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There are many builds to the ninja. In essance there is: Projectile type, Caster type, Physical Attacker type, and finally the Final Strike type.


Description: This build is not fully test/liable. However has been seen used. If you do not trust this please do not use this and then complain that it doesn't work. This stays away from enemies and does mass damage with high dex.

Skills: Master all the throwing skills (passives included), shadow leap, cicada skin sheding, and flip tatami. Also, have Vanishing Slash lvl 5. Next, max ninja mastery. Then choose what you want.

Stats: Str - 255 Agi - 100-150 Int - 60-150

Stats Reasoning: Dex for damage of stars. Agility for dodging. Int for the other skills you decide on using

Strategy: Throw whatever you decided to use: kunai, shuriken, or (recommended) huuma. Use cicada skin shedding and flip tatami to gain time and to push away enemies. Use Vanishing Slash and Shadow Jump if you must.

Equipment: Stars, kunai, and Huuma. Do not use dex up cards as they are a waste. Vitata card is recommended.


Description: This build has been tested and proved to be very efficient. Destroy your opponents with powerful attacks.

Skills: Master ninja mastery, ninja aura, Crimson Fire Petal, Crimson Fire Formation, Exploding Dragon, Ice Spear, Watery Evasion, Ice Meteor, Wind Blade, Lightning Jolt, First Wind, and whatever else. You can decide.

Stats: Dex - 150 Int - 255 Luk - 100 Agi - 100

Stats Reasoning: Dex- instant cast. Int- maximize damage. Luk- Perfect Dodge Agi- dodging

Strategy: Use Crimson Fire Formation/lightning jolt to protect yourself and strike out with other skills such as exploding dragon.

Equipment: Cards are more important than the equipment itself. Vitata card-possible. Poring card for perfect Dodge.

Physical Attacker

Description: these use their daggers for optimized damage.

Stats: Str - 255 Agi - 255 Vit - everything else

Reasoning: Str for optimized damage. Agi- maximum amount of attacks for the msot damage. Vit: you'll be getting close up during battle.

Skills: Master Ninja Mastery. Flip tatami, ninja aura and series.

Strategy: Get up close and use flip tatami when things go bad. Ninja aura is a good buff and like a Battle Priest use it.

Equipment: Daggers, huumas (won't be throwing though.) and of course the best armor, doesn't have to be ninja equip.

Final Strike

Description: This build is becoming more and more common. It is taking the Ninja's Finisher attack and using it as a primary. It greatly implores the use of the evasion skills, such as Cicada Skin Shedding, Illusionary Shadow, and Flip Tatami.

Skills: All prerequisites for Final Strike, Cicada Skin Shedding, Illusionary Shadow, Flip Tatami, Shadow Jump, Shadow Slash.

Stats: Str - Max it with final stats being divisible by 10 Dex - 150 Vit - 255 Rest are up to you.

Stats Reasoning: Dex- instant cast. Vit- maximize damage.

Strategy: First cast Soul. Then use a Hide Clip (or other accessory) to Shadow Jump towards your opponent. After that use Shadow Slash to make it possible to Final Strike your opponent. Once you are out in the open quickly use Final Strike and hit Hide. Shadow Jump away and use recovery items. Rinse. Repeat.

Equipment: Equipments that increase your Vitality or your total HP. That's where your power comes from. An accesory that has a Smokie Card in it (for Hide).

Final Strike and Caster Ninja Hybrid

Description: This build consists of using your magic skills then ending the opponents life with Final Strike. As you all know more and more people are using this. Why? Well, because first you can simply use your magic ability to kill a much weaker class like a Sniper or a SinX and second kill them with one FINAL hit. This build is hard to counter tanks with no int can be killed by magic and casters with no vit can be killed by final strike and any class can be killed with the spam spells then Final Strike combo. This build is a force to be reckoned with if used properly.

Skills: All prequisites for Final Strike, level ten for all basic magic spells, (Ice Spear, Flaming Petals and Wind Blade) level ten Ice Meteor, Shadow Jump, Cicada Skin Shedding and Flip Tatami.

Stats: Str - max it but make sure it's divisible by 10 Dex - 150 Int - it can range from 150-200 depends if you want more magic Vit - it can also range 150-200 depends if you want more life and more damage Final Strike

Stats Reasoning: Str to optimize damage for Final Strike, Dex for zero cast time, Int for Magic damage and Vit for Final Strike damage and Life.

Strategy: First cast Cicada Skin Shed so that you could leap away from any incoming damage including Asura Strike. NEXT, cast Soul so that you will be able to maximize your magical power and so that you will be able to use Final Strike. Next spam any basic skill (Ice Spear, Flaming Petals and Wind Blade) depending on their elemental armor. If they don't have an elemental armor I'd suggest that you use Ice Spear since it's faster and more spammable compared to the others. Then if you feel you've done enough damage get near then quickly use Final Strike. If that doesnt work heal up then do it again. For the ones that you can't see use you Ice Meteor so that you would be able to reveal them and if you're lucky freeze them as well. If you freeze them use your Wind Blade for more damage but if they're not just Ice Spear them so that they won't be able to conceal themselves. If you're in trouble just Hide then Shadow Jump away. If you're facing a ranged enemy just Flip Tatami then Hide. After that Shadow Jump in then spam Ice Spear or just Final Strike right away if you're feeling confident. If you're up against a Paladin just Hide and Jump away or make friends with him/her. Why? Paladin will reflect your Final Strike and they have a suitable amount of int to counter your spells but if you think you can beat him/her then try your luck but i highly recommend that you avoid them or just make friends with them.

Equipment: Alice Doll of Stability, Dark Blinker of Stability, Phoenix or Artic Wings, High Risk Mink Coat, Cranial Guard, Guard of Deaf, Double Bloody Double Explosive Huuma Shuriken, Immune Muffler, Deviant Muffler, Protective Shoes, Hide Ring, Ring of Mustle.

  • Nearly all builds are able to go with another build.

Strategy for PvP: Lord Knight - These guys are pretty difficult but not that difficult. Just spam Ice Spear making sure they cannot move. Continue spamming until you feel that they have a low enough HP Final Strike them if it doesn't work, don't worry too much Cicada Skin Shed will give you another chance.

Paladin: Avoid them. Why? They have huge amounts of HP and Final Strike will kill you because of their reflect. Avoid getting into a fight with them no matter what.

Sniper: Strategy 1: Use improvised defense and spam offensive spells, don't forget to use improvised defense every 3 seconds.

Strategy 2: Cast soul. Use Cicada Skin shedding and hide, use shadow slash (be quicker than his detect) and use ice meteor and do that all over again until he's frozen. Equip all of your HP boosting and 2blebloody 2blebonned and hit him with final strike.

Clown/Dancer - Same as the Sniper Hide then Final Strike.

Whitesmith - Spam Ice Spear then just pin them down to the ground. If they do get close Cicada Skin Shed will save you but you can't count on it forever because once your pinned to a wall or any object your dead or just hide then shadow jump then continue what your doing. When you feel it just use Final Strike.

Creator: Best Strategy: Use improvised defense every 3 seconds, the rest is up to you.

Champion Strategy 1: Spam offensive skills while having cicada skin shed and soul. Remember not to hit a champion when he is in pneuma. Don't bother to hide because it's almost useless unless your shadow jump is faster.

Strategy 2: just use soul, cicada and final strike and pots up. Repeat it until he dies.

Priest - Don't even think about touching them they're the only peace makers here just ask for buffs and remember to say Thank You.

Assassin Cross - If you see them Final Strike immediately. Once they try to use Cloak Use Ice Meteor to reveal their location. Once you see them Final Strike without hesitation.

Stalker - Fight them the same way you would fight an Assassin but if they use Hide meaning Ice Meteor wont work on them just wait for them to reveal themselves then thats when you use Final Strike. Never use dagger against them!!

Ninja - You're up against your own kind. Just spam spells and don't use Final Strike. Cicada Skin Shed will make your attack miss and eve drop you down to 1 HP. Just don't stop spamming until they are dead.

Gunslinger - These guys are easy. Just Hide the Shadow Jump. When you're close enough Final Strike them. They're sure to go down in one hit. If not heal up while spamming spells at them.

Sith/Jedi - These guys aren't that hard to beat. Just keep spamming spells until they get close. When they are close enough use Final Strike. If that doesn't work heal up and continue spamming spells until they die.

NOTE: Trust the Final Strike and Final Strike Hybrid build at your own risk.. It's just an untested opinion.