Bio Laboratory Permit Quest

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Description : How to get inside the Bio Lab??

Lighthalzen Security Guard


Talk to the guard in Lighthalzen. There is a high chance that he will stop you so just keep talking to him and eventually, you can sneak in while he fall asleep on duty. Warp Lighthalzen 267 200



Talk to Fishbone near the bar in the slum distrcit up the hill. He claim that he is the only person that can make a route to the laboratory. All you have to do is beg him to tell you the way. You just have to talk to him multiple times (be an enter spammer if you like) until he asks you to bring 20 jellopies. When you bring them to him, he will tell you a few things about the laboratory. After that, talk to him again and he will warp you to a cubic room for the next part of the quest.

lhz cube maze


So here is the maze you have to go through before finding the next room. Using /where and paying attention to your position in the minimap will help you not to run in circles.

Basically every room looks the same. First you should always type /where after entering a portal. If you end up in one of the following 3 rooms, follow the directions below to find your way to the next room: Room 10, 74: Take the south portal, then in the next room take the west portal. Room 66, 18: Take the north porta, then in the next room take the west portal. Room 10, 18: Take the south portal, then in the next room take the west portal.

You should end up in a room that look like someone has been living there.

Note: The position you got warped into this map is randomly determined by Fishbone. So don't expect to be always on the same place when warped in. Warps in each room might also be randomized so memory will not be useful here.


Requirements : ( You will get all these inside the room )

2pcs Short Stick

Long Stick


Rusty Key

Green Key


Red Key

Small Knife


Yellow Key

Black Key


  • Tip: Inside the room commonly will be PKers, please turn off pk if you do not wish to start over again.














Test Tube


  • There are clues on various fixtures. Follow the clues to get the Laboratory Permit and then get out of the room.

For each of the text box you encounter from clicking on fixtures in this room, you are supposed to type in the key or tool you wish to use. Below is the step by step walk through. You have to enter the text into the text boxes in game, please keep in mind the answers to the text boxes are case-sensitive ( using all lower-case letter is fine )


1) Desk: Look BELOW THE DESK, you will get a SHORT STICK.

2) Bed: Look BELOW THE BED, you will find another SHORT STICK AND ANOTHER ITEM HIDDEN UNDER THE BED. You put the TWO STICKS end to end and got a LONG STICK.

3) Bed (again): Look BELOW THE BED again use the LONG STICK to pull out the object you previously can't reach type LONG STICK in the text box. You will get a CUBE MODEL.

4) Cup: LOOK WHAT IS INSIDE, you will find a RUSTY KEY.

5) Shelf: Use the RUSTY KEY. You will get a GREEN KEY.

6) Closet: Use the GREEN KEY to open the CLOSET, you will get a POLYGON MODEL.

7) Documents: Search the DOCUMENTS. You will find a RED KEY.

8) Drawer: Open the DRAWER with the RED KEY. You will get a SMALL KNIFE.

9) Picture: Use the SMALL KNIFE on the PICTURE, you will see a SET OF NUMBERS behind the PICTURE. You should WRITE DOWN THIS SET OF NUMBERS for later use.

10) Box (1): Take the AXE in the BOX.

11) Barrel: Break the barrel with the AXE. Examine the BARREL after you break it. You will get a NUMBER PANEL with the NUMBERS 1-9. At this time, you will be asked to input 9 NUMBERS into the PANEL.

Take the SET OF NUMBERS you obtained from behind the picture. When you typed in the CORRECT NUMBERS, the BOX will open and a YELLOW KEY is inside.

12) Generator: Use the YELLOW KEY to turn off the MACHINE.

13) Lamp: Break THE BULB. A BLACK KEY will fall out.

14) Test Tube: Use the BLACK KEY. You will get an ELIPSE MODEL.

15) Box (2): Note: You must click on every hole and fill in the correct MODEL. For the ELIPSE HOLE, insert the ELIPSE MODEL. For the SQUARE HOLE, CUBE MODEL. For the POLYGONAL hole, insert the POLYGON MODEL. After all holes filled with KEYMODELS, examine the box again and open it. You will find a LABORATORY PERMIT.

16)Test Tube (again): Use the LABORATORY PERMIT and a stair leading down will appear on the floor. GO DOWN.

Next you will see yourself in a SEWER, just walk your way out.


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Sewer Pipe

Requirements :

Bio Lab Permit

Location :

Lighthalzen 310 300

Npc :

Sewer Pipe

Out of the sewer, you will find yourself at the top right corner of Lighthalzen. There are a few Sewer Pipe next to you. Look for the chat bubble on the pipes, once you found it you will have the option to enter it. After walking a short stripe of pipe you will end up in the Bio Laboratory. So, next time when you want to get to the Bio Lab, just enter from the Sewer Pipe.

  • Note :

To enter Bio Lab Level 3 you must be a non-transcendent class at base level 95 or higher or a transcendent class at base level 90 or higher.