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Summary of this build

Are you sick and tired of those people who happens to be wearing Ghost Armor (Ghostring) and Deviant Garments (Deviling)? Well I am and I have just the right stat and equip build to pawn those who thinks they can reduce your Asura Strike damage from 500k+ to 70k.

Pros and Cons


  • You can own those wearing GR and DEVI.
  • Minimum damage 150k+~999k depends on weapon and opponent
  • Fights can be less annoying because 1 ASURA = 1 Kill.
  • You'll feel strong and you can feel like a pro pawning everyone
  • Bragging Rights. :)


  • Use a lot of supplies (Champs and Sinx's naturally use a lot of supplies so don't complain)
  • If they gang on you, you're done.
  • Once you get stripped of your armor/headgear, you still might have a chance to live, but its 80-20.
  • IF you're against a Pally, you might wanna think twice if you're gonna Asura because of reflect.
  • If you're wearing GR DEVI against an Asura Champ but someone else attacks you, for example Sniper or Sinx, normal damage will do 8-15k damage, with EDP 25k~35k DMG. (Too strong right? D:)




+0~+10 Hokage Hat [0] / Hokage Hat [1]

Gives you +20 STR, 50% reduction for Fire property attacks and 10% more from water attacks. (Who gives a sh*t for the property reductions? All I want is the STR!)

+0~+10 Valkyrie Helm [1] (if you have one)

Gives 10% reduction to Demi-Human damage, DEX+5, STR+ 5 (You'll look pro if you wear one :D)

Compound a Gemini-S58 Card on either one of them


Dark Blinder [1] 2% resistance to stun and it adds VIT+2 i think

Cyclop's Eye [1] SP+50, Dex+3, STR+2, -50 Flee

Angel Wing Ear or Evil Wing Ear Adds STR+2

Compound a Gemini-S58 Card or Evil Snake Lord Card or just Orc Hero Card


Demon Wings

STR + 6, 10% Resistance to Darkness, 5% chance to inflict Bleeding. This has useful STR boost for more Asura Strike Damage

Arctic Wings

INT + 6, 10% Resistance to Water Attack, 5% chance to inflict Freeze. Can freeze those who don't possess Valkyrie's Armor

Gargoyle Wings

DEX + 6, 10% Resistance to Undead Attack, 5% chance to inflict Stone Curse. Once they get stoned, they get Asura'd ;)

Icarus Wings

AGI + 15 10% Resistance to Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ghost, Dark, Holy and 50% Resistance to Undead Attack. 10% more damage against Dark, Holy and Undead properties.

Provides great resistance to all elements except neutral. Makes you look good, too

Dragon Wings

All Stats + 5, Attack Element: Wind, Immune to Darkness, 5% chance to inflict Curse, 10% bonus damage on Demi-Humans and 30% damage reduction from Dragons. 'Nuff said.

Phoenix Wings

VIT + 6, 10% Resistance to Fire Attack, 5% chance to inflict Blindness. More VIT means more HP. More HP means lesser chance of dying :D


You should have 4 weapons. One buff weapon, one thana weapon, one pure damage weapon, and one hybrid weapon (for those wearing anti-asura equipments).

For your buff weapon, I suggest the following:

+10 Barrage Fist(4)

Compounded with Thanatos Maero Card or, Stormy Knight Card, Metaling Card, Doppelganger Card or if you're 197aspd build, replace dopel with Marina Card or any other buff card you'd rather prefer


Thanatos Maero Card, Whitesmith Card, Golem Card, Assassin Cross Card or replace the Thanatos Maero Card or the Golem Card with Doppelganger Card if you have Doppel Build


Thanatos Maero Card, Marina Card or Stormy Knight Card, Metaling Card, Doppelganger Card

The Dopel build (0 AGI) is very useful if you want more damage with more INT but if you don't use your dopel weapon, you have cast delays. TOO MUCH CAST DELAYS.

But if you prefer the 197aspd build, I suggest these card combos:

+10 Barrage Fist(4)

Compounded with Thanatos Maero Card, Golem Card, Whitesmith Card, Assassin Cross Card


Thanatos Maero Card, Marina Card or Stormy Knight Card (I prefer Stormy Knight), Metaling Card, Injustice Card or Sidewinder Card.

Since you have skill Decrease Agi, you can replace every Thanatos Maero Card with Metaling Card

That's your buff weapon ready.

Now for your pure damage weapon:

This weapon is used to deal the maximum amount of damage possible as far as your character is concerned. It consists of no other than damage cards. They say the effects of Hydra Cards don't stack but I did a little experiment of my own and I think its pretty hard to be so sure but 2 hydra cards are somewhat stronger than TG TG HY SKELW. But its always your choice.

+10 Barrage Fist(4)

Compounded with two (2) Turtle General Cards, 1 Skeleton Worker Card, Hydra Card


2 Turtle General Cards and 2 Hydra Cards.

That's your pure damage weapon also done.

Let's move on to your thana weapon:

The Thanatos Card deals more damage to those who has high DEF, MDEF, and VIT. Thus making this weapon good against Ninja and Paladin. Most of the people in Dark-ro prefer high vit to have more defense and higher hp. But Thanatos Card does the trick. You can do 10~25k normal damage with Double Strafe and 9~12k damage with Finger Offensive. Here are my thana builds:

+10 Barrage Fist(4)

Compounded with Thanatos Card, 2 Turtle General Cards, and one Hydra Card


Thanatos Card, Hydra Card, Turtle General Card, Skeleton Worker Card


Now you have your buff weapon, pure damage weapon, and thana weapon. Which leaves us to the hybrid weapon:

The hybrid weapon is the weapon build i use to counter anti-asura equipment such as Ghostring Card compounded armors and Deviling Card compounded garments. Again this is only my SUGGESTION. If you have better card combos then by all means, don't follow my instructions. Here are the card combos:

+10 Barrage Fist(4)

Compounded with 2 Turtle General Cards, 1 Hydra Card, and 1 Civil Servant Card


2 Civil Servant Cards, 2 Turtle General Cards


Thanatos Card, 2 Civil Servant Cards, 1 Turtle General Card

You can experiment with the CS+TG+HY+SKLW and CS+CS+HY+SKLW or CS+TG+TG+HY or CS+THANA+TG+HY. Do with it what you will.

You can also have a troll weapon (for trolling >:D)

+10 Mace or Main Gauche or Waghnak or Barrage Fist(4)

compounded with Stormy Knight Card, Marina Card, Thanatos Maero Card, Metaling Card.

Use this weapon for fun and freeze people :D wear Gargoyle Wings to stone people as well :D


You can have up to 3 armors if you want. Here are some suggestions:

+0~+10 Valkyrie's Armor

Compounded with Tao Gunka Card, or Ghostring Card

This can be your main armor. Other armors are

+7 Mink Coat or Valkyrie's Armor

Compounded with Dark Frame Card, or Garm Card, or Pest Card

To stone or freeze them. Leaving them open for Asura Strike :D

+7 Mink Coat or Valkyrie's Armor

With Egnigem Cenia Card for more power!!


Use a Valkyrie's Manteau

compound with Noxious Card or Raydric Card or Deviling Card


Use 3 shields. Preferably:

+0~+10 Valkyrie's Shield

Compounded with Thara Frog Card, Golden Thief Bug Card or Maya Card

Thara for demi-human damage reduction.

GTB for anti magic,

Maya for 50% magic reflect.

You can also use Thorn Shield or Naga Scale Shield :)


You can use:

Sleipnir as your shoes. No need to replace them with anything and you can't compound any card cause it's [0].

if you don't have Sleipnir, use: Valkyrie's Shoes


Variant Shoes


+9~+10 Tidal Shoes

Compound those shoes with Lady Tanee Card for damage.

Compound the +9~+10 Tidal Shoes with General Egnigem Cenia Card for additional HP.


This is easy. Champs don't usually attack at point blank so using Wikebine Tres Card won't be a lot of help, try these:

2 Nile Roses with Mantis Card


Errende Ebecee Card for auto Pneuma.

But if you insist on stripping the armor, try

Wikebine Tres Card + Mantis Card

My Equipments

For those who are curious about my equips, here are some of mine:

Upper: Valkyrie's Helm of stability Mid: Neutral Angel Wing Ear Lower: Dragon Wings or Icarus Wings Right Hand: +10 Solid Slug Barrage Fist(4) of Shadow of Hollgren Left Hand: Valkyrie's Shield of deaf Garment: +6 anti-sniping Valkyrie's Manteau Shoes: Variant Shoes or +9 superior Tidal Shoes or unnamed Sleipnir Accessories: GangsterNile Rose, Nile Rose of muscle


Now this is essential. I won't reveal my own stats, but I'll explain the general stats of champs.

STR should always end in 0 which means if you have 255+20 STR, decrease your STR by 5 so it'll look like 250+20. Same goes if you have 255+31. Do the math to make it end in 0

AGI is not needed if you're dopel build. But if you want to be pro build 197aspd, try to get 120 agi first and get 150 dex. then add more agi to make your aspd 195~197 with Blessing and Increase Agility.

INT Get enough int until you reach 6k SP. Any more SP is just a waste since the max damage that will register using SP will only be at 6k SP. Around 120 INT should be good

DEX Try to have 150 dex. But if you prefer VIT, get dex to 130 + Blessing and other buffs, until you reach 197aspd. That's good enough.

VIT Put the rest of your stats in VIT. Once you have STR ***+** = **0, AGI 120 or until 197aspd, DEX 120 or until 197aspd, and INT till 6k SP, put the rest in VIT.

Here's an example of full equips and full buffs stats:

STR 254+56 AGI 120+35 VIT 150+25 INT 112+28 DEX 150+30 LUK 1+15

Have fun experimenting on your own. :)


Just get lvl 5 Finger Offensive, lvl 5 Asura Strike, lvl 10 Blessing and Increase Agility and you're good. You need these essential skills as well:

Just strategize on your own. Think of what is necessary and what isn't.


Lord Knight - When dealing with an LK, run to their face and use your buff weapon to EDP. Once EDP'd, Asura their ass to oblivion. If they attack with Bowling Bash, just run away and try to normal attack them and then once you edp'd on them, Blade Stop, then Asura.

High Wizard - Quickly equip your GTB shield or Maya card shield, then just asura them. They have high DEF so these guys are a piece of cake with thana.

Professor - Same as for HWs, try using Finger Offensive on them. Wear GTB so the Dispell Skill won't work. These guys also has high DEF so it'll be easy if you use thana on them.

Sniper - Since the old Blade Stop technique against long range people wont work anymore, here are some tips. Snipers are one of Champ's worst nightmares. Yah know why? If they can't kill you, they'll run and run and you chase. SO ANNOYING. So here some strategic ways to deal with them. When they attack, Pneuma the sniper and yourself. Wear stone curse armors, or garm card compounded armors, then asura them. If they have resistance against stone and freeze, run to their face, edp, then Finger Offensive them to death. If it still don't work, find a way to asura their ass.

Clown/Gypsy - These guys have very high damage. With or without EDP. So the strategy is, pre-edp, then asura them when you get the chance. Strategize on your own. That's what makes you pro.

High Priest - Be nice to them! Just get some buffs and say thanks. Or if they decide to kill you with holy light, and it just so happens they have talis, go asura their ass and equip your GTB.

Champion - Now this is the fun part. There are a lot of pro champions is SPRT (prt_fild08 150 350) and Go 13 and Go 15. Spam Absorb Spirits on them and work your way in trying to Asura Strike them. Careful, they just might pul one on you and asura you first. LOL

Whitesmith - Just don't let them near you 'cause they'll break all your equipments. Asura them if you get the chance or simply Blade Stop once they hit you then BOOM. After Asura Stikeing them, they ded :D

Alchemist - They do nothing but spam Acid Demonstration on their enemies until dead, so the Eddga Card is useful here, just spam Finger Offensive until edp or until they're dead. Or if still they're not dead, just go and Asura Strike 'em.

Assassin Cross - My favorite opponent. Once they attack you, use Blade Stop, then Finger Offensive them then attack them to get EDP because if you asura them you'll surely do 50k damage because they'll be prepared with GR and DEVI. Go edp then Asura Strike their ass. Just strategize on your own with the Blade Stop skill.

Stalker - Well, these guys are feisty. Attack you from a distance then disappear. They'll Storm Gust you till your frozen so its important to get a Valkyrie's Armor or an armor with Marc Card. Once they try to Full Strip you, Asura Strike 'em.

Paladin - These are the hardest to take down, Especially if they have Valkyrie's Manteau and the skill Reflect Shield. Try going EDP on them, then equip your Thana weapon, then try to hit asura. Im sure the Auto-Guard skill will block your first attempt but try and try till you succeed :) and try using GR armor because their Sacrifice will eat you alive.

Sith/Jedi - Easy stuff. Just wear GTB and use Blade Stop, then Asura Strike them back to the Death star.

Ninja - these guys. So feisty too!! YOu won't hit them with asura once. So use Finger Offensive till the skill Ciccada Skin-Shed is over, then try to freeze them. Or asura them with thana weapon.


Credits to the best server in the world Dark-ro FORCE. Come and join us! www.dark-ro.net

Credits also the the best RO-based website, ratemyserver.net. Thank you so much!

Credits to Chaz's sinxc and wsc. To his champy tutorials. To Jon, my bestfriend, and to Jas my one and only :* Thank you very much for viewing this!

IN-game names : Despairia, Californication, Flying Watermelons, Shaye, Baby Shaye, Nicole, Scope, Silenced Scope, and Autumn Winter.