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Here you will find a compilation of all DarkRO supports questions and topics which hopefully will help newcomers or those who just can't run DarkRO.

Installation, Files, Running DarkRO

- I'm missing lots of files it seems... DLLs, spr... Where can I get them?

If your client says "Missing DLL" like Blink32.dll stuff, it may happen to be that you installed your DarkRO in a wrong folder. Remember to check the folder you are installing your DarkRO to you need
to have an updated kRO client to ensure DLLs are complete. As for SPR files, if you have installed other ROs in your DarkRO folder, it may happen to have overwritten the SPR files unique to DarkRO.
Re-installing DarkRO would pretty much solve your problem.

- I get the "Cannot Init D3d or GRF file has a problem!" message when launching DarkRO. What's wrong there?

Check out this topic: Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has A Problem!.

- I need help patching kRO!

There are many ways to patch kRO. The easiest way is to run the rsu-kro-rag-lite and rsu-kro-renewal-lite patchers located in your RO folder. If your patcher fails to acquire or to complete patching
go to this link to manually download where your patcher stopped so you can continue patching: How to Patch kRO Manually

Signing up Problems

-I can't sign up an account. What should I do?

There are numbers of factors that causes a user not to be allowed to Sign up or Register.
-You may have a blocked IP but that naturally happens to Network Connections with Static type of IP which rotates eventually. (go directly to forums for more info)
-An email can only be used for 2 in game accounts
-There is a limit of numbers of accounts you can create in a day

Connection/Disconnections problems

- I can't login, I get disconnected or it says "Server closed". What should I do?

Read the first post of this topic: Force Support.

- I'm a Cafe owner and none of my computers can connect. What should I do?

The Cafe's IP was most likely banned. Please, check out this thread for more details: Tips for Cafe Owners.

Ingame Support

- I was jailed/banned... What did I do? Can I object to my sentence?

Please refer to this thread: Reasons for Jailing (Force).

- How NOT to get banned?

Read this thread:

How not to get Banned

Follow the Rules:

Game and Forum Rules

- How NOT to get scammed?

Read this thread for a list of things to know to avoid getting scammed: Prevent Scams.
  • For a detailed list of information on scams on the Wiki, refer to DarkRO Scams

- Ughs, I get the Gravity Error Handler while playing. What's going on?

Check out this thread: Gravity Error Handler.

- Help! I got stuck on a map!

Simply log into your CP (Control Panel) at DarkRO's Website and in the "My Chars" tab, select the option "Warp back to..." next to your character's profile to warp him/her back to a major town (of your choice).

Other problems (sound, graphic, etc...)

- It looks like I'm missing some BGM files. Where can I get my hand on those?

Have a look at: Get BGM for your RO.
This topic also has a link to BGM files: Additional links for files.