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Everything related to Force's updates are presented here. Updates are generally made after discussing of important issues to address within the Development team. They can affect any area of the game and aim at balancing the general gameplay of the game as well as the weight in powers that each class possesses.


Ever since its official release in January 2006, Force has been undergoing constant updates in order to improve the game mechanics and balance. Consult the complete Force Updates Timeline for a chronological and categorized list of updates.

List of all changes and new features

This section only lists all the latest updates of a certain type. For example, if skill A was changed 4 times, only the final effect of the skill is showed. In the same optic, all minor bug fixes won't be mentioned since they aren't new features or modifications but fixes (which therefore should have worked properly from the start).



  • Kafra passes are now untradeable.
  • Naruto Sunglasses are now non-droppable.
  • Trying to delete a char while the account is locked will now fail. You need to unlock it in game first if you want to delete a char.
  • Skulls will stop dropping on GvG grounds.
  • Casting E-call will now fail when within a distance of 5 cells to any warp portal
  • The 10 second warping delay for PK ON players will now also apply to attackers (not only for those receiving damage).
  • Fixed pets summoning: Hatching Bug.
  • Reduced the price of Morning Dews from the Homunculus Suppliers to 28 Million (around the same price it is sold from the Hutt's Middleman if bought with discount).
  • While in a chat or vend in a PVP map, any auto-return-skills from cards will NOT work (e.g. Shoes of Doom - Dark Lord Card).
  • An Event Coin system was fully implemented. Event Points can now be converted to Event Coins and Event rewards are now obtainable from the new Event NPC in Prontera.
  • Counteragents and mixtures can now be made in batch (with a maximum of 100 at a time) from Morgenstein.
  • Negative statuses will not end when logging out anymore (such as Strip statuses).
  • Normal mobs' HP has been increased by 1.5x and by 3x for MVP mobs.
  • Now, even if Novices go over level 70, the PK mode will affect them (no more invincible level 255 Novices >.< - who couldn't attack too anyway :P).
  • Modified the Dye Maker NPC to allow the production of multiple dye stuffs at the same time. Thanks to rocky6861 for working on the script. Added a few extra checks though to consider overweighted players and amount overflows.

Custom Additions

  • When vending on a PvP (or GvG) map, the PK state of the player will turn back to ON automatically no matter what.
  • From now on, you can only remain for a maximum of 10 minutes on the Character Select screen. It's part of the anti-zeny-duping plan to prevent zeny duping from My Wealth in the CP (there will also be new CP restrictions in the future to take advantage of this new change so that duping will be impossible).
  • If you try to warp on an NPC by entering exact coordinates, you will be re-warped randomly on the map. Therefore, you cannot warp on top of an NPC anymore! This does not apply to GMs and Polices.
  • New DPS system (Duping Prevention System) implemented:
    • There will now be a delay on dropping items that will depend on the number of users online to reduce inter-server stress (function: <Number of users>*15/1000 - With a minimum of 15 seconds). Also your char will be saved right away when dropping items. No more duping via this method!
    • Created @garbage command (see in Custom Commands below for details).
    • Added additional (and custom) protection to Banks to prevent duping zeny when the server crashes.
    • Added the same 3 minutes delay of the Broadcaster on depositing money in the Banks (anti-duping measure). As such, you can only deposit in any of the banks every 3 minutes.
    • Some more items are now undroppable such as Castle drops, Yggs, Boxes (Thunder, etc..) and a few more such as Poison Bottles.


Modified Official Skills

  • Magic attack coefficient for Grand Cross is down to 3.
  • Wind Blade will only do 10*SkillLV per hit.
  • Bullet Shower will now do (100+20*SkillLV)% damage per hit instead of (100+10*SkillLV)%.
  • Desperado will now do (100+60*SkillLV)% damage (700% at max level instead of 550%).
  • Enchant Deady Poison(EDP) has changed,as follows: if your Aspd is less than the max (197), then it will be just as normal. However, if it is 197, then Level 5 EDP will reduce the Aspd by 2 no matter what and Level 4 EDP by 1. Level 3 and below will not reduce the Aspd at all. Therefore it does NOT affect the Assassin Cross card.
  • Brandish Spear will now do 100+80*SkillLV damage.
  • Reverted Sith's clones to a more viable mob in PvP. (Note that it will buff itself only if it receives damage. It will also heal you if your HP is not at the max).
  • Fixed the bonuses buff for 'Slow Grace' and 'Gravitation Field'.
  • Advanced Katar Mastery: increase your Aspd and base Atk IF you have a Katar equipped.
  • Fixed Force Persuasion affecting players.
  • Clowns/Gypsys's dances won't stack anymore (if a player is already affected by a dance, he/she won't be affected by another dance effect until the first effect wears out).
  • Vulture's Eye will now benefit of a Raw Attack bonus so that both Snipers and Stalkers can benefit from it. [Formula needed]
  • Shrink will now work with a probability of 30% instead of 50% with Auto-Guard at level 10 (formula: 3*SkillLV).
  • Disabled the Auto-Ressurect ability of the Super Novices.

New Custom Skills


Modified Official Items

   *  Blinker[1] will now give 1 dex, 1 agi and 100% Blind resist.
   * Dark Blinker[1] will now give 1 str, 2 vit and 100% Blind resist.
   * Angel/Evil Wing Ears[1] will now both give Str+2.
   * Lotus[0] will now give Int+2 and 2% damage reduction against demi-humans.
   * Fin Helm[1] will now give 3% damage reduction against demi-humans.
   * Binoculars[1] will now give Dex +3 and Int +1.
   * Alice Doll[1] will now receive 15% more damage from Fire but deal 10% more damage to demi-humans.
   * SGH[1] will now give All stats +5.
   * Hot Blooded Headband[0] will now give Str +5 and deal 5% more damage to demi-humans.
   * Joker Jester[1] will now give Mdef +5, Luk +2 and autocast Frost Joke/Scream at 1% (Tarot Card removed).
   * Note Headphone[1] will now give Pdodge +5, Mdef +3, make you immune to sleep and add a 5% chance of autocasting lvl 5 Tarot Card (only if TC lvl 5 is mastered -> thus for bards/dancers).
   * White/Black Butterfly Wings will both give Agi +10 and Flee +30.
   * Icarus Wings will now give 15% resistance to all elements except neutral (the Agi +15 bonus is still there).
   * Skewer[3] when used with Torn Wings will add Crit Rate by +20 and Crit damage by +25%.
   * Fist of Fury[3] when used with Phoenix Wings, besides autocasting Fury lvl 3, it is now also unbreakable, adds Aspd +10% and Crit damage +10%.
   * Icarus Bow[3] will now grants Heal lvl 5 and if used with Icarus Wings gives Inc. Agi lvl 10 and Double Attack lvl 4 (lvl 10 if mastered).
   * Sage's Diary[3] is the same as before except there's a MAtk bonus of +1% for each refine level.

New Custom Items

  • HeadProtectors which give different stat bonuses and different effects. (DarkRO Force Only)
 *Leaf's headprotector
 *Sand's headprotector
 *Country of Water's headprotector
 *Country of Lightning's headprotector
 *Country of Earth's headprotector
 *Country of Sound's headprotector
 *Hokage's Hat (event/donation item only)
 *Kakashi's head protector(event/donation item only)
  • Wings- There are many wings to choose from each wings have its own effects to help you in battle
 *Devil Wings
 *Angel Wings
 *Fallen Wings
 *Angeling Wings
 *Gargoyle Wings
 *Torn Wings
 *Demon Wings
 *Arctic Wings
 *Phoenix Wings
 *White Butterfly Wings
 *Black Butterfly Wings
 *Icarus Wings
 *Dragon Wings(donation item)
  • Banryu(donation item)- A custom sword which gives incredible power to its wielder but only Swordsman class can wield it
  • Hokage Hat(donationitem)- a Hat which is the same as HeadProtectors but this hat gives more stat bonuses
  • Kakashi HeadProtector(donation item)- Head protector that is more stylish than the ordinary Head Protector similar to Fire Head Protector but this gives +5 more damage
  • Traveler Hat- a Hat which belongs to a traveler. It gives LUK + 10, AGI + 3, 5% extra Critical damage and 5% more damage when attacking, Def + 5. For Crit users.
  • Valkyrie Helm- Rare item from the god's realm. One of the best items in the game.


Normal Cards

  • Shinobi Card will now trigger Cloaking Lvl 3 for any classes except for Assassins were it will cast Lvl 2 instead (one reason we could give is that SinX are too experienced for such a 'simple' card which effect is actually penalizing the class). Thus, SinX will have to be near walls to benefit from it at the right time.

MVP Cards

  • Golden Theif Bug Card: Reverted to ALSO block all status changes like before (e.g. Heal, Dispel, etc..).
  • WhiteSmith Card: will now also make one's weapon unstrippable.

Sniper Card: Original: Greatly increases chance of perfect hit (basically gave you 9999 hit) New: Same effect as before with the addition of -20% max HP

  • Sniper card users (only sinxs to date) tend to have high HP and really high flee (550+ flee) giving them really good defense as well as a ridiculous offense. By taking 20% off their maximum HP, we aimed to balance out high HP, high flee and high damage.


Modified Official/eAthena Scripts

  • The Card Remover will now never fail (there was a 0.005% chance to fail before).

Custom NPCs/Scripts

  • Added the new custom pets (Skeggiold -Brown and Purple- and Raptice). The Tamer NPC is near the Wings Collector NPC.


eAthena Commands

  • Now auto-traders will get kicked automatically after 4 hours.
  • It won't be possible to use @autotrade while WoE is on anymore as well as 4 hours before any WoE.

Custom Commands

  • You can now Auto-Decline Requests @noask.(Auto-rejects Trade,Friend,Guild and party requests. Type @noask again to turn it off. The player will receive a Message that their request was "Auto-Rejected".
  • You can now dance in game by using @dance <number of moves (10 to 200)> <speed (0 to 5)>. This command can only be used in non-PvP maps and special dance effects will only show in Comodo. To dance faster, you need some +1 to +10 Food (won't be consumed, just checked). There is a 30 seconds delay between dances (only 10 seconds if in Comodo) to prevent spam and possible abuses.
  • New @go location added: @go disco. This will warp you somewhere randomly near the new dancefloor in Comodo.
  • Added a 10 second delay to @viewpk and this command cannot be used on GvG maps anymore or while under the effect of Force Choke, Spider Web or Close Confine.
  • Creation of a new custom command for RCS (and Polices) based on an idea of Thistleswift (Thanks :P). They will now be able to use @shove <player_name> to warp out anyone in hugel randomly somewhere in Prontera (basically to kick him/her out of Hugel ^^). Once warped, the person will have to wait 5 minutes to be able to warp back to Hugel again. It only works in Hugel and not against GMs, Polices and other RCS members.
  • Creation of a new custom command: @garbage. The command allows users to bypass the dropping delay. However, any item dropped will completely DISAPPEAR. It will not show on the floor, nor will the player have any chances at getting it back. @garbage again to turn this mode off.
  • Fixed @viewpk bypassing one's inability to warp.
  • Implemented a new anti-hacking protection system. This system was particularly conceived to avoid any possible keylogging that could be used to retrieve one's password. Basically, two new commands were added: @lock and @unlock. Once you setup your password with a Security NPC (in Prontera), you can just do @lock anytime to 'lock' your account. When your account is locked, any character from that account cannot drop, trade and sell items/zeny. They also cannot interact with any NPC. To be able to use the account again, one must do @unlock. Then a window will appear and will ask you to enter your password.

As mentioned before, you won't be typing the password but 'building' it from a menu of characters displayed in that window (that's also how you set your password from the Security NPC). Therefore, when you're about to go to bed, simply do @lock and logout. When you log back in the day after, just do @unlock to be able to fully use your account again. This system is entirely optional and thus you're free not to use it. But I really believe it will increase the security of your account by a lot. It is even more important for Cafe players to use this system to prevent keylogging and hacking of their accounts. Check out this guide (in pictures) for more information: Link to Forum page

  • Implemented @seeitems, invented by Neon, which disables your ability to drop items and you can't see items. (To prevent clicking on items when trying to move/PvP.


Custom Sprites

  • Artic Wings modified by Jasper, Everet and Erodoeth were introduced in game and are now replacing the old ones.
  • Phoenix Wings modifired by Krois (Jasper), Everet, and Erodoeth were introduced in game and are now replacing the old ones.