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DarkRO Low Rates

The low rate server of DarkRO originated in July 2005 and was simply called "DarkRO". The low rate server was the very first server created for DarkRO and was given 6/6/6 rates to go with the name.

DarkRO Pie

DarkRO's low rate server was renamed to "DarkRO Pie" on December 25, 2006. After much debate the name Pie was suggested as a joke in a forum poll, and given the laid-back joking nature of it's members, people took to it instantly and began voting for it. Many players of DarkRO Force did not like the name and tried to sway the voting, but through dedicated forum members and low rate players DarkRO Pie was born.

DarkRO Pie has never been wiped since DarkRO's creation in July 2005, and has only had two major Rollbacks in that time. At it's peak it saw a population of around 100 people and has been known for it's competitive WoE and PvP.
The server is currently in a rebuilding beta phase which is slowly introducing new renewal content, custom quests, and eventually 3rd job classes.