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DarkRO Force first started off as a small community known as DarkRO PK with the rates of 10k/10k/10k. Items that existed in PK such as Lord Kaho Horn were implemented at the time but are now not available to regular players. The fire poring monster, Bring it On! also spawned in random places but does not spawn on Force. Dark RO also has wings know and has great back grounds.It has also improve and become more enjoying to play. You can also level with out any problem about being pk by stronger person,you can pk off so that they cant kill you but if you warp in PvP rooms its always pk on. DarkRO also has new updates in anti bot.

DarkRO Force

DarkRO PK, transformed into what is now well-knowned as DarkRO Force on January 23 of 2006 with newly implemented custom jobs such as, Padawan, Jedi and Sith.