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Downloading Ragnarok and Ragnarok_Renewal

This guide will show you how to download, install and update Ragnarok and Ragnarok_Renewal. Please note that Sakray is no longer being updated and has been replaced by Ragnarok_Renewal. It is recommended that you start using these to avoid errors.

1. Follow this link for a guide: Full DarkRO Installation/

2. After downloading the files, Extract rar files and put everything in one folder. DarkRO client can found at the downloads page at Main Site

3. Patch Ragnarok and Ragnarok Renewal completely before installing DarkRO.

4. Patch DarkRO completely.

5. If errors occur, ask help at our forum's General Support section.

Some additional guide that may help if you encounter problems while patching.
How to patch kRO Manually
Alternate kRO Installer

Remember to follow the rules and never forget to enjoy playing!