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In a chatroom

Chatting, what is chatting? we all know that chatting is a way to talk to other players there are many ways to chat. First is just a simple chat where you talk to each other face to face. Second is " Whispering " so what is whispering? well first of all whispering means a private message that comes from a certain player. How do you whisper? its easy you just have to press tab and you will see a rectangle box below left side and there you must type their name must be exact or else whisper wont work, after putting their name just press tab again and there you have it you can whisper them anytime. Also becareful because sometimes there are some impersonating going on just double check use @who2 when you are in doubt that their not the real one and you can report them through forums.

The third chard is having a public room although you can set it private and just have to say the password to a certain person you want to talk to alone. Public room is commonly used as recruiting, buying, selling, trading, needs and here are some abbreviation for it ( R> , B>, S>, N>, T> )they always use the abbreviation because its more easy, also when you made a public room you cannot move around, trade, talk to any NPC's and talk outside of the chatroom although you can still talk to other still by whispering them you can quit your public room by typing "/q" or just click the x button.

The fourth and fifth are way of chatting is talking through parties and guilds you can only chat through guilds when your on a guild and party when you have party members to talk to or else you would be only talking by your self, you can do this by clicking the circle in below right corner and it will show (Send to all, Send to party, and Send to guilds) you can choose any then you all the message will be sent by party or guilds which ever you choose to bring it back to normal just choose send to all and voila your back talking to players public.

Joining a Party or Guild

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Joining a party

Partying is a very important aspect of the game since it not only promotes bonding between players but also makes leveling or questing much easier. Actually, in some circumstances, a Party is required to pass certain quests (example: Thanatos Tower Quest or to vanquish some extremely dangerous MvPs.

Players can also create or join a Guild. A guild is somewhat like a party except that it gathers players sharing the same ideas, values and morals who are ready to help each other out in times of troubles or when joining forces can be an asset to take on a challenge. Some features of the game are only available to guilds. The War of Emperium is one very popular event where guilds get the chance to battle against each other for castles conquest and power domination.


Trading a player

You might question what is trading is and how can you trade? First of all trading is all open to everybody, you can trade whatever it is and the maximum trade is 10items and you could just re-trade again if there's more to trade.

How can we trade to other player? To trade to other players you must be close to them or else it won't work because of the reason that your too far away, after deciding who is your going to trade point at their character and click the left button of your mouse and there will be commands that will appear and you will find Request Trade/Deal. If the trade did not work you may do it again to check, but if your screen says " Skill failed " it means the player your dealing with might have been dealing with others too or they haven't accepted your request yet.

Common problems when dealing a player is Scamming its the most popular of all, to prevent not to be scammed by someone check your deal if its the right card/name and amount etc. Also remember that if they attempt to scam you, you may take a several screenshots to report the incident at the Forums in the right section or else it will be ignored and let the Gm's and Police see your case, reminding that when you got scammed Gm's or Admins won't give any lost items back, it is your responsibilty to your own items that had been scammed,they can only ban or punish for those people who do illegal things like scamming and more. It is also in the policy that any lost items won't be given back as a reminder for those player who had been scammed in the past and to know more read the policy again.


For those of you who like a good fight, PvPing is always welcomed. On Pie, there is a PvP room to join in on. On Force, along with having a PvP/GvG map and pvp room, practically every field map is a potential zone for fighting.

All in all, you can make the best of friends, or the worst of enemies.


An event commonplace with the current economy of the DarkRO community. Underhanded tricks made by dishonest players people need to avoid as well as report for the good of the people. See the types of scams on the above link.