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Developments in Scripting area

  • In December 13th of 2006, our very first Scripting Competition ( was launched. The topic of the competition was to make an Auction System with the full selling/bidding concept. The winner would receive nice rewards (under the form of in game items) and could even be awarded a spot in the Development team if supported by the Administration.

Developments in Spriting area

  • We're planning to implement new custom Star Wars job sprites in the near future. It was started a while ago and was developed by the DarkRO Designer Team. The official thread where the development was followed from can be seen at:
  • The Designers Team working on a bunch of new sprites that will be realeased in the next update. This includes: valkyrie shield, scutum shield, new demon wings, pikachu hat, dropping pikachu, chief hat, captain hat, glowing halo, yankees hat, illidan's horns, and much more. The offical forum is: which can only be seen by staff members for now.