposes. It is advisable to players to which the enemy doesn't have a cloak or hiding skill because in case of the usage of the said skill the target will not be attacked and followed even after decloaking and requires for retargetting. The player who uses the command will attack the target until it is dead, interupted by casted skills (card effects not included eg. Storm Gust from Stormy Knight Card) and lost of target.

PvP Room

The PvP Room, accessible from the PvP Warper NPC, is a medium-sized room where anyone can go in to fight against each other, in parties or not. You are not allowed to warp out. The only way out is to reach the warp portals north or south of the map which lead to a Warper NPC in little rooms next to the PvP Room. Kills in the PvP Rooms are counted and a Top 10 List of killers can be seen from the PvP Stats NPC in Prontera.

PvP Sites

All of the maps in Force have pk but there are maps that are really crammed with pk players and are called PK hotspots :

Payon Dungeon F1(pay_dun00(upper-right)
Payon Dungeon F3(lower-left)
Prontera Fields (prt_fild08 50 50, prt_fild07 123 123, prt_fild01 10 100 , prt_fild05 260 250)
Glast Heim Underprison (gl_prison 123 28)(gl_prison 150 100, gl_prison 51 99)
Glast Heim Knight F2 or F1(gl_knt1)(gl_knt2)
Glast Heim Castle 2(gl_cas02)
Novice Training Ground(go 15)
PVP room (it has pvp room in prontera)(to the middle), geffen (near kafra)
Abyss Cave F3(abyss_03)
Prontera Battle Field(prt_are01)
Niffelheim(go 13)
Clock Tower 1(c_tower1)
Ice dungeon 4(ice_dun04)
Anthell 1 (anthell_01)

Force's dynamic PK system

However, with the addition of @pk, players can freely walk through maps without fearing other players attacking you.


This custom command allows you to change your PK state to ON (if it's already OFF) or OFF (if it's already ON). It can only be used on non-PvP maps ( most likely to be cities ) and has a 15 minutes delay to prevent possible addiction to the command (since it's a PK server after all).


Using this custom command allows you to see a player's PK state (ON or OFF). You'll notice a ring beneath the player to show his/her PK state is off.


Using this custom command allows you to see a player's status.

War of Emperium

Main article: War Of Emperium

The War of Emperium is a guild based event that happens on certain days of the week. In both DarkRO Force and Pie, the event occurs 3 times a week. During this event, Individual guilds risk their lives to occupies a castle. Accomplishing this will give guild masters the opportunity to obtain items from the castle treasure room to make themselves and their guild stronger. If the quest for breaking the seal is completed by the guild master, he/she can use certain castle items, obtained from the treasure room, to create the God Items like Valkyrie's Armor, Valkyrie's Shoes, Valkyries Manteau, Nile Rose, Valkyrie Shield, you notice l didn't put Valkyrie Helm there coz Valkyrie Helm cannot be created. you need to donate to purchase or to have an Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie helm is also useful in characters because of its given attribute.

Castle's Location

  1. Where the castles are located:
    1. 'Prontera':prt_gld
    2. 'Payon': pay_gld
    3. 'Aldebaran': alde_gld
    4. 'Geffen: gef_fild13 (this is a player kill map, you can turn off your pk mode if you want but some are want them pk is on just to pawned other players.)

The guild skills and disable mode

Official guild approval Series: Passive Target: The guild Description: This is the only skill you need to get to attack the emperium, without this, your guild cannot hit the emperium so your attack will be always miss even you are 255 strong or whatever.

Contract with kapra Series: Passive Target: The guild Description: This is the skill where guild leaders can apply kafra in their castles. This skill helps a lot because with a kafra in their castle, they will not need to go back to the city to resupply again. The kapra provides storage and warp services as well as cart services.

Guild extention Series: Passive Target: The guild Description: Without this skill, you cannot reach the amount of 76 guild members, this is useful for a powerful guild.

Guardian Research Series: Passive Target: The guild Description: Hire guardians, three types of guardians are hired. Archer guardian, soldier guardian and knight guardian, these guardians is mostly help alot to you coz they can stun enemies who are coming to your guild castles.

PS, the guardians: Archer guardians: They normally stand at the front of the castles and entrance and normally on second floor.

Soldier guardians: They normally stand inside of the castles

Knight guardians: There is only one knight guardian and it is called the leader of the guardians and it normally stands outside the emperium room or inside the emperium room

New guild skills

Build up the guardian Series: Passive Target: The guild Description: Strengthen the attack power and attack speed of the guardians but not the defense. Battle orders Series: Supportive Target: All guild members in the screen Description: Can only be used at guild war mode and guild leaders only. When cast, all the members in the screen will get +5 bonus in STR, INT, and DEX, but this is not a permanent bonus status. Regeneration Series: Supportive Target: All guild members in the screen Description: Can only be used at guild war mode and guild leaders only. When cast, all the members will receive double HP recover rate to a maximum of X 3 HP recover rate

Great leadership Series: Passive Target: All guild members in the radius of 5 cells Description: All the members around the leader of 5X5 receive the effect of STR +5, but this is not a permanent bonus status,

Soul of cold Series: Passive Target: All guild members in the radius of 5 cells Description: All the members around the leader of 5X5 receive the effect of AGI +5, this is also not permanent bonus status,

Wounds of glory Series: Passive Target: All guild members in the radius of 5 cells Description: All the members around the leader of 5X5 receive the effect of VIT +5

Sharp hawk eyes Series: Passive Target: All guild members in the radius of 5 cells Description: All the members around the leader of 5X5 receive the effect of DEX +5

Restore Series: Supportive Target: All guild members in the screen. Description: This skill is use only in guild war and guild leaders only. Once cast, all the members HP will recover to 90%

Emergency call ( Also known as EC ) Series: Supportive Target: All guild members Description: This skill can only be use in guild war and by guild leaders only, once cast , all the members will appear beside you. It will summon all the members no matter where they are. This skill has delay of 5 minutes or you can character select so you can use it again and again..

(Note: In Emergency Call, You can't reduce the casting time of Emergency Call , Even Putting dex , Poem of Bragi and/or putting berzebub card).

Disable mode

Do take note that some things and effects are useless in WOE as their effects are disabled.

1: Attack power is not shown.

2: All skills are simplified.

3: Guild logo is shown on top of the character.

4: Some of the skills cannot be used.

5: When character is dead, he/she will be automatically teleported to their save points.

6: Although skills have knock back effect like magnum break, it will just be a normal attack.

7: Using of wing of fly and teleportation skills are not allowed, you are only allowed wing of butterfly.

8: Effect of phen card is cancel. so those with casting can forget about casting successful spells.

Defend strategy

The castle defense is very important, here is what you can do

1: Kill whatever champions and casting character first, but I don't really recommend this because it is a waste of time.

2: Spawn whatever skills like firewall, storm gust, lord of vermilion, meteor storm, heaven's drive, desperado, fire pillat, spider's web at the entrance.

3: Heal the emperium with sanctuary or gospel(gospel is confirm useful against emperium, and can add buffs to your party or guildmates)and Potion Pitch the emperium to prevent breaking of castles.

4: Snipers must stand very very far away from the melee fighters and set traps on the entrance and at the back of the melee fighters, they should also put traps when they really need from entrance to emperium.

5: Try to kill whatever enemy you see along your way.

6: Place your melee fighters at the front, Assassin Cross,Lord Knight and Champions behind at the emperium or assassin cross after gunslingers and champions near entrance and asura who ever comes in but make sure you can kill him/her in just 1 asura.

7: Use your ruwach and sight at all times especially when you see an assassin cross or stalker comes in( but not all stalkers are using hide, they usually use chase walk after they seen in ruwach so you need to use a AoE Skills like Storm Gust, Desperado, Magnum Break, Arrow Shower, and other skills).

8: Always jam up the emperium room entrance with many people as possible

Each castle has a gate(entrance) and a core(mainly the castle itself) but some don't have, but each castle defend strategy is still the same but some of the guilds they defend the castle very strong. so you need to take a lot of members to come and get/occupy the castle.

The Castle Defense Tips


Geffen castles are the fartest castles and you can only get there by a warp. Their maze are very easy to broken so don worry.

Geffen 12:

This castle is the same as all the other geffen castles, they all have a gate which lead to a maze directly and after you broke through it, you will reach the core. Simple after this just find the emperium room.

Defend tips: Put your high wizards at the entrance with a clown and gyspy as well as scholars. Do put some metee fighters too, champions and priest are compusary while the other stay in the emperium room. The high wizards MUST spawn the entrance or else the enermy will get through.

Geffen 9:

This castle has many gates, hard to break through but all lead to the same route to the core. This is also the hardest to defend so all the members are advise to stay inside the emperium room unless you have alliance to help.

Defend tips: As mention earlier, this castle is definaly hard to defend but stay at the emperium room at all times. Put all metee fighters and as many people as possible. High wizards and scholars stand at the back and snipers stand at the back for surport.

Geffen 2:

Same as other geffen castles, I don have to explan much.

Defend tips: Same as above, but this time spawn only at the entrance while the rest at the emperium room.

Geffen 7:

The maze is also very easy to broke through, once you reach the core, just find the emperium room.

Defend tips: To defend this castle is very very easy, just spawn the gate and some at the entrance, I dont have to explain much ether right?

Geffen 5:

The maze is also very easy to broke through, inside the core has two ways to the emperium room and ether way will lead you to there.

Defend tips: The gate of this castle is very small, so your little spawning can mean big spawning, same as the above, just follow the intructions above. The emperium room has water pits for water ball.

Other tips: Other than the above defending ways, there is another way by spawning dead brunches outside the castle. Since the field is gef_fild 13, you can spawn monsters but I don't really recommend you to do this as it cause unfair to the enemies. The motive of this plan is to slow down the enemies and wasting their time and potions(best use for geffen 9) but the spawnmer itself will ahve to sacrifice itself so he/she is advise to wear a teleport clip or whatever but he/she must be level 99.


Payon castles all have a big gate, but the maze inside the gate is very easy to break so this makes the defend very easy to broke. Even the emperium rooms of the payon castles itself is a maze.

Payon 11:

Just go inside and you can broke through the maze ad reach the core easily. But do take note that some archer guardians are standing on the floor.

Defend tips: you will need two guilds in work in order to get the best defense, guild one will stand at the gate while guild two at the emperium room.

Payon 12:

Same thing, but don't lost your way inside the core as it has steps to confuse you.

Defend tips: Since the gate is quite small and the whole castle itself is a maze, just put a little bit of spawn at the gate and some at the emperium room or you can follow the instructions above. One guild should be able to do it.

Payon 2:

Same as above, the maze is just a push over, just don lost yourself in the core thats all.

Defend tips: to defend it is just a push over, just follow the instructions above but you will need two guilds in order to do it.

Payon 6:

The gate is like a big door, it is realy realy hard to get pass the defenders if it is heavily defended. But the core itself is quite easy to break through.

Defend tips: You may need more than two guilds in order to do it, the gate itself is too big and a total amount of 2 guilds are used on the gate. One guild is also needed for the emperium room.

Payon 5:

It is almost the same as the other castles eccept payon 6, I myself have walk through this castle once so I cannot realy remember the maze inside but the gate itself is just nice and enough for one guild to defend while the others in the emperium room.

Defend tips: As mention above, this castle is quite easy to defend but two guilds is needed.

Other tips: This is one of the fiercest battles in WOE as payon castles is just located beside the city itself, so many guilds will definaly attack the castles here. You will need your alliance help in order to defend well.


The prontera castles are rumored to give good tresures, many guilds attack it for this, but the weekness is all their gates are too big.

Prontera 11:

This castle's maze is easy to broke through but the core itself is very hard. By appearence it has many warp portals but sill it is very easy to broke through.

Defend tips: The gate is very big and it is very hard to defend, a total of 3 guilds will be needed to defend it. two guilds at the gate and one inside the emperium room. The two guilds at the gate is enough to stop enemies from coming in so those in the emperium room can rest unless you see those cloakers.

Prontera 1:

This is almost same as other prontera castles, the maze is also quite easy to broke through but do take note that the core inside is also a maze.

Defend tips: Almost same as the other castles, just jam and spawn whatever you can. Follow the instructions above.

Prontera center:

This castle is located at the center of the prontera castles. The gate is also very big, same as the other castles, the core itself is also a maze.

Defend tips: Same as the other prontera castles, but the gate may be very big so I will suggest put two and half guilds to defend while the rest in the emperium room.

Prontera 7:

The gate is very small and is also a maze. The core itself is also a maze so this makes the whole castle a complete maze. Still for emperium breakers, if you can go pass the defend just reach for the emperium room I believe the maze is very easy to break.

Defend tips: Since the gate is very small, one and half guilds is enough, your alliance and some of your guild memebers should be enough for the gate while the rest in the emperium room.

Prontera 5:

Same as prontera 7, their structure is almost the same outside and the gate also, so just focus on the core's maze.

Defend tips: Same as prontera 5, just spawn with one and half guilds at the gate and the rest in the emperium room.


Aldebaran castle's gates are too big that it looks like it has no core, as a matter of fact, the whole castle itself is the core. The castles also have the hardest maze to break compair to the prontera castles as it has too many warp potrals here and there to confuse emperium breakers.

Aldebaran 11:

Completely very hard to break even the maze itself, I only walk in this castle once when I try to break it, I was killed by the defenders, so the best way is to walk in this castle befeore the WOE starts to memerise the emperium room. If not you will have a hard time finding it. Do take note of the floor structure.

Defend tips: If I am right, the emperium room has water for water ball so scholars can save some deluge skill. Those in the emperium room can spread out around the room. High wizards try to stand at a part with water. Do remember to spawn area spells too. As for the entrance of the castle, just put whatever you can, so two guilds in total you will need for the defend of this castle.

Aldebaran 7:

The gate may be jamed with alot of defenders, it is also hard to break the maze, so same as above, figure out the maze before WOE starts.

Defend tips: Since the gate itself is the castle and it has steps to the second floor, snipers can stand at the second floor where the archer guardians are standing and shoot the enemies. Jam the metee fighters at the gate to block the entrace and it should be enough to block everything unless a gang bang* happen. So for the best defense, two guilds are needed. The emperium room should have water for water ball skill.

  • Gang bang: A gang bang happens when the enemy guild rush in together as a

team and it may be able to break the defense at the gate even the strongest defense.

Aldebaran 6:

Just beside aldebaran 7, The gate is far too big, so emperium breakers have the chance to broke through the maze very quick but the best way is the memorize the while maze before WOE starts.

Defend tips: The best is to use three guilds together, one at the emperium room while two jam up the gate to prevent any gang bang or anything to slip pass. Snipers can stand with the archer guardians at the second floor. The emperium room structure is also very small so try to put high wizards at water sports if there are any and melee fighters at the entrance of the room.

Aldebaran 5:

I think this castle is also very hard to break as it has many warp potrals, same as above memorize before breaking. If i am right, the emperium also have warp portals.

Defend tips: The gate itself is not too big but still you must jam up the entrance with one guild and one in the emperium room so two guilds is needed. The emperium also has water for water ball.

Aldebaran 1:

It is the same as any aldebaran castles, just follow the instructions above.

Defend tips: almost the same, two guilds are needed, emperium room should have water pits for water ball while jaming up the entrance.

The alliance function

When a guild leader right click on the other guild's leader or member, there is a option to make an alliance with the guild.

What is alliance?: Alliance is to make friends, the more friends the better(but some are dont want to have an alliance). You can have a total amount of 3 alliance, you cannot attack their castle or members or each other in WOE. If your alliance's guild is very strong, you earn it so make sure you make alliance with a strong guild.

Imaginary alliance: What is this? Well, when your alliance list is full and you want to make another alliance, you can contact the guild leader by talking to him. Once the leader accepts, the alliance is made. The two guilds must not enter each other castles and attack each other castles but you can sent some of your members to help them just don't hit them by mistakes.

Cards in WoE

Different Selection of cards you can use for WoE.

Weapon Doppelganger Card: Enable to Attack fast all the time as long as the card is compound on the weapon that you are wearing on..

Skeleton worker Card: For killing enemies, it gives bonus damage of 15% to people since they are medium size.

Hydra Card: Add 20 % more damage on Demi-Human Monsters ( players ) ( this is also useful not only in war of emperium but also in player kill mode).

Mummy Card: Hit + 20

Phreeoni Card: Hit + 100

Turtle General Card: Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. 3% chance of automatically casting Level 10 Magnum Break on the enemy when attacking.

Thanatos Card: Deals more damage depending on the target's defense ( if you hit a player with a high vitality and high defense, your damage is high also. the more vit and defense you hit, the more damage will penetrated. this will be helpful also in guild war). Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack. DEF - 30, Flee Rate - 30

Orc Skeleton Card: Increase damage on Holy Property enemies by 20% ( this is useful also in breaking a castles).

Sniper Card : This will be helpful in Lord Knights,Gunslingers to pawned Flee Rate jobs. Like Clowns, Stalkers, Professors.

Lunatic Card : It will add some stats. Luk +1, Critical Rate +1, And Perfect Dodge +1. This will be helpful in support type clowns and gypsy.

Assassin Cross Card : This card can help you alot of things to kill enemies easily.You can use auto casting level 1 enchant deadly poison (EDP) just for a seconds. (Helpful also in pk mode).

Status cards

Below are the useful status cards you can use.

Magnolia card: Give curses to enemies who you attacking.

Metaller card: Gives silent to prevent enemies from using skill(basically, this is useless because many people has high vitality and they put marduk card can cancel it quickly).

Marina card: Freeze the enemies, good agasinst enemies who are using golden bug cards (basically, this is useless because many people wear Valkyrie's Armor sometimes is Deadly(Evil Druid Card)Armors.


Here is the list of cards you can use for WOE in your amour

Ghostring card: For high VIT tankers like paladins and lord knights and high priests, this card also will protect you from hitting asura.asura will lesser the damage as long as the card is compounded on the armor.

Marc card: Use this card to prevent storm gust from freezing you, also good against froze driver.(If you have Valkyrie's Armor you don't need this anymore.)

Orc lord card: For AGI characters who want to kill enemies more easy by reflecting the damage they received.

Angeling card: Decrease the element damage receive from the area spells but not good to use, this is just to save some potions.this will be helpful also if your range enemies like snipers and stalkers are using silver arrows. their damage will be missed.

Pupa card: For more HP uses (+700HP)

Tao Gunka card: Max HP + 100%, DEF - 50 and MDEF - 50.


Here is the list of cards you can use for your headgear.

Deviruchi card: For those AGI characters who are afraid of losing any flee rate.

Marduk card: For high wizards who are afraid of silent status.

Orc hero card: For those who want to avoid being stunned.

Mistress Card : For Professors, High Priests, High Wizard Characters. This will be helpful if you dont want to waste your gemstones to use Safety Wall,etc.

Pharaoh card: Reduce SP consumption by 30 % when using skills, so you can use alot of skills.

Lord Knight Card : You Can use Level 1 Berserk. This will be helpful in breaking emperium, also useful in pk mode.

High Wizard Card : This card can see hiding/cloacking players.

Evil Snake Lord Card/Dark Snake Lord Card : This card help you to become invulnerable in Blind and Curse Status. It will also add Int +3.


Raydric card: For the deduction of the neutral element means that the damage done to you will be decrease.

Frilldora card: For those breakers like the bersek lord knight and spear paladins but this is optional since you can only use level 1 cloaking. (Note: You can use this only while you are beside walls).

Deviling card: Add 50% more tolerance against Normal Property Attack. Receive 50% more damage from other Property Attack.

Choco Card : It will be helpful in Perfect Dodge Characters Like Clown, Stalker, Assassin Cross, because it adds Perfect Dodge + 5, Flee Rate + 10.


Thara Frog : Reduce damage taken from Demi-Human Monsters by 30 %.

Horn card: Reduce damage taken from long-ranged attacks by 35 %.

Golden Thiefbug card: For those tankers who wants to save some pots for magic attack damages. All the area spells are useless to you now.

Maya card: For those who wants to survive magic spells and reflecting damage back to them, too bad the damage you done to enermies is only 1

Shoes The list of cards for the shoes are here.

Matyr card: For more HP uses.

Verit card: For more SP uses.

Moonlight flower card: For fast walking speed, this is best for escaping from enermies who are chasing you.

Gold Acidus card: Increases Max HP and Max SP by 4%. When the compounded shoes's upgrade level is no greater than 5, these bonuses are increased to Max HP +8% and Max SP +8%, and adds SP Recovery +5%.

Green Ferus card:VIT + 1 Maximum HP + 10%

Accessories Marine sphere card: You can use skill Magnum Break if you equipped this to your character.

Spore card: For more VIT and HP

Mantis card: For more STR uses

Smokie card: For hiding purpose but still it is useless as the high wizards and high priest will sight and ruwach ( useful in pvp and guild war. )

Osiris card: Enables its user to restore Full HP/SP when revive/respawn.

Zerom card: For more DEX uses.

Kukre card: For more AGI uses.

Horong card: For those who wants to solo and sight the hidden enemies.

Yoyo Card : It add status. AGI + 1, Perfect Dodge +5. This will be helpful in dodging melee enemies so they will miss at their attacks.

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