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Sniper/Clown/Stalker/Gunslinger Leveling

Level 1-15
Any fields such as prt_fild01 will do the trick.
Level 15-85
Bring a bow and arrows, Silver or Arrow of counter evil should do and warp to pay_dun00~4.
Level 85-150
Warp to ice_dun02/3 and remember to use Arrow of Wind or Lightning Elemental converter to have high damage output against Snowlers/Ice Titans.
Level 150-255
Tired of changing arrows in LHZ3? Thor_v01 and Thor_v03 would be a better place to max out your level! Just remember to bring Crystal Arrows[Water Element Arrow] to kill fire-element monsters in Thor Dungeon. Make sure to kill Kasa's before Salamanders as Salamanders have higher damage and will pretty much kill you.