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Custom Classes

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A Jedi

DarkRO Force features custom Star Wars classes which are:

They all are part of the Force order: whether it be the good or bad side of the Force.

More details here.

Custom Commands

Here are some well-known commands commonly used in Force:

  • @alootid [format: @alootid +<item name or ID>] (to autoloot a specific item - DarkRO is the first server to ever think and create that custom command, now you can autoloot a total of 10 different items)
  • @lock/unlock (to lock or unlock your account)
  • @dance (to dance :P)
  • @nobc (to avoid seeing BC messages from players)
  • @ss (allows you to know which players shops have the cheapest items)

And many many more...

Custom Mods

We also have many custom mods that help making one's journey more enjoyable and/or safer. Some examples are:
dark poring..

  • Semi-PK System
  • Alliance Chat
  • Anti-Duping System

And much more! --Asrockw7 06:17, 2 April 2011 (CDT)

Custom NPCs

For a full list of NPCs, check out NPCs on the website.
To learn more about custom Force quests, visit Force Quests.

For those of you who are lazy, here are some NPCs custom to The Force Server; Mister Mobry Niflheim - (204,179) Gives quest to get Dead Branch (+BB - 0.01% chance)

Author: GM-Yevon - Dead Branch (+Bloody Branch) Quest v1.1

LK's Servant Geffen - (115,107) Lord Kaho's Horns quests

Author: Provided with eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Shady Man Prontera - (126,186) Gives information to access the Black Market (for a fee)

Author: Nameroc - Black Market v1.2 - Modified for DarkRO

Elven Ears Quest

Geffen - (127,49) Gives quest for Elven Ears

Fashion Glasses

Izlude - (135,96) Gives quest for Fashion Glasses

Iron Cain Quest

Payon - (109,118) Gives quest for Iron Cain

Old Woman

Prontera - (165,178) Gives quest to get the Berzebub Card


Prontera - (161,185) Allows you to vote in Polls

PVP Blackjack

Inside Prontera - (222,36) Allows you to play Blackjack with your friends

Race Girl

Morocc - (166,105) Allows you to be part of a race in Morocc

Son Mudo

Gonryu - (180,117) Gives access to Tougijou (Arena) Event

Sunglasses Trader

Alberta - (88,193) Gives quest to get Slotted Sunglasses


Almost on every maps Warps you to almost anywhere

2-2 Class Shop

Prontera - (155,216) Sells you lots of equips and stuffs

Adoption Man

Prontera Church - (166,176) Allows a couple to adopt a lvl 1/1 novice

Bank Clerk

Prontera - (131,190) Stores your money in the bank (for a little fee)

Battle Square Arena

Prontera - (146,145) Allows you to fight against mobs and win BSA points

Black Jack Dealer

Prontera - (146,156) Offers you to play some Black Jack


Prontera - (183,215) Send messages for you accross the whole map or server

Frederick Second

Prontera Church - (100,123) Can marry two players

GM Castle

Prontera - (146,234) Warps GMs to the GM Castle


Almost in every cities Heals you for a fee (free on Force)

Lotto NPC

Prontera - (164,170) 1/2500 chance to win the jackpot (1/10000 on Force)

Message Man

Prontera - (139,22) Write or read messages on the board

Reset Girl

Prontera - (150,193) Resets your skills for a fee

Stock Market

Prontera - (140,181) Allows you to invest in stocks


Prontera - (170,180) Can change you hair color and style

Angel of Prontera

Travels around in Prontera Tells you which GMs are online


Louyang - (272,112) Chuunin that will make you pass the Genin exam

Novice Guide

Prontera - (146,161) Gives you a Novice Starter kit

Orc Master

Prontera - (145,209) Removes the green "orcish" head effect

Valkyrie Crafter

Gonryun - (37,22) Can craft refined wings out of this world

Wings Collector

Prontera - (98,198) Crafts wings (Devil, Angel Wings, ...)

Custom Wings

Wings (Wings Collector)

Devil Wings.gif

Devil Wings: Nice black devilish looking wings.

AGI + 2, 5% To Inflict Blindness On Monster, Def + 2

By: Zarcon

Angel Wings.gif

Angel Wings: Nice white angelish looking wings

AGI + 1, DEX + 1, Def + 2

By: Zarcon

Fallen Wings.gif

Fallen Wings: Provides great agility (as if you could fly).

AGI + 2, Def + 1

By: Oskar

Angeling Wings.gif

Angeling Wings: Little wings that gives great agility.

AGI + 1, Def + 1

By: Cutey Noggin

White Butterfly Wings.gif

White Butterfly Wings: Incredibly light wings. It can provide extreme agility to the wearer.

AGI + 8, Max SP + 2%, Movement speed increased by 10%, Def + 2

By: Penpon

Black Butterfly Wings.gif

Black Butterfly Wings: Incredibly light wings. It can provide extreme agility to the wearer.

AGI + 8, STR + 1, Movement speed increased by 10%, Def + 2

By: Kai

Wings (Valkyrie Crafter)

Gargoyle Wings.gif

Gargoyle Wings: Wings from darkness that once belonged to lugubrious Gargoyles.

DEX + 6, 10% Resistance to Undead Attack, 5% chance to inflict Stone, Def + 2

By: Gratia Huang

Torn Wings.gif

Torn Wings: Lucky-charmed wings. The wearer will encounter a lot of chance throughout his adventures.

LUK + 6, 10% Resistance to Wind Attack, 5% chance to inflict Silence and +5 to Perfect Dodge, Def + 2

By: Unknown

Demon Wings.gif

Demon Wings: Ancient wings that were brought from Hell.

STR + 6, 10% Resistance to Darkness, 5% chance to inflict Bleeding, Def + 2

By: Zarcon

Arctic Wings.gif

Arctic Wings: Rare wing from the legendary Land of Ice.

INT + 6, 10% Resistance to Water Attack, 5% chance to inflict Freeze, Def + 2

By: Zarcon

Phoenix Wings.gif

Phoenix Wings: Those wings are said to increase your vitality when you wear them.

VIT + 6, 10% Resistance to Fire Attack, 5% chance to inflict Blindness, Def + 2

By: Zarcon

Wings (Icarus)


Icarus Wings: Legendary wings worn by Icarus himself. When worn, Icarus wings will give characteristics of a hero.

AGI + 15, 10% Resistance to Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ghost, Dark, Holy and 50% Resistance to Undead Attack, 10% more damage against Dark, Holy and Undead properties, Def + 4

By: Ayane

Wings (Donation)

Dragon Wings.gif

Dragon Wings: The darkest and most powerful wings in the world of DarkRO.

All Stats + 5, Attack Element: Wind, Immune to Darkness, 5% chance to inflict Curse, 10% more damage on Demi-Humans and 30% damage reduction from Dragons, Def + 10

By: Unknown

For a full list of items, check out Items on the website