Green Live

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Description: A blue-green ore imbued with a faint, mesmerizing light.
Possesses the Earth Property and forms the enchanted stone, Great Nature, when refined.

ID: 993
Weight: 5
Property: Earth
Buy: Not Applicable
Sell: 500
Refinable: No
Dropped by (Force/Pie):Tri Joint(100%/9.6%), Hode(100%/1.2%), Mantis(100%/6.6%), Goblin(100%/6%), Vitata(100%/5.4%), Horn(100%/4.8%), Muka(100%/4.2%), Wormtail(100%/3.6%), Mandragora(100%/3%), Andre(100%/2.4%), Plasma(100%/2.4%)
Obtained from: Old Blue Box

  • Dryad Card adds a chance of gaining 'Green Live' each time a Plant monster is killed.