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The following is a list of commands available for players in game.

Default Commands

  • @autoloot <percent (0 to 100)>: Autoloots items with lower drop rates than percent
  • @autolootitem <+-ItemID>: Adds/Removes Items from the autoloot list. Max items is 10
  • @changegm <guildmember name>: Changes guild leader
  • @duel/@invite/@accept/@reject/@leave: Duel commands
  • @go <location/number>: Warps you to specific location (do @go for a list)
  • @idsearch <(part of) item name>: Returns corresponding Item ID
  • @ii <item id/name>: Displays item information
  • @jailtime: Returns remaining jail time (submitted to eAthena by DarkRO)
  • @join <#channel>: Joins a Chat Channel in the server. Only #Force is enabled
  • @me <Message>: Displays message in a /me IRC style
  • @mi <mob id/name>: Displays monster information
  • @hominfo: Returns info on your homunculus
  • @homtalk <Message>: Makes your homunculus talk
  • @noask: Disables all sort of requests from other character (Trades, Guild, Party, etc)
  • @party <party name>: Allows you to create a party with a space on the name
  • @showexp: Displays EXP earned while leveling
  • @time: Returns server time
  • @warp <mapname> <x> <y>: Warps you to given map (x and y optional)
  • @who2 <player name>: Returns basic information on online players (name optional)
  • @whodrops <item id/name>: Returns monsters dropping given item

Custom DarkRO Commands

  • @allcommands: Shows all the commands you have access to
  • @bot <(part of) player name>: Sends alert message to online GMs for a possible bot
  • @chkstaff: Allows you to receive a warning if received PMs are not from Staff
  • @chkstaff area: Allows you to confirm if players within 3 cells are Staff Members
  • @chkstaff <name>: Tells you if a specific character is a Staff Member or not
  • @commands: Displays a list of available commands
  • @garbage: Allows you to bypass dropping delay but items will disappear when dropped
  • @lock/@unlock: Lock or Unlock your account (talk to Security NPC to set up a password)
  • @nobc: Filters broadcasting messages from players (not GMs)
  • @part <#channel>: Leaves a chat channel
  • @pinvite <player name>: Invites player to your party
  • @rcs <Question>: Warps you to the Helper's town and creates a chat room with your question
  • @seeitems: Shows items or not on the floor (useful for PvP)
  • @sleep/@afk/@brb: Makes you sleep (credits to Clarissa from eAthena's forum)
  • @status: Displays a list of the states you're in

Custom NPCs

This is a list of custom NPCs created by the DarkRO staff.


  • Event Manager - Allows you to exchange event coins for basic items.
  • Event Rewarder Ant - Allows you to exchange event coins for special headgear.
  • Trivia - GM controlled event that broadcasts trivia questions, and players can answer from anywhere on the server.
  • Raffle Ticket Seller - GM controlled event that sells a limited supply of raffle tickets and then draws a winner.
  • Mini Games - Automated events that may occur multiple times during the day if enough players are online.
    • The Mini Games are:
      • Monster Summon - Will spawn a certain amount of mobs in a map and a small portion of those mobs will grant Event Points
      • MVP Summon - Will spawn a random MVP on a random map. Whoever kills it, gets the Event points
      • Monster Hunt - A set of monsters will appear on a random map, everytime you kill one you will gain event points
      • Poring Catcher - 100 Porings will be spawned on a random map and one of those porings is the right poring. Whoever kills it, wins the event
      • Zombie Invasion - A set of Zombies will be spawned on a random map, just like Monster summon, a few of those Zombies will be special and grant you event points
      • Disguise - The NPC will disguise himself a monster, whoever guesses the monster first, wins.
      • Last Man Standing - PvP oriented event. A map will be set as PvP, whoever is the last player alive, wins.


  • Baby Changer - Custom script to help change adopted characters into baby classes.
  • Marriage Script - Custom wedding script.


  • Blackjack - Card game that you play against the NPC to see who can get 21 without going over.
  • Lotto - Lottery NPC that lets you buy tickets and instantly tells you if you've won the jackpot.
  • Morroc Raceway - Race your fellow players around a race track and see who wins!


  • Angel of Prontera - This Angel walks around Prontera and will let you know if a GM is online if you talk to her.
  • Security - This NPC allows you to add a lock code to your account for extra security.
  • Black Market - Hidden somewhere in DarkRO is an area that sells hard to find items and equipment.
  • Broadcaster - Allows you to broadcast messages to towns or the entire server for a fee.
  • Development News - When you talk to this NPC it gives you information about the recent updates.
  • Novice Guide - This NPC gives new players some basic items to help them get started.
  • Orc Master - Have you ever fought so many orcs you turned in to one? This guy will help turn you back to normal.
  • Poll NPC - Some times we like to get input on new features, or just want to ask silly questions.
  • PVP Warper - We created our own PVP room that requires a special exit code to keep people from running away too easily.
  • Resizer - For a fee you can become a giant, or as small as an ant, and run around having fun.
  • Therapist - Some players had issues completing the Sign Quest. This NPC will reset your variables and delete quest items so you can start over.


You can find a list of custom Pie Quests here.

Custom Items