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Adoption, what is adoption in Dark-RO is when having a baby in your family, how to adopt someone? well first of all before adopting someone you must be married and level 70 or higher no lower than that or else you won't be able to adopt. Second you must have another player to adopt you choose who's your going to adopt but they must be a novice that is level 1 and job level 1 also. There are two location where NPC adoption takes place at there is one inside of the prontera church and the other one is located outside in lutie's church. Talk to the NPC the old man and he will explain what you need to do, please be sure that you are wearing your wedding ring and you have the novice in front of you, and also important that your partner is online or otherwise you cannot proceed the adoption. After following the NPC guides you must write the right name of what NPC ask for which ever will be, its important to read what NPC wants you to do to avoid error and do it all over again. If you had adopted a child already you cannot adopt more, the NPC will ask you this question to finish the adoption, when everything is finished the novice you have just adopted will turn to a smaller size and become a baby novice, also reminder that baby cannot be married to another baby or anyone else since their baby already, and you can help your baby to level up depending on your level and must be in a same party and there you go you may enjoy your new great family! Dont forget to protect each other!

Note* Please note that adopting a child can only happen once for each character that is not marriage. So if one was previously married and adopted a baby, that character cannot adopt a second time. If the character were to marry someone else after a divorce and had adopted a child in the past they cannot adopt one again they can only be married depending how many times they would like after divorcing each other but strictly canot adopt more than once.

Effects of Adoption

What happens to the adopted child? The adopted child's character becomes shorter/smaller than the average size of a player and some players says that babies are cute, babies cannot change into a transcendent class they can only gazed up to 2nd class. Some say that being an adopted child also changes the player's size type (Medium to Small). Adopted children, also know as Baby classes, have a limited amount of stats. Each of their corresponding stats can only reach 150 in DarkRO Force, and 80 in DarkRO Pie. You may also notice that babies status can be all max but one status cannot be max to prevent balance in our server, they also receive two essential skills after the adoption:

Name Description
Mom, Dad, I love you! Caster's parent characters will not lose any experience points when they die.
Mom, Dad, I miss you! (Call Parents) Child character summons parents to a spot next to where child is standing.

Parents also have a skills similar to this which is

Name Description
Call Baby Parent character summons adopted child to a spot adjacent to parent's current location.

Note* You cannot cast more than 1 of this skill after the first one expires that applies for the skills of babies and parents. Also this skills cannot be perform in some places like pvp maps and it can be perform in all of the town and some of pvp maps.

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