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Here you will find a list of the updates done to the Pie server. You can also visit the Pie Update Section on the server forum for all of the topic discussions about the updates made.

June 13, 2013

~ Introduction
This update is merely content related and a huge improvement over Renewal skills (The first of a few more to come from Hercules's end), including several skill and stats (atk, batk, matk, def, etc) improvements taking a step closer to replicate kRO's official formulas.

This also includes a bit of bug fixing and a some new content among a few other things

~ Contents

  • Hercules memory usage improvements.
    • With this, the server now uses about 130MB~ of ram where as before it'd be using 550+ right after booting.
  • NPCs/Quests/Warps
    • Mora Town (NPCs, Quests and Guides) have been implemented
    • Bifrost Monster spawns and warps have been added/updated
    • Hazy Forest Instance has been added
  • Renewal Formula
    • A lot of skills for both 2nd/Trans/3rd classes have been updated to better mirror official Renewal effects.
    • Renewal stats (ATK, mATK, bATK, Def, VDef, Hit & Flee formula improvements)
  • Bug fixing
    • Issues such as the Storage password have been fixed
    • Some other stuff that has passes unnoticed (or that doesnt have a major direct impact on players yet) has also been fixed
  • Minigames
    • Thanks to Jero we have added a Minigames NPC which includes 6 sort of Minigames/Events
    • The events are:
      • Monster Summon: Will spawn a certain amount of mobs in a map and a small portion of those mobs will grant Event Points
      • MVP Summon: Will spawn a random MVP on a random map. Whoever kills it, gets the Event points
      • Monster Hunt: A set of monsters will appear on a random map, everytime you kill one you will gain event points
      • Poring Catcher: 100 Porings will be spawned on a random map and one of those porings is the right poring. Whoever kills it, wins the event
      • Zombie Invasion: A set of Zombies will be spawned on a random map, just like Monster summon, a few of those Zombies will be special and grant you event points
      • Disguise: The NPC will disguise himself a monster, whoever guesses the monster first, wins.
      • Last Man Standing: PvP oriented event. A map will be set as PvP, whoever is the last player alive, wins.
    • Each one of those events occurs twice a day every 12 hours (So everyone in the different timezones gets a chance to play on the different events)
    • There is a minimum amount of players online required in order for the events to run, for example, there has to be at least 7 people online for the Monster Summon to run when its scheduled
    • You may exchange your Event points for Bronze/Silver/Gold coins.
    • The NPC will be further configured as needed and more events will be added as time goes by.

~ Final Comments
I'd like to invite all Pie players to leave their feedback @ Pie's Update feedback topic, so together we may further work on improving Pie =)

June 5, 2013

  • Fixed some missing commands
  • Added some missing headgear.
  • Fixed issue with @who2
  • Fixed an issue with the custom logs system~
  • Fixed @trade for GMs
  • Updated the MOTD
  • Implemented @party (To create a party with a space on the name) and created @pinvite (To invite a player with a space on his name)
  • Running some background debugging to try to isolate the cause of the (apparently completely random) crash~

May 27, 2013

Hello Guys,

~ Update!
So, we've had a major update on Pie, long awaited.
As you fellow Pie players might now, there has been quiet some discussions on what could be done to fix pie, a wipe, a rates increase, renewal implementation, and so many other suggestions (You can check out the topic here). After a lot of discussion with the Staff and with some members of the Pie community, we came to a final decision (Which can be found here), which basically meant, no rates increase and renewal implementation (More details can be found on the previous mentioned topic)

~ So whats it about?
Pie will be undergoing a beta phase in which things might get changed, balanced, improved, tweaked, removed, implemented and what not. This beta phase will last as long as needed, however we don't expect it to last more than 2-3 months top. The idea will be for everything to be tested and played like you normally would, if an item is found to be overpowered for Pie, we will balance it, if something seems underpowered, we will tweak it up as needed.
Changing to renewal is a major issue, as it changes the gameplay a lot, so we might face some issues and we'd love to tryt and stick the next few months into balancing them (If we finish it sooner, yay!), and for this we need the players help. So I'd ask you guys to post all bugs you might find and any suggestions on our forums (Bug Reports and Ideas and Feedback), so we can get over with tis beta phase as quick as possible!

Also We have moved from "software" (We moved from eAthena to Hercules), it will help us a lot in the future. Sadly the eAthena project was half dead without many updates (They made like 6 in the past 9 months), making it very hard for us to keep up with new things.
The new emulator has a lot of development level, which means a lot of bug fixing from their side, a lot of improvements and a lot of updates for everyone. Also something pretty big is the resource usage, they've managed to cut it down to 1/3 of what eAthena had. So it means a far better performance, more stable server and all those nice perks you guys don't really notice but the machine it is hosted on does :P
Now, making all those updates compatible is a lot of work, specially since there was a big restructuration, so mind you that while there was a lot of testing done, there might be a few more bugs needing attention. So report them please <3!

~ Anything new I can find?
Yes there is and a lot, as the update was way too big I can't list everything in this topic, so to sum it up:

  • Content should be up to Ep 14 (approximately, I fail @ knowing the RO Episodes). Just right Before Eclage implementation.
  • Instances~
  • Moved to Renewal Mechanics (In order to reduce any major issues with farming/WoE, 3rd jobs have been temporarily disabled for the Beta period -Or perhaps less time-)
  • Some new commands such as @seeitems and @dance (Type @commands ingame for more info on available commands)
  • And a lot more surprises! (I have to write a separate Changelog for some of the new Features, so give me a bit and I'll put up a link to them once I finsh it)

~ Staff
For the time being and to suit the population's needs, Welcome Jero as a new Pie GM! Also, our beloved Anthony will remain as the lord of /sit/stand'ing on Pie!

If I forget anything, I'll be sure to let you guys now!
Have fun Pie'ing!

December 12, 2011

  • Added the Brasilis content (Dungeon, Fields and City)
  • Nydhoggur's Instance is working

June 19, 2011

Hello everyone.

It is a bit overdue but the Pie update is finally here. So what you dear Pie players wanna know.. What is new? We've updated to the latest SVN (Not sure which EP. But I think its right before Dicastes), and some more!


  • Arctic Wings 6 Int, 10% Water Resist, +5% SP, 5% Freeze
  • Demon Wings 6 Str, 10% Shadow Resist, 5% Bleed, +10% damage on Demon, +6% base Atk, +6% Hit, +6% SP use
  • Phoenix Wings 6 Vit, 10% Fire Resist, 5% Blind, +10% HP
  • Gargoyle Wings 6 Dex, 10% Undead Resist, .5% SC, +30 Hit
  • Torn Wings 6 Luk, 10% Wind Resist, 5% Silence, +10 PD, +15 Flee
  • White Butterfly Wings 8 Agi, +2% SP, +10% Speed, +15 Flee
  • Black Butterfly Wings 8 Agi, +2% SP, +10% Speed, +15 Flee
  • Dragon Wings 5 All stats, +15 Agi, +10% on Demi, -30% from Dragon -30% from Dark Element
  • Novice Set Improved effects for easier level up.
  • Banryu Works as One Handed Sword.
  • Headprotectors, Hakashi & Kakashi Can be Refined


  • 'Arrow Craft' will not work with Young Twig's, Mother's Nightmare or Skeletal Armor Piece.


  • Instances of Endless Tower, Orcs Memorial and Sealed Shrine fully functional.
  • Novice Grounds have been slightly improved for easier start up.

Misc. Changed

  • Implementation of Delayed Delete (You will have to wait 24 hours to delete your characters).
  • Client Update to the latest supported client
  • Removed Guild Castle Limitations
  • Added some useful NPCs to various towns

September 20, 2010


  • Desperado has been fixed
  • Spiderweb should now properly double the fire damage based on multiple webs


  • Walking speed gained from equipments will now stack on top of Items/Skills.
  • Example. If you wear Sleips + Agi Up. You will get a speed boost that stacks
  • Moonlightflower + Box of Thunder will stack
  • Box of Thunder + Agility Up will NOT stack.


  • Autotrade has been enabled again with no time limit.
  • Due to the last WoE town restriction, no guild can have more than 3 agits.
  • Kasa's Reflect will only cast once they reach a 25% and they keep getting attacked

August 14, 2010

Hello everyone.

So we've updated once again and this time here is a pretty much full changelog, this one includes changes up to January 2008 (Was missing). Hope you all like the new changes! Hopefully transition will be much easier from now on. We're still working on some bug fixes that appeared now, so be patient please!

New Implementations

  • Mercenary System
  • Client Change to Renewal
  • Battlegrounds
  • WoE:SE (Need to properly review times)
  • Quest Log system
  • Storage modifications (Sorting buttons)
  • Updated up to EP 13.1 (Items, Monsters, Cities, Quests)
  • New Skin implemented


  • Manuk
  • Splendide
  • Veins
  • Thors
  • Moscovia
  • Satan Morroc


  • Items that give you a skill don't do it if you change you had the skill and then change your Job
  • "The Lovers" Card will no longer teleport people in PvP/WoE/BG maps
  • Butterfly Wings now work on WoE and WoE:SE
  • Item skills have no delay
  • Items and ammo are now consumed at the end of a cast (To avoid losing them if there is an interruption)
  • Damage from Baphomet card can miss now
  • Equip Speed Buffs no longer stack with Speed Potions
  • Running into Walls, NPCs, Mobs no longer enables Spurt Status


  • You can't warp if you're dead
  • Can't add oppositions during WoE:SE
  • You can't change Alliances to Oppositions during WoE
  • Autotrade can't be used when the player is dead
  • Soul Bound system enabled (Though it hasn't been yet implemented- in any items
  • Mobs killed by part within view range will be counted towards your Quest (From the Quest Log System)
  • Dead branch will now ignore your level when summoning a monster
  • You can't log-out while Chase Walking, Cloaking or Hiding
  • Cooking success formula changed (Will post it if I find it)
  • Cooking Experience implemented which increases the success of cooking by 0.05% (Max bonus is 20%)
  • Job Battle Manual and Battle Manual can be used together (Exp increase items)
  • Cooking success chance is now affected by DEX and LUK
  • @noks should work now.
  • Merchant Shops will no longer close upon dead now
  • Official Walk Speed System implementation:
    • Speed Bonus & Penalties no longer Stack
    • Union, Riding and Pushcart speed adjustments stack with another one
    • Steel Body now sets a fixed walk speed of 200 (bypassing everything else)
    • Defender now caps the walk speed to a minimum of 200
    • Slow Grace now uses official equation for aspd/walk speed decrease
    • Pushcart's speed penalty is now halved
    • Free Cast now changes walk speed to a fixed value, bypassing bonuses and penalties
    • Wedding clothes now have a penalty of +100%, not +200%
    • Rogue's Tunnel Drive and stalker's Chasewalk ignore all penalties
    • Taekwon's Running is now 5% faster
    • Frenzy is now 5% faster
    • Gospel's offensive slowdown is now +75% instead of +33%
    • Quagmire now slows down by +50% instead of +100%
    • Gatling Fever now slows down by +100% instead of +33%
    • Cloaking modifier is now a bonus/penalty, depending on presence of wall
    • Longing for Freedom overrides the song/dance penalty (bugreport:416)
    • Bard/Dancer Spriit now properly affects song/dance penalty (bugreport:1019)
    • Item-granted speedup no longer stacks with speed bonuses (topic:145019)
    • removed some status code that pre-calculated speed bonuses/penalties, to make calculations more localized and less messy (see song/dance code)
  • Increased storage space to 600


  • Emergency Call is doubled if you have mastered High Jump
  • High Jump can't be used on PvP Maps
  • Kaahi heals regardless of the success of the attack and Cancels on log-out
  • Flying Kick while running with spurt status doubles the damage on targets without spurt status
  • Eske and Eska now affect Friendly Guardians and Slaves
  • Kaupe should now trigger from mobs, homuns and mercenaries
  • Kaahi overrides any previous casts from the skill
  • Flying Sidekick now removed KA-type status on target
  • Boss Type Mobs can now knock you out of your basillica
  • Devotion doesn't work on players affected with the Hellpower skill (Mob/NPC skill)
  • Damaged reflected from skills will now be shown as multiple hits if the skill used was multi-hit. [Paradox924X]
  • Bleeding status won't kill monsters now.
  • Sharpshooting is no longer buffed with Vulture's Eyes
  • Snatch checks distance between the source and the target
  • Snatch warps you even if your target is dead
  • Meteor Assault and Spread Attack have a double chance to be autocast
  • All Song/Dances have a 3 seconds delay before casting Adaption to Circumstances
  • Slim Pitcher works on WoE:SE Objects
  • Marionette Control has infinite duration
  • Stonecurse is no longer reduced by MDef
  • Lex Aterna can be casted on petrified targets
  • Mobs won't attack back upon a fail from Stone Curse
  • Teleport from Abracadabra will no longer show the skill menu (One that says Warp to Save point or Random location)
  • Fixed message display from Fullstrip and Self Provoke
  • Matyr's Reckoning can be dodges with PD
  • Turn undead wont have a delay after cast on a non-undead target
  • Kaite Works on Boss Monsters and only on Target Skills
  • Preserve no longer gets deactivated after recasting
  • Preserve is will be cancelled if you log-out (You'd lose the gained skill)
  • Autocast teleport no longer shows a manu
  • Basic Skills should no longer get a reset from NPCs
  • Amplify Magic Power doesn't have a duration anymore
  • Spiderweb is player targeted now (Doesn't work on the ground, needs be cast on a player)
  • Mobs Spiral Pierce is now an Elemental Attack
  • Tarot Card breaks shoes and garments.
  • Coma can be blocked by Safety Wall, Pneuma and Basilica
  • Casting Spiderweb on a target that has already been caught in a web will increase his fire weakness (Should double it now)
  • Aid Potion heals the Emperium
  • Fixed Joint Beat Status Alignments
  • Strip Success changed: Normal Strip = 5% +5%*SkillLV. FullStrip = 5%+2%*SkillLV. Source and Target's DEX define Duration
  • Fixed Grand Cross behavior: Formula Changed. Def is reduced to 2/3 while casting. Can't change your Shield during the skill duration. Intervals between hits are 300ms
  • Waterball can now retrieve water from Magnetic Earth
  • Cannot change Equipments during Arrow's Vulcan cast time
  • Cannot change Equipments during Desperado cast time
  • Spiral Pierce from Monsters no longer gets blocked by Pneuma but from Safety Wall. Defender has no effect on it. Range Def Reducers affect its damage
  • Gunslinger Tracking can be canceled if you get hit.
  • Gunslinger Disarm always shows skill animation.
  • Assumptio can neither be cast nor dispelled on monsters anymore
  • Some changes to Marionette Control (Caster's Max HP is reduced to 1000, Job and Equipment Bonuses work for the 99 limit. Target Can't cast it on someone else now. Caster is now allowed to use items
  • Blade Stop no longer prevents items usage and equipment change. It will only work on a 2 cell range now
  • Ankle Snare cannot be knocked back anymore
  • Quagmire affects boss monsters
  • JUMPKICK, should not jump over objects and cliffs.
  • Fusion's HP penalty was changed from 0.5% to 2%
  • Removed stop/slowdown effect from Grimtooth
  • Cure no longer dispells Confusion
  • Signum Crucis no longer affects players but Undead Element Monsters only.
  • Humming receives half the bonus from Dancing Lessons is fixed
  • Fixed Skills working on Undead Element when they were meant to work on Undead race: Cure, Signum Cucis, Blessing, Demons Bane, Divine Protection, Magnus Exorcismus, Evil Land, Sanctuary, Status Recovery, Grandcross, Head Crush
  • Fixed SN_SHARPSHOOTING doing 100% atk less damage than it should.
  • Fixed Active Guild skills not working when WoE is OFF
  • Fixed Fire Pillar (and any future splash damage magical trap) not working on Land Protector.
  • Fixed reject sword having a infinite duration
  • Fixed Dispell removing Critical Wound
  • Fixed Ankle Snare duration (Minimum duration 5 seconds. Agi reducible by (0.5% by each AGI point)
  • Sight Rasher now affects Wizard's Icewalls
  • Sight Rasher, Sight Blaster and Arrow Shower are the only skills that remove Traps
  • Mental Strength No longer gives Exp Bonus on Boss Monsters
  • Firepillar's Targets cannot move for 0.2*Hit Seconds.
  • Advanced Adrenaline Rush now works if you're barehanded
  • Forget me not no longer blocks ASPD bonuses

July 22, 2008

In an effort to balance the power gap the following changes have been made to DarkRO Pie:

  • All castles have had their economy and defense reset to 0. It will now be impossible to create a 100 defense castle.
  • The maximum ASPD has been reduced to 195.
  • Berzebub Card now only gives 15% cast time reduction.
  • There is now a 2 item limit on god items, and you cannot use more than 1 of a single item. If you go over the limit you will not receive any stat bonuses until you take an item off and meet the allowed criteria.

May 18, 2008

  • Updated Pie to the latest SVN. If you receive sprite errors you will need to make sure you update your kRO/Sakray to the latest version.
  • Thors, Abbey, and Moscovia are the newest dungeons. Other dungeons have had official changes as well.
  • There is no WoE 2.0 at this time, maybe in the future.
  • There is a new PVP room. It is now a free-for-all PVP and has a custom script for exiting the room.
  • New command @noks. With @noks once you start attacking a monster no one else will be able to do damage to it while you are attacking it.
  • We moved some NPC's around in towns like Morocc, and added some in others like Lutie.
  • Removed the automatic announcement that everyone complains about.

October 31, 2007

There will now be automatic server announcements every 2 hours saying the following:

Remember that GMs or Staff members will NEVER ask you for your password or account information!
Also, NEVER give out your Serial Code or Lock password to anyone, not even GMs!
And NO 'hidden' GMs will EVER ask you for your items or personal information in a chatroom!
Make sure to report whoever asks you for ANYTHING while impersonating a Staff member. /sob
Thank you for your cooperation and, please, play safely!

Special Halloween Event created by our new developers. (Thanks!)
It is based on an idea of Thistleswift that was posted on the forum. The only thing I'll say is: look for some strange NPC in Prontera.. yup.. 'strange'. The script was made a bit easier for Pie (compared to Force - i.e. no cards needed for the quests). This event will last for 3 more days (excluding today). Enjoy and Happy Halloween! ^^

September 16, 2007

  • General
    • Now instead of the formal messages: 'Day/Night Mode Activated', it will say 'A new day has begun'/'The night has fallen'.
    • It won't be possible to use Act Dead on GvG maps anymore.
    • Fixed the Holden card, Muka card, Raggler card, Zipper bear card and Baby leopard card combo not auto-casting Adrenaline Rush on Alchemist/Creators.
    • Improved logging system of offenses (bans, jails, etc..).
    • You won't be able to @dance while dead anymore.
    • To prevent impersonation or abuse, @homtalk will now also give the owner's name. For example: '(Maurice) Lif: Hello!'.
    • Storage's will now be sorted alphabetically by type then name. For example, all shoes will be listed altogether and sorted by name, same for potions, etc...
    • When changing jobs while disguised, you will automatically undisguise to prevent a client crash.
    • From a few requests, I made a new command: @noallychat. When OFF, you won't see Alliance chats anymore (but will still see your guild's). It is ON by default. Remember that to use the Alliance chat (i.e. to talk with Alliance guilds), 'pm' your message to 'Alliance'.
    • Implemented a custom @commands command (not the one made by eAthena) to represent very clearly and with a brief description each one of the commands available to players (only).
    • Created a custom command: @status. This command will display all of your current states such as: Autoloot ON or OFF, View BC ON or OFF, Garbage ON or OFF, Alliance Chat ON or OFF, etc.. etc..
    • It won't be possible to change guild Emblems during WoE anymore.

  • New Pie-only updates
    • Another special custom command for Pie: @seeaura. You will be able to see your own aura when using it. This can only be used in main towns (to avoid possible warping-out-of-status-effects abuses - like when Frozen - since using that command will 'refresh' your char).
    • Eye of Dullahan will now give the Fury visual effect when equipping it (just the visual effect).
    • You won't be able to use the Resizer NPC during WoE anymore. Also, if you are already small or big, you will resize back to normal once you warp to a GvG map when WoE is on.

June 15, 2007

Implemented a new anti-hacking protection system. This system was particularly conceived to avoid any possible keylogging that could be used to retrieve one's password. Basically, two new commands were added: @lock and @unlock. Once you setup your password with a Security NPC (in Prontera), you can just do @lock anytime to 'lock' your account. When your account is locked, any character from that account cannot drop, trade and sell items/zeny. They also cannot interact with any NPC. To be able to use the account again, one must do @unlock. Then a window will appear and will ask for your password.

As mentioned before, you won't be typing the password but 'building' it from a menu of characters displayed in that window (that's also how you set your password from the Security NPC). Therefore, when you're about to go to bed, simply do @lock and logout. When you log back in the day after, just do @unlock to be able to fully use your account again. This system is entirely optional and thus you're free not to use it. But I really believe it will increase the security of your account by a lot. It is even more important for Cafe players to use this system to prevent keylogging and hacking of their accounts.

Note that there will be a new password recovery feature in the CP in the near future in case you forget your password (I'm sure it will happen eventually for some o_o xD). Check out the little demo in pictures below for a quick overview of the system.

  • Added a Kafra in Hugel.
  • Changed the Price value of Royal Jelly to 2000 (thus selling for 1000 zeny).
  • Fixed lhz_dun03 allowing @sleep.

May 26, 2007

  • Emergency Recall has been disabled in Novice Castles like on Force (check out the latest Force updates for more details).
  • Like on Force, Thanatos Tower is now unwarpable to promote the quest and prevent abuses (which is much worse than on Force since EXP is much more valuable here). gon_dun01 is now also unwarpable.
  • Added a new custom command for your very own entertainment: @dance. Note that you can only dance in major towns (besides Hugel). But the only place where you'll be able to do lots of special dancing effects will be in Comodo. So, it'll be like the new discotheque in game ;P. You can also control the duration of the dance or the speed by giving more parameters like: @dance <number_of_moves (10 to 200)> <speed (0 to 5)>. If you just enter @dance, the default number of moves will be 75 and the speed will be 0 (0 being the slowest). Last note: to have a greater speed than 0, you need to have some +[1-10] Food (won't be consumed, just checked). Just use the command, it will tell you which level of Food you need for the speed you want. Oh and you might want to use /effect according to your taste. Finally there's a 30 seconds delay between dances (only 10 seconds if in Comodo), you need to be at least level 40 and you can't dance when WoE is on. Enjoy! (videos welcomed)
  • New @go location added: @go disco. This will warp you somewhere randomly near the new dance floor in Comodo. This might be moved with time if we find a better place. In any case, have fun. ^^
  • Royal Jelly will now sell for 100 zeny only to prevent abusive farming.
  • Replaced the 20 Mother's Nightmare requirement for the 2yrs Anniversary Hat quest by 20 Broken Pharaoh Emblem. With the rates of 0.06% and coming from a MVP only, it was just impossible to get 20 Mother's Nightmare o_O
  • Added an anti-leeching check: if someone is not active for more than 1 minute (use of skills/items/etc..) that person will not receive EXP from the party until he/she is active again.
  • Fixed Angel of Prontera not moving anymore plus added the new GM names.
  • Fixed Zweihander being upgraded to Gakkung Bow[2] when adding a slot. Now it will be upgraded to Zweihander[2] like it should be. Bug submitted to eAthena accordingly.
  • Fixed @sleep not displaying a message when used (it would only show '??').
  • From now on, you can only remain for a maximum of 10 minutes on the Character Select screen. It's part of the anti-zeny-duping plan to prevent zeny duping from My Wealth in the CP (there will also be new CP restrictions in the future to take advantage of this new change so that duping will be impossible).
  • Fixed the new custom pets erroring with backpacks. From now on, they can't equip any accessories and for those that already did before, their accessories have been reset.

May 10, 2007

  • Pets will now automatically go back to their eggs when entering castles during WoE.
  • Emergency Recall will now only work on GvG grounds.
  • Implemented a Therapist NPC in Prontera that will make you forget complex quests in case you get stuck in them (due to a bug or for missing a step, etc..). It can only make you forget the Sign Quest for now (it will even remove Sign Quest related items - unique ones).
  • Added a Tamer NPC in Prontera that will allow you to get special Taming scrolls for new custom pets. The only ones available for now are Raptices and Skeggiolds (notice: they'll be looting like porings).
  • The Black Market's entrance fee is now 5 Million zeny due to the server's economy growth.
  • Another consequence of the current economy is that to complete the LKH quest, the zeny fee will now be 50 Million and remember that this item is very very good. It deserves to be rare x___X (which won't be the case if things keep going this way).
  • Added an Event NPC that will allow you to exchange your Event coins for rewards (new Event system that is part of the new Constitution). The list of reward is pretty basic for now since this whole thing is still in a kinda experimental phase. Many more rewards will be added in the future. Make sure to run the launcher to be able to see the coins (without erroring).
  • Implemented Event guild system. Here's how it's going to work:
    • There are 3 Event coins that have been created: Golden, Silver and Bronze Event Coins.
    • The conversion rate between the 3 is: 1 Golden Coin = 5 Silver Coin and 1 Silver Coin = 5 Bronze Coin.
    • When an event is won, a GM (or an Event giver from the Event guild) may give the winner one of those coins (with the prizes depending on the difficulty of the event of course: golden for very tough ones while bronze for very easy ones).
    • Those coins cannot be traded, sold, dropped, etc.. The only thing you can do is put them in your storage. Let's note that even GMs can't trade those coins.
    • 3 custom commands have been implemented for the GMs: @gold, @silver and @bronze. Using those commands will remove coins from the Event giver's inventory and give it to the selected winner. This command can also be used by normal players WHO are in the Event guild. The other advantage of this command is that ALL events will be logged! Also, when using this command, a reason (or the event name) has to be given. Example: @gold 2 "Hide and Seek Event" Maurice (which will give 2 Golden Event Coins to Maurice for an Hide and Seek event). This way, EVERYTHING will be logged and possible abuses can be moderated this way.
    • Since GMs can't even give Event coins to other Event givers of the Event guild, another new custom command @givecoin was implement to allow this (will only work on members of the Event guild of course).
    • The result of this strict yet clean system is that no kind corruption will be possible. It is not that much about the GMs (which I trust anyway) in the guild but more about its members. We never know what can happen. Someone could try to join the guild to give out those coins to his/her friends. Fortunately, here, even the GM can control how many coins a member can have (via @givecoin) and rewarding people with coins is logged.

March 27, 2007

  • Fixed a few drop rates which were temporary fixes made by eAthena until they obtain the official rates.
  • Changed the chance for Gargoyle Wings to trigger Stone Curse to 0.5%
  • Improved the trade logging system.
  • Changed back LKH zeny requirement to 20 Million.
  • gl_dun02 is warpable again.
  • Fly wings now weight 0.2.

March 25, 2007

  • Fixed the same exploit that was fixed on Force a few days ago (used to make the server crash).
  • Also improved the login-server to better counter DDoS attacks like on Force.
  • Hopefully fixed an abuse with family exp share.
  • Made most dungeons and a few 'critical' fields maps unwarpable. However, please note that the restriction is less 'strict'. You cannot warp TO these maps but you can warp OUT of them anytime.
  • Fixed the LKH quest (not counting emperiums) and made it harder (still less hard than the very original one - provided with eAthena but yet custom [script]).
  • Added the new Rachel and Ice dungeons mobs and drops! Enjoy!
  • Implemented a new guild storage password system. Thanks to weihung for working on the script. ^^

February 16, 2007

  • Fixed the Sign Quest.
  • The Duping Prevention System (DPS) was implemented here as well. As a result, there will now be a delay on dropping items on the floor to release the stress off the inter-server when saving the char every time an item is dropped (delay depending on the number of players online - same formula than on Force - with a 15 seconds delay minimum).
  • The custom command @garbage was also added accordingly to allow you to bypass the delay. But, be aware that any item you will drop while having this mode on will disappear! So BE careful!
  • Some valuable items are now undroppable such as some custom items, god items, LHZ MVP cards, and a few others that could be worthy enough to dupe.
  • Removed trading/selling/etc. restrictions on Nile Rose.
  • Updated the Bank script with lots of anti-duping checks and added 3 minutes delay on depositing money like on Force.

December 11, 2006

  • Renamed the healer to Healer Phoebe and changed her sprite.
  • Duplicated the Healer, Reset Girl and Dye NPCs in other major towns.
  • Fixed Banryu decreasing the Aspd by a lot.
  • Guildmasters can now use @changegm to change the guild's leader.
  • You can now use @homtalk to make your homunculus talk.
  • You can use @idsearch to know the exact ID of an item. This can be useful for @autolootitem.
  • It is now possible to use ES type skills against players (in PvP).
  • If you logout while in the Black Market, login back in will automatically warp you out since that map is supposed to be a 'no save' place.
  • The Orc Master will now check for mounted Pecos or falcons/carts equipped before removing the orc head.
  • Fixed Neko Mimi quest.
  • When breaking the seal to the Ultimate Warrior path, there will be a gender check before the announcement.
  • The Message Board NPC was removed since it was using resources for nothing imo. It was pretty useless compared to the broadcaster.
  • Support for Ninja and Gunslinger were added to the Valkyrie items. Ninja will follow the Mage's formula while Gunslinger will follow the Swordman's one.
  • Weddings will now only cost 130K and 120K for males and females respectively.
  • Dragon Wings won't give the Wind element anymore. It will now give Agi +15 instead.

October 13, 2006

  • DarkRO low rates is now hosted on our very new DEDICATED SERVER! Yay!! Another milestone in DarkRO's life!
  • Removed the drop-item restriction in Prontera. Now only on the main road won't you be able to drop items.
  • Slightly increased the castle drop rate since it was a bit lower than iRO's standard drop rate it seems.
  • You can now use @hominfo to get some useful details concerning your homunculus.
  • There will now be a day and night system. After each server restart, it will be day for 5 hours, then night for 1 hour, then days for 5 hours, then night for 1 hour and so on...

October 7, 2006

  • Prontera will now be a 'drop-free' city.
  • Put back restrictions on Shops and Chats in the middle of the road.
  • Hopefully fixed the Assassin quest.
  • Removed the anti-warp mod when having a negative status effect.
  • Reverted back Amon Ra's behavior (which was changed some time ago as a temporary fix by eAthena until they knew exactly how it was supposed to behave). But since they are acting 'weirder' than before by casting Meteor Storm on themselves (therefore they don't need to move), it's probably safe to put it back like it was before for now.
  • Changed a setting to make mobs bypass the rule making neutral attacks hit at full damage against any elemental type players (e.g. it will work differently against ghostring users).

October 1, 2006

  • Updated SVN! The new version includes the newly released Homunculus as well as the latest Rachel towns and fields. Also, GS and NJ have been switch to how it is implemented in eAthena (hence, they should be as close as possible to Gravity's defaults! i.e. more balanced hopefully). Make sure you update your kRO before going on the new maps or trying to get an Homunculus. Please report possible bugs if you see them. Thanks! ^^
  • Added support for a Police guild as well as an Helper guild. The guilds will be created later on when we'll need them.
  • The custom mod I made a while back for Force bringing to an end any type of warp abuse in castles when they are conquered has been merged here as well. If you want more details and screenshots, visit the Force update section (in 'All updates before May 17, 2006').
  • Some new official quests were added, one of which allows you to win some weapons for Gunslingers. As a result, the Seller in Einbroch will stop vending those weapons.
  • The Orc Master will now only charge 250 zeny to change your 'face' back to normal.
  • Executioner was added to the Black Market.
  • Other little bugs mentioned about some skills (mainly SG/SL skills) should have been fixed with this current version.
  • Like on Force, the Adoption NPC will now auto-reset every hour. Weddings are now resettable by GMs as well.

August 8, 2006

  • Some the of the features that stopped working are now working perfectly:
    • @nobc and @bot.
    • Pets notifying you when hungry.
    • The spam control.
  • The interval of time between duels is now 1 minute only.
  • The new quests to become Gunslinger and Ninja have been released! Yay!.
    • Talk to Agent K in que_ng to become a Gunslinger. The quest was done by Athena and myself. Ideas from MilkySoft and weihung! Thanks. ;p
    • Talk to Kakashi in Amatsu to become a Ninja. Mostly taken from Kuzah's idea. Thanks too.
  • The Battle Square Arena was removed since it was conflicting with some Job quests and was not very useful.
  • Two custom shops in Amatsu and Einbroch were added for Gunslingers and Ninjas. Note that there are also the same kind of shops in the Black Market and they will propose a little bit more items. ^^
  • Fixed Balmung not being treated as a Two-Handed Sword. Now, Two-Hand Quicken will work great with it.
  • You won't be able to create character names starting with GM (all cases are considered).
  • You won't be able to use skills anymore in the pathway leading to the Blackmarket.
  • You will now be prompt a menu when clicking on the PVP Warper.

June 26, 2006

  • You can now use @duel, @invite, @accept, @reject and @leave to initiate duels with others.
  • The pet mod I added to Force a few months ago now also works here! So, if your pet is getting hungry, it will start speaking to you and at a certain point it will go smaller (in size). Feeding it then will make it grow back to its original size. ^^
  • The offical 'Treasure Hunters Guild Quests' have been added.
  • Akira can now be found here as well. You have therefore access to the valkyrie items quests and others. Of course, they were changed a bit to suit the pace but remember that finishing those quests is supposed to be VERY tough! (It is even hard on Force, so you can imagine x.X). Enjoy!
  • The PVP warper was added (same as on Force).
  • The quest to get the Icarus wings was added as well.
  • Now, only the Swordsman, Thief, Merchant and Novice classes can equip Balmung.
  • Corrected a quest item's name from the Berzebub card quest.
  • Pets will now support their master in battle (according to a support 'rate' - i.e. chance. I increased that rate a bit for DarkRO from the official value). Note that for the pets to use skills, it needs to have its equipement on.
  • You cannot warp to Prison or the GM castle anymore.
  • The Broadcasting system from Force has been implemented in DarkRO as well (you can use @nobc to filter broadcasts).
  • Another merge from Force: the spamming system. If you say 5 same things in a row, the next time you say it, you'll get muted for 2 minutes.
  • There will be vending restrictions from now on. If you are selling in Prontera, it needs to be on the sidewalks!
  • All the changes made on Force concerning the Gunslinger and Ninja classes (to balance them) were made here as well. It's possible that some skills need a bit more nerfing with time.
  • There's now a Baby Changer NPC in the Adoption Room.
  • The Gunslinger and Ninja bonus stats when leveling will now work.
  • The Gunslinger and Ninja job quests will be disabled for now until we finish the new quests for them.

May 23, 2006

The gunslinger and ninja classes were added today! Although the class is not fully implemented in eAthena, I spent quite some time fixing and implementing the 'non-functional' skills. It seems eAthena made a temporary halt on their development. Anyway, here, they are now 100% working! Here is a summary of the fixes I made:

  • Gunslinger class:
    • Fully implemented Flip Coin. The extra damage not applying was fixed as well. Also, the coins not disappearing on death was fixed.
    • Fixed Rapid Shower not giving the proper damage. The damage calculation is now exactly like says the description.
    • Fixed Full Buster which was ignoring the Blind effect.
    • Fixed Disarm not working properly.
    • Fixed Gatling Fever not ending when unequipping the weapon.
    • Fixed Dust not knocking back the target.
    • Fully implemented Desperado which was bugged in the Trunk version of eAthena.
    • Fully implemented Fling Coin from scratch.
    • Fully implemented Ground Drift from scratch.
  • Ninja class:
    • Fixed Huuma not doing splash attacks
    • Fixed Tatamigaeshi not knockbacking the ennemy for 3 cells
    • Implemented Tobidougu
    • Corrected Shuriken and Kunai's damage calculation
    • Fixed Kamaitachi not hitting all players in the skill path
    • Implemented Final Strike with a custom formula (since we don't know the official formula)
    • Fixed Ice Meteor not showing the effect and not doing splash skill damages
    • Fixed Spear of Ice damage calculation as well as the visual effect not showing
    • Fixed Lightning Strike of Destruction's area of effect as well as the visual effect not showing properly
    • Fixed splash damage of Raging Fire Dragon
    • Fully implemented Improvised Defense from scratch
    • Fully implemented Shadow Jump from scratch
    • Fully implemented Kirikage from scratch
    • Fully implemented Utsusemi from scratch
    • Fully implemented Bunshin No Jutsu from scratch
    • Fully implemented Crimson Fire Formation from scratch
    • Fully implemented Hidden Water from scratch
    • Fixed Nen not increasing STR and INT. Plus made sure it is required for Bunshin No Jutsu.

Of course, little bugs might still appear. The ninja job was specially harder to implement due to the difficulty of the skills and lack of complete and detailed information about them.. But, well, they're fully working anyway!^^' Please, let us know if you find anything wrong. Thank you.

  • Added a new command @sleep (@afk and @brb also work). You can use them to 'sleep' (in towns only). There's also a big delay to prevent abuse. That command cannot be used when attacking or being attacked. Credits to Clarissa from eAthena's forum for the idea and implementation.
  • The Alliance feature from Force was also implemented here. Simply pm to Alliance to talk to your guild members or members of allied guilds.
  • The new cards were added as well.
  • The max tax you can put on a guild member is now 99%.
  • Balmung can now be equipped by the Knight and Crusader classes only.
  • Ghostring card will now work against monsters.
  • A potion seller was added to the Black Market.
  • Two custom Gunslinger and Ninja shops are now available in Prontera at (184,193) and (127,213).

April 1, 2006

  • Upgrade to the latest SVN from eAthena.
  • Implementation of the special DarkRO command '@autolootitem'. Example of how to use it: @autolootitem jellopy or @autolootitem 909.
  • The Taekwon classes are now available here!
  • The Card Remover NPC was added. The default location for that NPC is: 28,73 at prt_in.gat (also as shown on the website in Features).
  • WoE on Thursday does not start at 22:00 (10pm) anymore but at 20:00 (8pm).
  • The Mob HP will show like on DarkRO Force. Enjoy! ^^
  • Commands @mi (mobinfo) and @ii (iteminfo) were added.
  • The quests for the godlike items were added. They were therefore removed from the Blackmarket.
  • The healer was removed cause it's more expensive than healing services from the inn.
  • All the latest maps were added.