WoE Breaker Lord Knight

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WoE Breaker Lord Knight

We are going to make a guide about the best job for break in all the World of Ragnarok: The Lord Knight. They're good soldiers at the time of break and defense. One of the most offensive jobs of RO, a Lord Knight is fast, powerfull and with a good equip and money, overpowered. But if you don't have so much money, and you don't have any pice of Valkyrie Set, don't worry. I suggest take a time and raise money to buy a Valkyrie Armor, is a essential item for breakers. If you have Valkyrie Armor you will be immune to Frozen status, the big enemy of the breakers. If you have creativity, you can change some items and test what items are better for you. Let's start!

Equipment Information

Cheap Equipment

Up Headgear: +0/+7 Headprotector of Luk [1] Vanberk Card.

Mid Headgear: Dark Blinker/Blinker [1] with Orc Hero Card.

Low Headgear: Torn Wings.

Armor: +0/+7/+10 Mink Coat with Ghostring Card.

Robe: +0/+7/+10 Muffler with Raydric.

Shoes: +0/+7/+10 Shoes with Moonlight Flower Card.

Accesories: Ring(1) with Smokie. Ring (1) with Mantis Card.

Rich Equipment

Up Headgear: +0/+7 [Traveler Hat][1]with [Vanberk Card]

Mid Headgear: Angel or Devil wing Ears [1] with Orc Hero Card.

Low Headgear: Torn Wings.

Armor: +0 Valkyrie's Armor with Gloom Under Knight Card.

Robe: +0/+7/+10 Valk Manteu with Raydric Card.

Shoes: SLeipneir.

Accesories: [Nile Rose] with Mantis card. Nile Rose with Smokie Card.

Weapon: :D

Status Information

Critical Type With Dopelganger Card

How to use

  • This is the best job for break emperiums because they has so much powerfulls skill, like Frenzy, and don't forget the Endure. Endure helps so much for reach the distance to the emperium.
  • When you're near of the emperium, use Frenzy and start breaking, remember turn on your buffs before you enter to the emperium room.
  • Have a lot of patience and enter when it's time to enter (When it's clear).
  • Use Endure if the Emp room entrance is protected.
  • Ask for help to your guildmates, talk with a Professor and a Paladin and all castles will be yours.
  • Remember Luk will penetrate the defense of the emperium, that's why we're using Luk.
  • Aura Blade gives you ATK, it's very important at break's time.
  • For rich people, who has EDP, is better use a one handed sword + a shield. Obviusly, it will be a one handed sword + a Valkyrie's Shield.
  • Movement speed is the key of the success. If you're quickly you will break the enemies defense, because movement speed + Endure can do that easily.
  • A personal suggestion: don't use peco peco. When you're riding a peco peco your movement speed is decreased (I'm not sure, I just saw that). Walk is enough.
  • If you don't have a good PC, just turn off your effects (/effect), but remember see over the enemy character to see what skill he's doing. Is helpfull.
  • LK's are soldier-class character. Isn't suggested use this character for GM of a guild.