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General Build

  • Str: 1
  • Agi: 1
  • Vit: 205
  • Int: 255
  • Dex: 144
  • Luk: 1

AD-Proof Build

  • Str: 1
  • Agi: 150
  • Vit: 50
  • Int: 255
  • Dex: 144
  • Luk: 1

Both Builds consist basicaly in spamming Jupter Thunder against your target with no cast and high damage. During WoE's the combination of all your spells is vital to avoid elemental protection buffs and armors. The way to 255 is mainly getting instant cast and starting Bio Laboratory 3 as soon as possible and stay there until you are maxed.

Andrew Fitton’s Guide on Wizards.

Table of contents: 1: about myself, the guide, and wizards.
2: leveling up to 255 rich/poor
3: skill set rich/poor
4: gear set: rich
5: gear set: poor
6: stats
7: strategies

1: about myself, the guide, and wizards.
Well, I guess I should introduce myself first, but before I say anything, I’m not boasting or anything here, just stating some things. I’m probably one of the more well known players on dark-RO force. I’ve played a variety of classes, my mains being wizard (duh), Whitesmith, and clown, all of which I’m extremely well known as. However, I’ve always loved wizard the most! I’ve been extremely active in promoting wizards as a whole, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m writing this guide, to help YOU out as a wizard.

This guide… It’s really a simplified version of the most essential things you need to know to play a wizard properly. Hell, I could probably write a book on wizards, but It wouldn’t sell at Barnes and nobles, but I’ve been considering :P

Wizards are an extremely fun class to play, due to their array of skills. Many, many combos of 2+ skills can be employed for massive damage, SG+JT being one of the most common. Wizards also have excellent defense, I mean, people did like, 42% of the damage they should to me, combine that with a link, giving you 200K+ HP, and your pretty much dying-safe, until you run out of pots, then you have to run and hide.

Anyways, I believe that’s enough for introductions, your really just here because you wanna own as a wizard, like me, right? :P

2: leveling up to 255 rich/poor

Leveling can actually be pretty fun, but hasselsome at times. I’m not going to give you a list of places where you can level, level by level, but just a list of suggested places from easiest to hardest. But for now, you have to get started…

First, make a character, give him a cool name, give him max str, dex, and whatever else, as long as you can kill a poring, your fine for now. Once you spent forever killing that poring, with your noobish 165ish aspd, do @go 0, max your basic skills to level 9, talk to the job change NPC, and select mage. (Holy crap, that was so hard.) if you want, you can kill another poring or something, to get a few skills. If you have a 197 aspd rod from your prof or whatever, you can probably add str and level like that for a bit, until you get enough for a fair level of soul strike. Or, you can just change to pure int after you change jobs, but meh, I don’t like this. As for your skills, just read the next section or something.

Leveling: As I explained, this is a chart from easiest to hardest, just head over to the next place when the exp at your current place gets pretty crappy.

@warp prt_fild08 – kill a poring, like I said before
@warp pay_dun00 – max out soul strike here, or melee stuff if you went str.
@warp pay_dun01-03 – with your new, sexy, soul strike, (after you changed to int, not str), you can probably kill stuff effectively, move up to the next level as you gain levels.
@warp orcsdun01 – kill some more stuff with your sexy, fast cast, soul strike. (you should be a wizard by now)
@warp gl_prison – if you’re a wizard, still use soul strike, it’s effective until you get napalm Vulcan, as you aren’t high cast/IC yet.
@warp gld_dun04 – you should be maxing out your dex, remember not to raise it above 150. once you get a pretty fast cast, start using storm gust, JT, and napalm Vulcan, as you should be a somewhat skilled (alt+s, not 1337skillz) high wizard now.
@warp lvl_dun03 – your final leveling spot, monsters can be difficult at times, but you can figure out what spells to use on which monsters. (HD, JT, SG, NV are the most used here)

Stats as you level:
get into to 100ish
max out dex, but only to 150 total, putting spare points into int.
max out your int all the way, 255 base int
add a TON of vit, maybe some str, if you wanna go for long runs, as pots are essential.

Congratulations, your 255 now, ready to start pvping… but not quite yet, you need to build and gear your wizard right, as it is possibly the most important part of pvp.

3: skill set rich/poor

This skill build below is pretty as standard as it gets. Of course, you can make some variations, but there are some requirements that you MUST MUST MUST have:

Jupitel Thunder – 10
Storm Gust – 10
Heaven’s Drive – 10
Sight – 1
Safety wall – 10 (this is highly recommended, but not required)
Stave Crasher – 1
Amplify Magic Power – 10
Heaven’s Drive – 1 (only 1 if you want to de cloak/hide people)
Napalm Vulcan - 5

Increase SP Recovery Level 10
Sight Level 1
Napalm Beat Level 7
Safety Wall Level 10
Soul Strike Level 7
Cold Bolt Level 5
Frost Diver Level 1
Stone Curse Level 1
Fire Ball Level 5
Fire Wall Level 10
Fire Bolt Level 4
Lightning Bolt Level 4
Thunder Storm Level 1
Energy Coat Level 1 Quest Skill
Fire Pillar Level 5
Jupiter Thunder Level 10
Lord of Vermillion Level 10
Water Ball Level 5
Ice Wall Level 1
Storm Gust Level 10
Earth Spike Level 3
Heaven's Drive Level 5
Quagmire Level 5
Monster Property Level 1
Soul Drain Level 10
Magic Crasher Level 1
Amplify Magic Power Level 10
Napalm Vulcan Level 5
Ganbantein Level 1
Sight Blaster Level 1 Quest Skill

The skills listed as quest skills are recommended. Energy coat (a definite must) may be acquired by talking to the skill NPC, located in Prontera, west side of the fountain. As for sight blaster, a damn useful skill against melee-1 cell attackers, can be acquired by doing the hunting quest in Wizard tower (found in Geffen, for you slack-off highraters -_-)

You can go here: to learn how to acquire sight blaster. I would also like to add that I do not like soul drain. This is because it gives you a delay after you kill something. While raiding, that split second that it takes to “collect” the MP from your opponent, anything could happen.

4: gear set: rich

Oh god, how many people have I rated in the forums? The general gearset for rich people, who have a vset, majority of the vset, or like, some super item that isn’t sold on the market is found here. And if you have a vset, but not the fancy LHZ cards, don’t worry, just ignore them.

Upper: Magic eyes – It’s sexy, +10% matk and +3 int, with a few side affects, good for people who can’t get OVHs
Alice Doll – omfg, so sexy for MC, +10% dmg, that’s half a hydra card, and you get a slot.
Old Valkyrie Helmet: +5 dex, and -10% damage from people, what’s not to like?
I like to switch out the 3 main helmets stated here, depending on my situation, like, OVH to defend from asura, alice doll for a killer, etc.

Middle: Dark Blinkers – you get vit, which is more needed than the dex from blinkers (saves you stat points, the kind that you pay to get +1 of a stat)
Cyclops Eye – Gives a bit a dex (more points than what you’d save from dark blinker), and flee isn’t needed for a wizard

Artic Wings - +10 int, and some other stuffs
Icarus Wings – meh, only good if you just wanna defend, say, run away.
Dragon Wings – HELL YEA !! add this with a alice doll, you get another hydra card, and some pretty sexy stat bonuses.

Orc Hero- anti-Jedi, and support WS
ESL – saves you from DW users, and you get some int
Maya Purple - +4 int, pretty nice
Gemini – anti SC, use 2 against snipers and whatnot
High wiz card – lets you see sins. Not really needed for a talented wizard (I never really liked it), but if your facing a crafty sin, or searching for someone, it’s very nice.

I always like to have a ESL on, as it saves you from curse, which will slow you down… a lot. Orc hero, Maya purple, and High wiz can be switched out depending on your situation. If you really want to play defense, you can also use the -20%/-10% from a certain element, but I won’t list those here, as they generally aren’t used.

Valk Armor – Only way to go.

Tao Gunka – Double HP, pretty much your main armor
Ghostring – Champs can’t really kill you unless they can 1 hit you, right?

I don’t really recommend carrying around every elemental armor, as it is too hard to switch around, and your HP would usually be too low, even while linked. But hell, keep a argiope VA in storage, for assassins :\

Rod – always use this while attacking offensively
Main Gauche – can be used for easy switching, EDP dagger, or effects.

I’m not going to state what cards do, as we should already know what they do.

TG Hydra skel doppel rod – your main attack rod for MC
TG hydra sniper doppel rod – IF you have a sniper, you may choose to carry this, or even replace the above rod with it.
Solinx3 doppel rod – main for any spell aside from MC
Thana TG hydra doppel rod – anti paladin/high vit chars
Sinx WS maero doppel MG – EDP/MoT activation
Sinx maero metaling doppel MG – EDP activation, switch to sinx with WS if appropriate
Metalingx3 doppel MG – hell, if your desperate, this is SO handy

Many effect main gauches can be used, implying the maero, metaling, and SK cards.
Otherwise, just be sure to use the right rod with the right form of attack. (don’t MC with your solin rod)
If you want, put a golem on one of your effects MGs, sinx MG especially.

Valkyrie shield – anti-SC, nice reduction too
Guard – if you don’t have a vsheild 

If you have a vsheild, you don’t need a Gemini on your headgear.

Thara – 30% less damage from people. Groovy.
GTB – for other wizards who aren’t as awesome as you.
Maya Purple – meh, if you have a third vshield, carry this around, good for any spell-based class.

If your using guards use all 3, if you have 1 or 2 vshields, don’t bother. They are listed in priority, if you’re wondering.

Garments: (Holy crap I love mufflers)

Muffler - …gives you a slot
Valkyrie Manteau – gives you a slot and some PD

Deviling – anti champ/paladin
Raydric – keep this on for un-elemental people
Myst Case – anti sin, -30% from poison
Noxious - -20% from ranged, use on snipers, as you don’t know their arrow
Dustiness – use against people with DWs, -30% damage
Marse – anti water, -30% damage from water, SG, and many people use frost conv.

If you have enough VMs for all of these, use them. Other wise, use mufflers. You MUST have all of these, they are essential for defense, it will be your #1 multi-purpose defense!

Sleipnir – imo, the sexiest, but Vshuz gives more HP
Vshuz – More HP than sleipnir, and u get a slot. Anti-sleep to boot.
Shoes – if you don’t have either of the 2 above.

Amon Ra – the only way to go, but the auto casting kyrie can be annoying, so having a backup card is sometimes recommended

Nile Rose - +5 all stats, you should have 2 or more of these.

Smokie- lets you hide
Berzebub-reduces cast time for amp.
High Priest card- very useful in some situations, but remember, you already have safety wall.

I like to keep smokie on all the time, as you may need to hide in a split second (literally), if a sin attacks you while your doing whatever. Berze may only put on for amp, however, if you feel uncomfortable with HPc, but still want it, keep berze on. If your really rich, a wikebine may be useful, as it REALLY helps you out.

5: gears: poor

Upper: Magic eyes – It’s sexy, +10% matk and +3 int, with a few side affects, good for people who can’t get OVHs

Pretty much your only headgear, very nice, despite it’s lacking a slot.

Middle: Dark Blinker – Gives you good vit Blinder – gives a bit of dex, and it is easy to obtain

Lower: Artic Wings – nice int Icarus Wings – defensive, if you want to use it

Cards: ESL – good int, saves you from the sith and Dragon Wings users Maya purple - +4 int (woot) Orc Hero – saves you from the jedi. Gemini – anti SC, a must-have vs. snipers (gargoyle wings)

Armor: Cotton Shirts – light weight, as armor doesn’t matter until you get a VA Valk Armor – if you have one, wear it.

Cards: Tao Gunka- Double HP, sexy Ghostring – saves you from champs and paladins Marc – protection against fellow wizards (anti-freeze) ED – no freeze, no SC, and stop poison (triple threat w00t)

Weapon: Rod – best for MC and JT

Cards: TG hydra skel doppel – basic MC TG hydra thana doppel – anti-vit MC Solinx3 doppel – JT spamming rod

Those 3 rods are the only ones you really need. Thana is recommended to get if you have the cash, but if you don’t, you’ll be fine.

Shield: Guard – weighs less than stone bucklers, lawl.

Cards: Thara frog – overall protection, it will save your ass time and time again. GTB – anti-wizard Maya – secondary anti-wizard

The first 2 sheilds are pretty much required, and a maya is nice to have handy for ninjas.

Garments: Muffler – gives you a slot Cards: Deviling – anti champ/paladin Raydric – keep this on for un-elemental people Myst Case – anti sin, -30% from poison Noxious - -20% from ranged, use on snipers, as you don’t know their arrow Dustiness – use against people with DWs, -30% damage Marse – anti water, -30% damage from water, SG, and many people use frost conv.

Mufflers are great, because they provide such good protection. Hell, you’ll probably have the same exact muffler set as a richer person, unless they have 7 VMs. Lol.

Shoes: Shoes – err… gives you a slot?

Cards: Amon ra – kyrie and some stats, very nice Green Ferus - +10% max HP, and 1 vit to boot.

Like I said in the rich person guide, keep a green ferus handy, because kyrie autocast gets annoying at times. Hell, green ferus gives nice hp too.

Accessories: Earring [1] - +2 or 3 int, and you get a slot.

Cards: Smokie - lets you hide Berzebub - reduces cast time for amp. Owl Baron – casts lex on the opponent, good for MC.

Like I said in the rich person guide, keep the smokie on at all times. Owl baron should constantly remain on too, then switch over to berze to amp.

6: stats

Stats are possibly the hardest thing to do while making your wizard, so haha at you. Also, if you didn’t know this, stats may be added by doing /stat+ X You must make it: str agi vit int dex luk, depending on which one you want. You must also have a space ( ) after the + sign for it to work.

To start, get your total dex to 150. make sure that you still acquire 150 dex with your lowest set of gears. For example, don’t set it with a OVH, then switch to magic eyes, as you’ll have 145 dex.

Now, this is easy. Type /int+ 255. woohoo. If you want to, you can set your build to like, 230K HP while linked. (poor people should do 200 or so.) No matter what, have 140K HP while unlinked.

While having nice HP is important to surviving (and tanking champs, if you do a high HP build, you can tank an EDP asura, if you have the right gears.), but you need some decent str to carry pots. I recommend 50+ BASE STR. STR BONUS (+10 str) DOES NOT HELP WEIGHT!! In all honesty, I did it so I had 6,000 total weight, I had more than 100 base str.

You may want to experiment with your str-vit ratio, depending on what you like best. Or, you could base your weight around how much you want to carry. For example, reset, get 255 str, put in a fair amount of pots and everything, gears included. Now, go reset, and raise your str until you have 89% weight, as this method makes the best use of your weight capacity.

7: strategies

This section shows you how to deal with certain classes. It’s pretty simple, and I’m not going to write every trick I know here, but you should come out knowing something more.

Vs. LK A good LK will put on a 1h sword, and a GTB or maya. You can SG if they have maya, or just spam JT on them if they use GTB. Idiots, who frenzy, even with a GTB, will die, as they can’t pot, just spam JT on them. Make sure to keep LKs away from you, as frenzy’d ones do a TON of damage. MC is also an option if they are high vit, but parrying is effective vs that method, and you need to use JT occasionally, to push them away.

Vs. Paladin These guys are hard. If you have thana MC, and they don’t have an anti-thana, wup their ass. Thana MC, then switching to normal MC when their anti thana activates also works. Make sure to keep them away, their grandsac is deadly. Put on a devi+GTB, if they grandsac. Or a GR+devi+thara if they’re puresac. If you choose to MC, never put on anything but tao, as reflect shield will own you.

Vs. Sniper Make sure to have 2 geminis or a vshield on, as their stone curse from gargoyle wings will own you. (If they don’t, feel free to put on something else, like, a ESL or maya purple.) just JT them to hell, as they don’t have a shield, and if they DO use a shield, they can’t attack you.

Vs. Clown Oh god. Their green song will kill your JT spam, so you have to stay away at all costs. Clowns are super powered (I would know!) as they get sickening attack, along with your enemy, the GTB or maya card. Their sweet flee also may dodge your MC. If they appear to be a vit clown or something, try to thana MC them. Otherwise, use JT and SG as needed. Watch out for skilled clowns who string AVs, as a single thana AV chain will probably one hit you. Also, make sure to have noxious on, as you don’t know their arrow-type.

Vs. Prof Make sure to have a GTB on until they’re meleeing you, then switch to maya. You need GTB to block dispel, and maya to set off a fireworks show when they auto spell on you. If they’re using bolts the same element as you have a muffler or w/e for, be sure to put it on. Aside from that, MC them when they’re attacking you, as they’re receiving their own spells, in addition to your smexy MC. Don’t JT, as that pushes them away, and they’ll start dispelling or something. Remember that Heaven’s Drive breaks their web, so it can be useful to escape from their web at times.

Vs. Wizard You must have your GTB or maya on, as… figure it out -_-. (not to mention it blocks quagmire.) JT and SG at will. Thana MC is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE here, just look at your own build. Just try to anticipate the next move the wizard will make, but don’t do anything too risky.

Vs. Whitesmith There is one thing you must know here: Don’t let them attack you. Not having any weapons sucks. JT them into a wall, they may have high vit, so try both MC types. Firewall is good to keep them back, as they only have throw tomahawk as a ranger attack, but this can still break, so if you see one using throw tomahawk (which you probably won’t, as far as I know, only 2 people used it on the whole server, including myself.) proceed with caution.

Vs. Creator Their potion pitcher heals a ton of HP, so they’re a real ass to kill. Keep a GR+devi on, as acid demo will do massive damage to you. (high vit) thana MC or normal MC works, some may use anti-thana. SG+JT is effective…quagmire if they’re using maya. (gives Ademo a cast time, I believe.)

Vs. Sinx Keep sight up, and sight blaster if you have it. Once you SG them, don’t let them run off. A pro wizard should be able to anticipate a sinx’s movements while cloaked (I do it with about 90% efficiency.) they can be real killer if they keep both daggers on, but if you can surprise them with a JT burst when they have no shield… :P slap on any anti-poison you have if you saw them use EP (aside from ED, but it can still be used vs sins)

Vs. Stalker These nabs are real badasses. They utilize both a shield and a bow. If you get stripped, run away, as your dead now. If you see them try to strip you, use 2-3 JTs on them, as they may be using a maya. YOU HAVE TO KEEP THEM AWAY. Also, look for their footprints, if you see them use tunnel drive, keep up sight, and spam HD. Vs. Champion Lol, champs. If you have the right anti-champ gearset, you can tank an asura with ease. (hell, I tank EDP asuras <_<) just make sure to keep them from meleeing you, strip armor will own you >_<!! Aside from that, thana MC or JT spam will work here. Obviously, normal MC will also work, depending on their vit level.

Vs. High Priest Remember that skill Ganbantein? This is where you use it. I know they have a beastly reflect, so watch out for reflect from your thana MC (they have DAMN high vit). If they run away into a bascilla, cast quagmire over them, then Ganbantein. This may cut their cast time, remove their bascilla, and give you time to attack them again.

Vs. Gunslinger Don’t let them get close, desperado KILLS!! Bullet shower can also be badass. Remember they can strip your weapon, so be careful. Luckily, they don’t wear shields, so a quick JT spam should be effective here.

Vs. Sith Make sure you have an ESL, force storm’s curse will mess you up. Eliminate the clone, or keep your eyes fixed on the real one, and it should be easy. They don’t normally wear shields, but if they do, simply revert to MC. SG is effective to scamble them, and give you time to move. Force drain/choke can be hard here, just keep them out of range.

Vs. Jedi Get a orc hero, cuz Stun hurts like hell. No matter what, keep them out of range, as the stun from force lightning gives them an opportunity to kill you. Pretty much the same as siths, but they can cloak, so SG/HD is a must here.