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Whitesmith F.gif

Job Base: Blacksmith
Job Type: Transcended 2-1
Max Base level: 255
Max Job level: 100
Job Change: Job Master
Max Base level: 99
Max Job level: 70
Job Change: Heart of Ymir

Back Story

The experienced Blacksmith upon transcending from limitations of simple metal and steel, realizes the world around him/her are full of useful materials that could be made into something wonderful and amazing. The Whitesmith/Mastersmith ability to craft more stronger, powerful, and beautiful pieces of work in his/her weapons, defines this class. Also with transcendence, the Whitesmith with his manipulation of fire, have new abilities. The ability to refine weapon to higher levels without the help of Hollgrehenn, accelerating across the battle field with a cart that would take 10 Blacksmiths to wheel across, and the mastery of breaking the opponent's gear by fire are what makes the Whitesmith class a powerful ally to befriend and an enemy not worth having.


This is a list of skills only accessible after becoming a Whitesmith. More basic skills can be found in the Blacksmith class description page.

Skills Type Levels Short description
Ws meltdown.gif Meltdown Supportive 10 Ability to break opponent's weapons with superheated weapon strikes.
Ws cartboost.gif Cart Boost Supportive 1 Increases movement speed when using a cart.
Ws weaponrefine.gif Weapon Refine Passive 10 Enables player to refine weapons.
Ws carttermination.gif Cart Termination Offensive 10 Using the power of Zeny to strike the enemy with your cart.
Ws overthrustmax.gif Maximum Over Thrust Active 5 Increase attack power with Zeny.

Stats bonuses

At max level for both Force and Pie:

Force +6 +7 +6 +6 +12 +8
Pie +6 +7 +6 +6 +12 +8

Talisman in Force

Effect: Soul links to Blacksmiths and Whitesmiths/Master Smiths, allowing them to use Full Adrenaline Rush if they have Adrenaline Rush LV5 for the skill's duration.

  • Full Adrenaline Rush gives:
    • STR: +10
    • DEX: +10
    • Flee: +15
  • Maximum Over Thrust is buffed with +100% ATK, giving 300% ATK at LV5.

Custom modifications


  • Weapon Refine with your character at Job LV 100, grants you about a 40% better success chance than Hollgrehenn.



Common builds