Ancient Nile Rose

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Eye Of Hellion Quest / Ancient Nile Rose Quest

1. Warp to morocc_in 116 100 and talk to Old Scholar Tyus . Let him tell you his story about the adventures of his grandfather together with his friends. Help him out together with other people working in his case.


2. Go to Prontera. behind the church, you’ll find Clanux Heffron. Tell him Tyus wants you to help him. He will show you the broken sword and cog wheel he found at the Swordsman Association.


3. Click one of the Training Puppet and Vegetable Gardner N9 W3 Bingo will be revealed.


4. Go back to Clanux Heffron and tell him what you have found. He’ll give you a cogwheel that he have found inside the Item Shop.


5. Head to. From the Vegetable Gardener, walk 9 steps north and 3 steps west. It will explain the meaning of the writing you found and ask you what the last word is in the message. Type in BINGO and Miss Vegetable will ask you to remember the numbers that she gave you. (might be different for every players).


6. Go to the Item Shop and click the Unknown Machine. Insert the cogwheel and you will be asked to input the numbers Miss Vegetable has given you.

Unknown machine.JPG

7. If you input the correct numbers , you’ll get Prontera Slate.


8. Go back to Tyus in Morrocc Inn and he will ask you to look for Grout’he Tuccok.

9. Grout’he Tuccok has found clues but you would have to pay him 10k for it. After you pay him, you will receive skirt of virgin, stone heart, green herb and grape juice. He’ll then tell you where he has found those items one by one.


10. Walk inside the resting place and a message would appear then place the skirt of Virgin. Go back to Grout for the next clue.


11. Insert the stone Heart in the Piles of Stone. Go back to Grout for the next clue.


12. The green herb is for the Dried Fish then go back to Grout for the next clue.


13. The grape juice was inside the Vat. Return to Grout for the final clue.


14. You’ll solve the puzzle together with Grout. Then he’ll point you to the center that’s linking the clues. You’ll investigate the Wooden Floor. Turn it upside down and you’ll find a hidden message.

Wooden floor.JPG

15. Go back to Grout and tell him what you have found. He’ll lead you to the Buddha Statue in Archer Association.


16. Click the Buddha statue and answer that you’ll work your way out then, you’ll receive the Payon Tablet.


17. Go back to Tyus. You’ll tell him what you have found so far. He’ll ask you to find Sage Welshyun and then he’ll give you the Morroc tablet.


18. After finding Sage Welshyun, he would ask for your help to get his report Monster Life in the Geffen Area from his apprentice in the Geffen tower.


19. Enoz is in the top floor of the Geffen Tower. He would ask you what book you are looking for. Key in Monster Life in the Geffen Area. He’ll tell you that he has handed that book already to his master three days ago.


20. Go back to Welshyun. He will ask you to bring the report to Enoz but bring a blue gem stone upon your return.

21. After you deliver the book, return to Welshyun and he’ll ask you something. The answer is Valaskjalf. You’ll get the Geffen tablet.


22. After you got all the tablets, go to Tylus and he’ll tell you that this tablets are cursed. That you need Welshyun’s help to combine these.

23. You’ll return to Welshyun and he’ll combine the tablets using the blue gemstone you gave him.


24. Welshyun will then ask you if you want to meet and kill the Dark Priest. If you want to, he’ll warp you just outside the cave where the Dark Priest resides. Kill him and you must take an eye of hellion as a proof that you have slay him. Go to Tylus to get your reward.



25. If you wish to skip the cave or fail to kill the Dark Priest, you can directly go to Tylus and get your reward