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Description: This is the build you would most likely see. It is very common among Sniper Classes. It gives a good amount of Attack Speed, good enough flee and a decent amount of damage. This build can be used by anyone. If this build will be used properly and all its skills are use to its full potential it can be a very deadly force against enemies.

Stats: Str - 1
Agi - 90
Dex - Max it but make sure the ending stats are divisible by ten.
Int - 20
Vit - 1
Luk - Put everything else in here.

Stat Reasoning: We keep Str and vit at 1 since we don't use melee attacks and were going to use flee and not defense. Luk is used to make your auto-blitz trigger. Dex is maxed to optimize the damage. Int is kept at 20 to give a decent amount of SP and a decent damage for auto-blitz. Agi is put at 90 since it will give a good enough flee and decent attack speed rate.

Skills: All Archer skills are suppose to be maxed, all Hunter skill are maxed except trap skills, Ankle Snare (the only trap you will use), All Sniper Skills must be maxed except Sharp Shooting.
Skill Reasoning All Archer Skills are maxed because they will all be used in the long run even Arrow Shower. All Hunter Skills are maxed since It will all be needed even Beast Bane. Ankle Snare is taken to stop opponents from getting close to you. All Sniper Skills are taken because they will buff you up to your maximum potential. Other traps are not taken since they are not as useful as Ankle Snare.

Equipment: Apple of Archer, Binoculars, Hard Tights, +10 Double Bloody Double Boned Composite Bow, Mocking Muffler, Fledged Boots and 2x Nimble Gloves. The plus upgrades on the armors are up to you.

Equipment Reasoning: +10 Double Bloody Double Boned Composite Bow, Apple of Archer, Binoculars, Tights and the Nimble Gloves are for damage. Mocking Muffler is used for flee. Fledged Boots and Hard Tights are used for HP.

Strategy: First of all use all your self buff skills. Then, use awakening potions. If you see the target try to identify its element then use the appropriate arrow. Finally, just attack the enemy normally if you feel the need for more damage use Double Strafe.

PvP Strategy: Lord Knight/Knight - Trap him/her first then Double Strafe away. They're pretty tough so don't be surprised if they don't die so fast. Watch out for their berserk skill they can kill you in a matter of seconds if they are in the berserk state. Just keep your distance and keep attacking.

Paladin/Crusader - Fight these guys the same way you would fight a Lord Knight/Knight. Don't be surprised if they survive longer than a Lord Knight/Knight. Why? They have this skill Defender which blocks a huge amount of ranged attacks. Also they have a skill that can completely block an attack.

Sniper/Hunter - These guys are your own kind. Just Double Strafe him/her.

Clown/Bard/Dancer/Gypsy - Fight them the same way you would fight a Sniper/Hunter. Just Double Strafe them.

Champion/Monk - Avoid getting into a fight with these guys because they have the one skill that can counter you and that is Pneuma. Pneuma has the power to make all ranged attacks miss so in a nutshell this skill screws you. Avoid fighting these guys no matter what.

Priest/High Priest - They are the only peace makers left in the so don't try to attack them. Just ask for a buff or two and be sure to say thank you.

Whitesmith/Blacksmith - Trap them then Double Strafe them and watch out for their Hammer Fall, the stun really hurts. It takes away your flee making you vulnerable to everything and it also stops you from moving pinning you down to where you are.

Creator/Alchemist - They can be pretty annoying because they have a special pet called humonculus. These things will attack anything that harms their master. Trap the humoculus then just Double Strafe away on the Creators. Creators will usually use Acid Bomb and if that happens run and trap them. When that is done go a certain distance. Once you are out of the Acid Bombs range just attack away on them.

Assassin Cross/Assassin - Use normal attack on these guys. They usually cloak and attacking fast is the only thing that would keep them from using that. Just keep using detect and when they reveal use normal attacks on them. If they walking around and they are not cloaked immediately use Double Strafe on them.

Stalker/Rogue - Fight them the same way you would fight an Assassin Cross. If they use Chase Walk you would be able to see their foot steps. If they decide to use Chase Walk use Arrow Shower to reveal them.

Wizard - Just avoid their AoE spells then attack them that's all I could say.

Professor - Use Double Strafe against these guys and don't worry of you get Spider Webbed you have the element of range on your side.

Ninja - Just attack them no matter what happens. Even if they use Cicada Skin Shed it won't trouble you so much since you are a ranged attacker so don't worry too much.

Gunslinger - Just use Double Strafe at them till they die.

Star Gladiator - Use Double Strafe because they have a skill that can get close to you immediately and that skill is Flying Kick. Don't let them take away your range since it is the one thing you sure are good at. Also if they do get close you they might take away your SP because of their heat skill and they have a pretty strong attack if they are using the Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union Skill.

Soul Linker - They are also another peace maker in the game. They can't fight in PvP so ask for a Soul Link instead of attacking them.