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Ever wanted to become a Zeny Billionaire? If you do then welcome to my guide and be rich in 3 Days! This Guide is divided into 2, The Pro Guide and the Beginner's Guide. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

--Creetical 10:27, 30 March 2011 (CDT)Creetical

Guide (Pro)

Here is a guide for those who are already players of DarkRO for a long time already. Here are the things you need to start:
1.) Use the best character that you think is fast for hunting.
2.) 1 Million Zeny for Selling it using the broadcaster or a merchant/whitesmith/blacksmith for vending
3.) 5 Credits. (What's This?)
4.) Passport from the Credit Agent. (What's This?)

This is where I will start my guide. Actually this guide is easier than the Beginners Guide Section. I will teach you from step 1 to 9:
1.) Talk to the Guild Assistance NPC. Found at main towns
2.) Hunt the 4(four) cards that the Guild Assistance NPC required you to get.
3.) Go back to the Guild Assistance NPC and give him the 4(four) cards and 5 Credits. You will recieve an item called the Guild Permit,save it in your storage "@storage" (NOTE: If you plan to sell it using the Broadcaster Skip #4 and #7)
4.) Log into your vending character and get the Guild permit from your storage and vend it in the mall (@go mall) for 100,000,000Z / 110,000,000Z
5.) After it has been sold with the price suggested for you to vend, you will have 100,000,000Z / 110,000,000Z (One Hundred Million Zeny/One Hundred Ten Million Zeny). Convert it to Credits from the Credit Agent NPC.
6.) Since you already have 10C, It is enough to make 2 Guild Permits. (NOTE: The letter "C" is a letter meaning Credits)
7.) Vend it in the mall again for 100M / 110M again.
8.) You will have 200M / 220M. This is enough to make 4 Guild Permits.
9.) Make another again and your credits will keep on increasing.

Guide (Beginners)

First of all, Here are the quests and requirements you have to complete before you could start making money.

NOTE: 10,000,000 Z = 1 Credit
1.) Make a character that you will use for hunting.
2.) Make another character that you will use for vending (OPTIONAL: You may use the Broadcaster instead).
3.) Once your character for hunting is already "Good-To-Go", Buy some "Fly wings" in the item mall (@go mall). hunt for gold in the Gold Room. Talk to the "Gold Room NPC" to enter.
4.) Use your Fly wings to teleport around the gold room and collect 385 GP (A sign appears in the dialog box, it may be "You got 0 GP","You got 1 GP" or "You got 2 GP"), also please try to prevent some players hunting for gold too and also Mine Guardians for they will kill you. To be safe, Get out of the gold room (How to get out: #5) once and a while and you may always go back after.
5.) After hunting for 385 GP. find a portal that leads outside the Gold room, talk to the "Gold Room NPC" again and select the option "Exchange GP". This will give you a certain amount of gold.
6.) Store the gold in your storage and log into your vending character or you may vend it through broadcasting and skip #7 to #10.
7.) Get the Gold placed in your storage and vend it in the mall for 130K each.
8.) Type this in your keyboard Alt+W to place the Gold into your cart.
9.) Use the skill "Vending" to vend.
10.) Use the auto trade "@autotrade" command. (@autotrade allows you to vend even if your client is closed.) Overnight. (NOTE: Do not use the auto trade command during the day of the War of Emperium).
11.) today or the next day, when you have already sold all your Gold you will have 50,000,000 Zenies.
12.) Now all you have to do is convince somebody to trade their 5C with your 50,000,000 Zenies.
13.) Now that you have 5C, Talk to the Guild Assistance and Hunt for the cards he asked you to hunt.
14.) After, You will receive a Guild Permit. Vend it in the mall for 100M / 110M.
15.) After you have sold it you can now do the Credit quest since you have 100M Zeny
First: Start the quest

  -> Talk to the Credit Agent NPC
-> The items that she would ask are 100 pieces poring jewels,1 interstellar or intergallactic
coin and 100 million zenies
-> Poring jewels are dropped by any of the poring family, type "@autolootitem poring_jewel" and
warp to "@warp pay_fild04" because poring family is dominant in there.

Second: Interstellar Coin

  -> Talk to NPC Faye located at the left part of Prontera
-> I suggest you bet 5 Million Zenies

16.) After you did the quest you now have a passport for converting Zeny to Credits or Credits to Zeny
17.) Earn again for 50M and convert it to Credits or convince other people to trade with you.
18.) Make a Guild Permit again and vend it in the mall for 100M or again by broadcasting
19.) 100M is equal to 10 Credits, this means that you can make 2 Guild Permits
20.) Vend it again and you now have 200M
21.) 200M is equal to 20 Credits, this means you can make 4 guild permits.
22.) and just continue multiplying your credits and guild permits.
23.) If you have reached like 90C you can find rooms at prontera found near the credit agent, written on it is "85C = 1b dil me!" Deal them and get your 1b with your 85C and exchange it in the credit agent

How did I come up to this?

It started when I created an account on January 16,2009 at DarkRO Website I chose my in-game name as Creetical. I was a novice killing porings, I did not know that much about DarkRO before so I looked for the forums of Dark-RO and learned everything first before continuing to play. I learned the build,skills,quests,etc... So I went back to the game and Changed my job into an archer because I have learned that Snipers are good for hunting. Until I became a sniper I thought of making a guild. I went to the Guild Assistance NPC and collected all the cards. I had a problem, I needed 5C since I was only a beginner that time. so I did not earn for 50M but I did the Credit Agent Quest. I used the @rcs command which I also learned in the forums. Many people helped me and guided me. Atlast! I have my passport already. then, I made a guild. later on as time went by, I went to the mall to buy some arrows and I saw this Vending shop titled " Guild Permits 4 sale 100M! ". And I said in my mind "100M? Wow!" the reason why I wowed was, we only spend like 50M for a guild permit and we can sell it for 100M. So I started making and making guild permits. Here's how I earn, I make 1 guild permit, sell it for 100M, make 2 guild permit since 100M = 2 Guild permits and I sell it for 100M each and I receive 200 until my money multiplies. "I'm a billionaire!" I even caught up with my friends money who has been playing for 2 years already. and he said "Ei! How did you do that?" then I replied "Secret!". Now I am showing it to you by this guide I am making.

Other Guides

Here are some of the guides from other people that I use when I start with a new character, Still the best character to use is Sniper or Wizard with Storm Gust. Do you notice people/players making rooms along the streets of prontera saying "S> BOT 100 pcs. 4C dil me" or others sell it for 5C too. This BOT means Box of thunder that are dropped by insect type monsters, but they are not normally dropped. Box of thunder increases the user's movement speed by 100% for 20 seconds. We have to equip something that can allow us to get Box of thunders from Insect type of monsters. The Item actually is an accessory which is slotted. Don't worry I will tell you where,what and how to get that.

1.) Hunt for a Gargoyle Card at (@warp gl_sew02). Don't forget to type @autolootitem gargoyle_card
2.) Hunt for a one slotted accessory.
3.) Compound the two, Gargoyle Card to Accessory[1]
4.) Wear it and start hunting! Remember: 100pieces is equal to 5/4C

Additional By theoj1998

Get any 4-slotted Lv.1 weapon as stated above and get a Lord Knight Paladin or SinX or any class with an AoE skill (below level 70) Got to the entrance of anthell and autoloot phracon by @autolootitem phracon Stand in the middle of the Ant eggs and use AoE skills such as Bowling bash Grand Cross Meteor assault and Desperado Then get a 255/100 whitesmith to make the weapon +10s then vend for 10m at the mall Easy


Get 3 Rosaries [1] and put 1 Gargoyle 1 Mimic and 1 Plasma card Equip 2 of them first gargoyle and mimic Autoloot Old blue boxs and Box of thunder kill porings lunatics (fabres for the one with gargoyle) any 1-hit kill monster when you get alot wear the one with plasma and pick up the elemental resist potions then vend Tip use AoE at a monster spawn point to kill them all

Additional By tumataeako

you need icarus wings and about 5-10c so you can buy the requirements for making *The Icarus Weapons if you need money so bad, you can probably create a new account of dark ro for you can only make one Icarus weapon per account, not per character. after creating an Icarus weapon by following *The Icarus Weapons guide, you can readily sell them by either vending in the mall or by selling it to other players. if you want to gain more money, you can refine your weapon using a white smith until the desired refined level, but there is a big risk in refining weapons, specially icarus weapons since they are level four weapons and are harder to refine, but hey, its up to you if you want to tale the gamble. After selling the icarus weapon/s that you made, you now have more money than when you started because you only used 3credits for angel wings, another 3 credits for buying devil wings, 20 million or 2 credits, and some more zeny to buy the required weapon. you just used about 9 credits and you can sell the icarus weapon for at least 12 credits or more if you refined the weapon you created. Using the money you gained, you can create more icarus weapons and sell or refine them and before you know it, you're already a billionaire and all your hard work payed off.


this one is based on your luck, not your character's luck but your real life luck. you need a gunslinger and a lot of Dead Branch. you can just hunt for dead branch or you can just by them at the db room(dead branch room - can be found at Prontera). once you have a level 255 gunslinger, you probably will need to buy a lot of white potions and blue potions which you can just put on your storage along with the other dead branch that you have since if you acquired a lot of dead branch, you will need to put some of them in your storage since you cant carry all of them.

now you need to enter the db room, once your there, try to find a spot where there will be no kill stealer or looters. i suggest you put dead branch on shortcut key f1, desperado(lvl10) on f2(be sure to have a lot of bullets, for you really need a lot), white and blue pots on f3 and f4, this is just my suggestion and you can do something else, whatever suites you best. now you have a good spot, everything prepared, you can type "@autolootitem 7289" which is Peridot. now what you need to do next is, using summon a lot of monster before using desperado, so you don't waste a lot of bullets, but be careful on summoning too much monster since you might die, this is when you use desperado, and pots.

if your luck enough, you will be able to get peridot which is a requirement for break the seal quest. you can sell this to other players and make a lot of money.

using this method, you can also loot the drops of other monsters especially the break the seal quest requirements. good luck!