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J4012 f skill.gif

Job Base: Hunter
Job Type: Transcended 2-1
Max Base level: 255
Max Job level: 100
Job Change: Job Master
Max Base level: 99
Max Job level: 70
Job Change: Yuno

7AREER <a href="">azuvqosavttl</a>, [url=]lnynllrsdhmf[/url], [link=]imwzjyfyyhru[/link],



To be transcended into a Sniper you will need to go through the transcendence system located at Juno Castle. [Note: Hunters, remove you falcon first]

Talk to Metavis Seith located at yuno_in02 88 164 and pay 1,285,000 zeny to continue to read the incantation in the Book of Yimir [yuno_in02 93 205]. After completing it, proceed to yuno_in02 86, 14 and look for the NPC Heart of Yimir [yuno_in05 49,43]. Enter the labyrinth to the Heart of Yimir to the Temple of Valkyrie [a.k.a. Hall of the Great Warriors]. Look for the Job Transfer NPC Advanced Level Professions and talk to the valkyrie. Transcendence will be completed after the dialogue and receive knife and cotton shirt. All the status point of the character will also return to 1 and players will be given 100 status points to assign the new configuration for their status. Skill learned quest will also disappear.

High Archer

When the High Novice reaches Job level 10, proceed to the Archer Guild at the North of Payon Village. You will not need to collect any branches to pass the test.


When the High Archer reaches Job Level 40, go to the Transcendence Sites for the Book of Ymir in Juno [yuno_in02 93 205]. Enter the Hall of Great Warrior to look for the profession you want to be transcended to. wants to change.

Dark RO Force: Once you attain the proper level, you can change from Archer to the Hunter Class by finding the Job Master located at Prontera (153,193)


This is a list of skills only accessible after becoming a Sniper. More basic skills can be found in the Hunter class description page.

Skills Type Levels Short description
Sn sight.gif True Sight Supportive 10 Increases stats and your HIT, DMG, and CRIT
Sn falconassault.gif Falcon Assault Offensive 5 Order falcon to attack enemy with enormous power.
Sn sharpshooting.gif Sharp Shooting Offensive 5 A shot arrow that can strike at multiple enemies.
Sn windwalk.gif Wind Walk Supportive 10 Flee and movement speed upgrade for you and your party.

Stats bonuses

At max level for both Force and Pie:

Force +4 +11 +3 +5 +14 +8
Pie +4 +11 +3 +5 +14 +8

Talisman in Force

Effect: Soul links to Hunters and Snipers, giving special buffs for the skills duration.

Custom modifications





Common builds


Pushing Power Build
Sniper Guide
Sniper Hybrid
Genocide Build
Emperium Breaker Build
PVP Sniper Build
WoE Sniper Critical Type
Sniper Invasion Type


Hybrid: Auto-blitz Build


Sniper Guide 1. The Class - Hunter/sniper is a very eintertaining job to play with if you get used to it, it doesn’t have high hp, but long ranged attacks and traps makes it a dangerous enemy in pvp and pvm. I’d say hunter has the most survivability over most classes pvm. Also, when you turn sniper you will get the powerful Falcon Assault and True Sight skills, with them you can oneshot most classes (even trans if not well-equipped).

Job Bonus Status Points At JLV 50(Hunter): STR +4 AGI +6 VIT +2 INT +4 DEX +10 LUK +4

Job Bonus Status Points At JLV 70(Sniper): STR +4 AGI +11 VIT +3 INT +5 DEX +14 LUK +8

2. The Pros/Cons - Pros- They have great survivability if played well, can kill MVPs even at early levels (I was killing Atroce as level 70-80 hunter). Ankle Snare is your best friend for pvm and pvp (versus melee), it can stop MVPs and mini-bosses (for half time but still works..), after ankle snare comes Shockwave Trap, your best friend for pvp against magic users, 2-3 of those and you can kill any monk/priest/crusader. LOTS, and i repeat.. LOTS of possible builds and variety, we could say snipers has got a build for every situation…

Cons- Very poor hp, a level 90 sniper with 1 vit only gets about 5k hp, cannot do much other than trapping the emperium room in woe due to long range redux, it tends to die easily in pvp if you use any build different than FA (with bow you can’t use shields..).

3. Skills For a list of Hunter/Sniper skills, visit

4. Job Quests For information about Archer/Hunter job quests, visit

5. Leveling Tips - First 10 levels as novice aren’t hard, just stick to novice grounds untill you are job lvl 10, use your novice potions and you’ll be just fine. You can now turn archer, do the quest and get ready to go to payon dungeon! Inside payon dungeon, kill the skeletons and zombies with silver arrows, when you get level 10 double strafing, you can start off killing Poporings and other stuff. Focus on maxing dex for now and keep leveling in payon dungeon or you can get fire arrows and try Floras in Prontera Field, untill you are about lvl 40, now get your fire arrows (you can buy them at sunken ship dungeon) and go to either Einbroch or louyang (i prefer Einbroch since less ppl go there and Geograpers can’t move, also, there are no mantis around, but if you get bored you can move from a place to the other one.) Go 1 map north of einbroch or 1 map south of louyang. Kill everything in sight untill you are high enough to become hunter, do the quest and go back to geographers! xD Yeah, this will be boring, but worth it… (TIP: If in your server there is a warp to ice dungeon, you can go there and kill muscipulars, they’r better than geos since they die faster and give just a little less exp, but bring flywings for gryphons and galliones!) Once you turn hunter, you stick to geographers/muscipulars a little more, untill you get ankle snare, once you get that skill, you can go everywhere you want without help! :) You can go nifflheim, Glast Heim prison, Clock Tower, Sphinx level 4, Abbey, Rachel dungeon.. everywhere you like and you get good exp.

  • NOTE*

I exped at Geos till level 97 (yeah 97..) and i’ve found out that they are best exp, since you can kill them in almost no time, and they give good exp (about 0.04% per kill).

  • NECESSARY NOTE: When i exped to geos till level 97 the geos map was BUGGED, geos kept spawning in the bottom right corner, since the bug is now fixed you might want to go for Anubises.*
  • UPDATE*: For higher level monsters you might want to go to Anubises untill they give you decent exp and you have maxed your job level, then you can go to Odin temple and/or Thanatos higher floors (Traps are a must).

Then i went to Thor dungeon with party. (With a priest and both of you using Pasana + Fire elemental resist potion it shouldn’t be a problem, if you have assumptio the potion is not required.)

  • UPDATE*: Best gear for Thor Dungeon- (You can solo in there with this gear at an high enough level).

Ulle’s Cap - Nightmare Card Panties[1] - Pasana Card Undershirt[1] - Jakk Card Burning Bow - No Card Brooch[1]x2 - Kukre Card Binoculars/Sunglasses[1] - Nightmare card Fricco’s Shoes/Boots[1] - Iron Fist Card

Once you reborn, repeat all the process..

MISC. TIPS - When you get ankle snare, always try to fight slow monsters, so you have time to trap, and if they are fast, make a column/line of traps, so as soon as 1 disappear, they get trapped again, rinse and repeat.. (I kill most quick minibosses this way, just recently killed thanatos minions alone with this trick.)

Arrow Shower trapping - When you place a trap, if you arrow shower on it, it will move! This can turn quite usefull in pvp if you learn how to do it well (I AM DA TRAP MASTA!).

  • NECESSARY NOTE: In WoE you can not knockback other players nor be knockbacked, this applies to traps too, so you can not move traps in WoE*

EXAMPLE: You are fighting a priest, he pneuma, what do you do now? “Eww! i’m screwed!” You simply put a shockwave or a land mine between you and him, arrow shower between you and the trap, and the trap will go toward the priest hitting him! I killed countless pneuma users this way.

Mine Stacking - “OMG?” This is an application of the Arrow Shower Trapping trick, it is mostly used with land mines.

  • NOTE*

Because of the formulas/Modifiers, Land Mines results in the strongest damaging-traps of your skill set.

Let’s get to the interesting part… Moving a trap is simple, but, what if you move a trap, place another trap where the other was, and arrow shower it ON TOP of the other one?? “W00tz! They stack!” Exactly, this way, you can oneshot everything and i mean EVERYTHING! Even Game Masters (If they have legit equips of course..). After stacking enough mines (Max is about 20-25 be4 they start to turn back to traps), you can move them all at once, that means you can move about 20 traps under some1 and… “BOOM!”

  • NOTE: Counting that every Land Mine does roughly 2k dmg (with the right build/equip), 2k*20 = 40k dmg!!!

If you are facing some melee character in pvp (Whitesmiths or berserk lord knights are a good example.), and they have little to none vit but they have high agi (After some testing it looks like agi REDUCES ankle snare trapping time, need confirmation on this one.) You can do the following trick: Ankle snare the opponent (let’s make it a whitesmith), the whitesmith won’t be able to hit you if you’r not in range, but he will soon get out of the trap, if he has very little vit, you can do this: Ankle snare -> SANDMAN TRAP him to make him sleep (The chance and duration of sleep is reduced by vit/luk), then pile up in this order: -> 5-6 land mines and 1 Sandman trap. This way the opponent will get the big damage from land mines (taking our previous example: 2k*5 = 10k dmg) and if he’s still alive he will be put directly back to sleep!!

6. Common/rare items most snipers use - It greatly depends on your build, so i’ll put everything in the builds section.

7. Builds - *UPDATED* As i said be4, sniper has a lot of possible builds and applications of each build, but here are the main ones with theyr stats at level 99:

AGI/DEX - STR 10 AGI 99 VIT 3 INT 20 DEX 99 LUK 1

Comment - This build can easily reach 190 aspd with the right equip, you choose whether to go for agi or dex equip, but i’d go dex geared over agi for more dmg.

Gear - Head - Apple of Archer (^.^) or if you want agi, ulle’s hat with nightmare card in it/Sunglasses with nightmare card for agi, sunglasses with elder willow for dex (the card gives int). Body - Panties for agi, tight/odin’s blessing with marc/pasana/swordfish/peco card Weapon - Rudra Bow if you have the will/money to get it, Else a gakkung bow with anything in it is just fine. Composite bow[4] with 2 hydra and 2 skeleton worker cards for pvp (NOT 3 hydra/1 skel worker). Garment - Undershirt for agi, Falcon muffler/slotted garment or anything for dex. Shoes - Fricco Shoes (aka Freya’s Shoes) for agi, anything for dex. Accessories - Brooches with kukre cards for agi or Vesper Cores, gloves with zerom cards for dex.

Falconer Build - STR 1 AGI 60 VIT 1 INT 74 DEX 70 LUK 70

Comment - Quite powerful indeed, do not understimate it’s power, it has low aspd but falcon does huge damage and attacks quite often. It’s downside is, due to low vit/agi, it doesn’t dodge at all and have very poor hp (at lvl 99 6100 hp), so you most likely will use traps a lot, or have a priest to support you, still, this kind of sniper can be deadly vs mobs, another downside is it won’t damage ghost at all…

Gear - Head - Apple of Archer or ulle’s hat with Elder willow card/Binoculars/Sunglasses with elder willow. Body - Tight/odin’s blessing with rocker/marc/pasana/peco card Weapon - Rudra Bow if you have the will/money to get it, Else a gakkung bow with anything in it is just fine, you won’t use bow much anyways. Garment - Anything is good. (Something for hp boost is good) Shoes - Just anything. (Something for hp boost is good) Accessories - Gloves with zerom cards or Earrings.

Hybrid - STR 1 AGI 72 VIT 50 INT 45 DEX 97 LUK 1

Comment - This is the classic “DS Spammer”, this build takes full advantage of double strafe, it has good hp and good aspd, but doesn’t exceed in neither of the 2. Can deal a lot of damage in a short span of time. Good for MVPing and pvp.

Gear - Same gear as AGI/DEX build focused on dex.

Falcon Assault - (aka FA Build) STR 1 AGI 1 VIT 80+ INT 50-60+ DEX 90+ LUK 1

Comment - This is the build most used in pvp, It focuses on using the FA skill to one-twoshot the enemy, it is the strongest skill you will get as sniper, the build has very good hp and damage output, but lacks in flee/aspd and tactics. Due to low aspd, the only thing you will be doing with this build is FA, and that is all. (aka “noob FA spammers” how many times have you heard these words?)

Gear - Head - Beret/Feather Beret/Binoculars/slotted sunglasses wih some good card (kiel? xD) Body - Goibne’s Armor/Sniping Suit/Peco odin’s blessing, marc/ed/pasana/swordfish. Weapon - Main Gauche[4] with 4 fabre cards/bazerald and guard[1/valky shield] with Thara Frog/Horn Card. Garment - Muffler with raydric/noxious card/deviling(if u have that much luck..)/survivor’s manteau(or if you want the best a wool scarf with the above cards). Shoes - Vidars/matyr/green ferus boots/ or for the top: Tidal shoes with General Egnigem Cenia Card (MVP) Accessories - Expert Rings/2 gloves or 2 rosary with alligator cards/zerom cards.

SharpShooting Sniper - (aka SS) STR 1 AGI 41 VIT 60 INT 24 DEX 91 LUK 67

Comment - A very interesting build not many snipers use, it is good for mobbing, that mean you’ll have a priest gather 20-30 mobs in nifflheim and kill them all in few shots, the problem is it uses bow, so it’s not very effective in pvp (no shield..). Anyways, you shouldn’t understimate this build, it ignores def since it uses crits, is almost spammable and has aoe. (usually hits for 3-4k dmg in pvp, i once killed 4 ppl at once with it…).

Gear - Head - Apple of Archer/Beret/Binoculars Body - Goibne’s Armor/Peco armor, marc/ed/pasana. Weapon - Gakkung or pvp bow with multiple race/element cards (example: +dmg on medium/big monsters and + dmg to fire and demi-human monsters). (Composite bow[4]) Garment - Muffler[1] with raydric/noxious card. Shoes - Vidars/boots[1] with matyr/green ferus. Accessories - Gloves with Zerom cards.

Ramzah’s Build -

STR 1 AGI 99 VIT 15 INT 20-25 DEX ranging from 60 to 80 (Depends on the current level, goal is to have at least 250-270 hit) LUK 40-50

Comment - Just a variant of the hybrid build, this is the build i like the most, with this build you should teorically have 190 aspd and use your falcon enough often to deal some good damage with it (even tho not as much as a pure falconer). With this one build you can FA (You should have enogh dex to do so.), you can DS quickly (tho damage won’t be as high as a pure agi dex), you have some “decent” hp, your falcon should attack pretty often. The only thing to note with this build is, it’s nothing special when you are alone, but if you have a priest buffing you… (Agi, bless, gloria, that’s all you need) You’ll be a real beast!

Gear - Head - Ulle’s Hat with nightmare card, If your server has the quest: Slotted sunglasses with nightmare card. Body - Panties (lol?) Weapon -Any bow will do, but considering your lack of dex, go for higher dmg bows (gakkung, hunter bow, rudra.), you won’t really need cards, unless you have a shecil or doppel card, if that’s the case, try to enchant slot a hunter bow. Garment - Undershirt, if you can slot it, put a bapho jr card in it. Shoes - Fricco Shoes Accessories - Brooches[1] with kukre cards in them.

As you may have noticed, the biggest problem will be the ulle and the equipment slotting and you might still not like this hybrid build since it requires buffing to get to unleash it’s maximum power.