Black Butterfly Wings

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Incredibly light wings. It can provide extreme agility to the wearer.

AGI + 8, STR + 1. Movement speed increased by 10%.

Item Class : Head Gear

Defense Rate : 2

Equipped On : Lower

Weight : 10

Required Level : None

Applicable Jobs : Every Job



Item Monster Name/NPC Map No. of Items Required
Giant Butterfly Wing Bloody Butterfly gon_dun01 100 pcs.
Moth Wings Dustiness mjolnir_05 75 pcs.
Cyfar Orc Lady gef_fild10 50 pcs.
Black Dyestuff Skeggiold odin_tem03 10 pcs.
Necklace of Oblivion Rybio gl_prison 1 pc.
Rough Wind Wind Ghost gl_step 5 pcs.
Deviling Card Deviling yuno_fild03 1 pc.
Gold Golden Peco Gold Room 50 pcs.