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Jedi Mistress (JediMistress773)

A biography won't hurt right? Well, this won't be too interesting but its to say that I had a life that revolved around online games, and will always be a part of me.



I remember the first time I played Ragnarok Online on the official server of PH (Lydia I think), I was a total noob, well, everyone is when it's their first time playing. I started as a swordsman class, I was still naive then. I had fun, and its cool to have job class exams and tests to be very hard. (Being the swordsman class, you have to walk a very thin road of which below is an abyss and when you misclick and fall, you can see hellish amounts of mobs attack you but the worst part is you have to start at the beginning again). Passing it gave me a feeling of fulfillment, wow first time for a failure like me. All I did was kill porings, chat, beg for zenies, and crap. Until after one month, server said "top up your account to continue playing". What in the living heck is top up? The PC shop owner saw my noobness and told me to buy these cards displayed at her (Yeah, the shop owner's a she.) counter. "Oh, just one card? Oh that's easy". I bought one, after one hour. "What? It's only for one hour? What kind of marketing is this???". Crap, being a kid, I won't be able to afford much like that. So, just like that, I quit. Lol, then one day, maybe a few years after, I was intrigued by how my classmates shout at crap about a certain online game with four classes (*cough cough* I won't say the game, might be illegal *cough cough*), and best of all, its free. Yeah, read it again; "Free". "What? No top up cards and crap? Wow, that is what I call a better marketing!". Again, I had fun, played as that certain support character of that game, okay, obviously I was a noob again. (I actually sold a very rare item priced at about 300k for players at an NPC shop for less, 10k. What a noob I was. [*cough cough* Burr *cough cough*]). Those we're the days, I had fun, had experiences, got hacked, and got them back again (PH GMs of that time we're really reliable since they we're still a fledgling server.), leveled up, rollbacked, got scammed, and etcetera. Until I met a certain someone. We had fun, things got cool. I was still and still a kid at heart. Though, we decided to get married in-game. That was a first for me, but it felt kind of awkward and real. We endured hard times, good times, even when I tried having a pilot that trash-talked everyone on my friends list. That got me in trouble. Of course, time passed and I got kind of bored. Then one day, about a few months then, he asked me to go on a ragnarok server, that certain low rate ragnarok server of which promises no rollbacks and crap (I think its closed down now). It was the first time I tried using that certain P2P software (*cough cough* BitTorrent *cough cough*) to download the client, and was shocked at the time it needs to finish. "TWO DAYS AND FIVE HOURS??? WTF?". My PC really got hurt of the days and nights I left it turned on continuously. Then obviously its finished, installed, and crap. We had a great time, he told me to be a priest and asked me to do a cloth color scheme of black and pink, kind of made him think emo. I was really crazy, I tried refining cause of the oridecon I found when I was leveling, and destroyed the item in the process. Wow, I didnt know what to tell him. The funny thing is, that item was just an NPC item called a "Stunner". "Eh? I got worked up for nothing?". I had very memorable times, it was at that time that I told myself that this game will always be part of me (Of which gave me reason to start DarkRO). Time passes and we get bored at times, I tried creating a wizard and PVP'ed my way out of those sinxes sitting in the middle of the PVP room, spammed Ice Wall and stuff. I even tried creating another account with a SinX on it, oh, what boredom does to a person. I tried spying at the poor people transferring their items from one char to another, well, being the vitcim; that certain person (He dropped about 20 pieces of stems, I dunno what he's going to use it for, I picked it up, and watched him look around for it. OMG so evil. Yeah I returned it back with a laugh of course, but I didn't tell him it was me, lol, so evil). Then time passes again, and it happened. Maybe I was just too conscious, maybe they we're just his friends. I ignored it and it exploded in front of my face, I found myself having troubles in real life influenced by this crap. I dropped out of school many times, never telling anyone. Then it's been a long time since I last saw him. I asked around for his IGN. "Oh yeah, that prick? He got banned long ago!". "Oh, really?". I never asked why, I was too depressed out of crap I can't explain. Hormonal imbalances is what my mom called it. That happened and before I knew it, I quit. I jumped to conclusions and crap. In online games, I had one weakness; I stop leveling half-way. I never even got to level 99 on my char, I was stuck at about 70 (The server being a 2x exp rate server). It probably was one of the reasons I quit, then again, maybe not. I got really rebellious back then, those we're most of my fun days. Then, maybe a year or two, my dad went away for work, or that was what they said to me. It got really hard, my mom being more of an asshole now, not going to work, always stayed at home, going to casino with her sister of whom I think is a bad influence (It's funny cause I learned that her sister also got troubles with her spouse, not the usual troubles, but serious ones. Deja vu eh?). Of course, you know where this is going, the internet goes away. Wow.

[First try with DarkRO]

Well, there's nothing much to do at the house, except watching Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, looking at Cloud say those japanese words I don't understand (I haven't got the english version, and this one doesn't even have english subs!). My first try with DarkRO was in a PC shop, well, I wasn't really planning on playing it but memories got me and double-clicked its icon. I registered as with a male account, something inside me just made me do so (If you read the Reminiscing part of the biography, you'll understand), named as JediMaster772 (That's where the name came from, and my class is actually a Sith but I named it Jedi anyway!). I forgot that you can use spaces in RO names, probably got influenced by that certain online game where they don't allow spaces. I had very fun experiences, made my very first wings, my very first kill, my very first MVP card, and my very first million. Most of all, I wasn't held back by my weakness of quitting halfway the leveling path. I reached, dare I say it, at last; 255! Yahoo! Well, I found out that it wasn't that much of a big deal in high-rate servers, well who cares? It was a first for me. Time passed, if only it wouldn't, I got more legit. Epic. Although my items are a sure kill for a noob (With the item that looks like a hat equip, rather, the old morrigane set). So what? I had critical that could kill a doppel faster than it can say; "Hax!". Time passes again, and one day, my char got married and scammed at the same time. Wow I was very stupid, maybe I still am. I actually gave my virtual spouse all my items cause of that one line; "My friend wants to see your items, they are like wow!". Very pathetic of me, maybe I was longing for that feeling where I had someone again. I wanted trust, but yeah I got scammed, serves me right. I should get a life (That was at that time where I asked a GM standing around Prontera for a rollback, I was crazy. Maybe I still am. He told me to just report it on the forums, but somehow, I felt just to leave it at that). I actually said that certain player; "Have fun with my items, treat 'em well!". Plus a lot of insults assured me once again, a feeling for quitting the server. After that, I finally told myself, to just go on with life. But somewhere inside me still wants those items back, lol.

[Second try with DarkRO]

Having made things better with mom and she actually had a job, we finally got the internet back. It's been a few months then, and out of the blue, I downloaded DarkRO. I relogged on my old male account (I froze it, and actually managed to unfreeze it at the time. Had a hard time finding where I saved that code). After a few days, I look back to the time where I lost all my items, but I look at my char now, it's been restored, everything. As in everything, through hardship and crap. I actually got better with the game, and felt like creating another account, a female one. I transferred my items to said account and its where I started to go play like myself again (And still am using). This female sith went by the name of JediMistress773. I was still unsure whether to go on with this account, and still transferred back and forth, my items to my other account, man, I was more pathetic now than last time I think. But now, I learned how to play DarkRO more correctly; Attending guild WoEs, improving items, actually creating other class jobs rather than just stick with sith, and etcetera. Seriously, I was still stuck with sucky items, I wasn't really that good in online games. Time passed and I got bored, I actually managed to refine useless items to outrageous refine rates (Kawaii and Red Ribbons refined to +7, crazy eh? Even a Glittering Jacket, dropped only by Kiel-D01, the rare boss mob, to +7. I like using it as an alternative to an imaginary VA, lol). It was more a hobby. Do I sound like I'm bragging? Not really, they are and they still are, sucky items. I got more busy with my life and school transitions to college is included. Eventually, I quit again, but froze my account just for sentimental reasons. I had a great time, great experiences, and great friends as always. I hoped it would never change. Well, guess what?

[Present times with DarkRO]

Here I am, back again, had trouble finding that unfreeze code again. Things have changed, there are less filipino people, of which was resulted by the sudden change of clients to kRO. PC shops never really go to forums to fix theirs, so they still use their old clients and end up with crashes and crap. The population of DarkRO was reduced from maybe a thousand to below six-hundred, eight-hundred at WoE maximum. Well, at least there are no more pesky people who keeps asking zenies and crap, although there are a few legit filipinos who are left. Most of those who are left are those who were good players and had epic items, wow, now I'll totally suck more than I did. Do I sound like I'm crying? OMG maybe I do. "Wait, this was my biography? Why am I telling these?". Well, anyways, I'm back and even more crazier than before. I'm someone who's always misunderstood, or rather maybe I use that as an excuse, oh no, I'm not going to start now, this will be endless (It's almost endless to how long and boring this is). Another thing that happened is when I got too bored and tried hanging out at South Prontera (Called sprt as a slang), of which someone said that my IGN looks like a name of someone from prison, "I mean It has a number and all!". Which made me create another char named Jedi Mistress. I stil kept the name, felt cool for me, and still noob, I'm a sith for heck's sake, why am I named Jedi? A lot more happened and is too much to tell, its already too long, should I add it up? Of course no (I even got banned cause of dynamic IP [Having IP rotation and my net got paired up with a banned IP and made me contribute to this wiki through sharing my crazy ideas with a champ build {PVP Champion Build but it probably won't work now, not enough noobs to use it with, lol}], and playing with noobs falling to that ayo_dun pitfall scam, lol, those were the days). Well that's about it.

You probably can find me as Jedi Mistress (Sith), or as Asura Grand Master (Champ, obviously) in Izlude, my favorite hangout, or at pvp_n_7-4, pwning Doppels and crap. Secretly, I can be found in quiz_01 237 277, sitting and alt+tabbing my way away from the game. Too bad they removed the map's PK on status (But it still is a semi-PK map).

No matter what happens here, I'll always be a part of this game (even if it rejects me, lol)!

PS: And what the heck is up with the other bio's of GeneralBuko and Neinomancer? Coconut fairy? Coconut blessings? OMG, maybe this game is much more crazier than I!