DS type Stalker with a high Perfect Dodge

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DS type build:


str: -- + -- = 50 agi: just enough to get 197 atspd. w/ increase agi and potions. vit: 120 is enough to get like 170k HP - 180k int: 99. for amon ra to effect dex: 2--+-- = divisible by 10 Dex is for damage and it also affects ur stripping chance. luk: 1--+-- = divisible by 10 luk affects ur stripping. so we put a little luk for strip chance and PD.

Equips for rich:

Head: Travelers Hat [1], Valkyrie Helm [1] , Blinker [1]... cards: ESL, Gemeni, Orc lord, Grand peco Wings: Icarus Wings, BB wings, WB wings. Armor: Valkyrie Armor [1], +10 Mink Coat Cards: Tao Gunka (for higher HP. yet lower defense), GhostRing ( decrease neutral damage ea: Sacrifice & Asura Strike) Weapon:(2) +10 ica bow [3] cards : 2tg 1 hydra: 1TG 1hydra 1thana. (2) +10 composite bow [4] cards: Lord of death, LOD, sk , WS card. +10 composite Bow SINXc , thana, tg, tg Garment: +10 Morrigane Manteau, Valkyrie Manteu [1] card: Choco +10 Muffler card: Deviling Shoes: Valkyrie Shoes [1] Cards: Wild Rose Card. Accessory: Nile Rose [1] Yoyo, Nile Rose [1] Yoyo, Nile Rose [Owl Duke], Nile Rose [1] High Priest Card.

Self Items to be Used: Box of Resentment, Aloevera

Credits to : abercombie