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Class system

When you start up for the first time, you enter the world of Rune Midgard as a young Novice with absolutely no experience about monsters or quests, etc...

Then, while leveling, you will be able to follow a specific path for your character and eventually find your vocation in one of the many job opportunities available. You will have to do the quest corresponding to your chosen path to specialize yourself into that particular job. There are many significant stages of progress throughout any of the paths. It can be seen as you "mastering" or "upgrading" your capabilities in your chosen field so that you gain access to new skills and more possibilities. Those stages can be summarized as follows:

  1. Novices
  2. 1st Job Classes
  3. 2nd Job Classes
    1. 2nd Job Classes 1
    2. 2nd Job Classes 2 (or Alternate 2nd Job Classes)
  4. 2nd Job Classes (or Transcendent Classes)
    1. Trans 2nd Job Classes 1
    2. Trans 2nd Job Classes 2

The two following paths take a different direction than the usual "job upgrading" scheme. They are unique jobs with much smaller "paths" and choices that can be unlocked through special quests.

List of Classes


1st Job Classes

2nd Job Classes

Alternate 2nd Job Classes

Transcendent Classes

Alternate Transcendent Classes

Expanded Classes

Custom Classes

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