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Job Base: Swordsman
Job Type: 2nd Job 2-2
Max Base level: 255
Max Job level: 50
Job Change: Job Master
Max Base level: 99
Max Job level: 50
Job Change: {{{pie-change}}}

Back Story

Crusader is the counterpart of the Knight, coming after the Swordman. Crusaders are sworn to protect their partymates and the holy church. Their main build is for defense rather than offense. Most of their skills are Holy Property due to the Crusaders' devotion and faith to the church. Unlike Knights, Crusaders are more suited to the role of tanker because of their high defense and shield-based defensive skills. They is usually equipped with a shield and a one handed weapon. Their build is often INT-based, using Grand Cross and other such Holy Property skills to deal great amounts of damage. VIT is very important to them because it raises their HP, which they need plenty of to support and tank.


Job Quest

First of all you must be a swordsman with atleast job level 40. Talk to the job changer and change your job.

In standard ragnarok, you must go to the prontera castle and talk to the crusader leader. Follow what he tells you and after you finish his quest, he will change your job into a crusader.


Skills Type Levels Short description
Al dp.gif Divine Protection Passive 10 Reduces damage from Undead property and Demon family.
Al demonbane.gif Demon Bane Passive 10 Increases damage against Undead property and Demon monsters.
Al heal.gif Heal Active 10 Heals a target's HP.
Al cure.gif Cure Active 1 Cures Blind, Confusion and Silence.
Kn spearmastery.gif Spear Mastery Passive 10 Increases damage with all Spears.
Kn riding.gif Riding Passive 1 This skill allows the character to ride a Peco Peco.
Kn cavaliermastery.gif Cavalry Mastery Passive 5 Helps return weapon swinging speed to normal while riding a Peco Peco.
Trust.gif Faith Passive 10 Increases Maximum HP by 200 and Resistance to Holy attacks.
Auto.gif Auto Guard Supportive 10 Gives you the ability to completely block attacks.
Chrge.gif Shield Charge Passive 5 Hits enemy with shield with knock back.
Boom.gif Shield Boomerang Passive 5 Throw shield at enemy.
Ref.gif Reflect Shieldl Active 10 Returns some damage dealt to you back to the enemy.
Holy.gif Holy Cross Active 10 Hit an enemy with a cross shaped, strong, holy element attack.
Gcr.gif Grand Cross Offensive 10 Do holy element, cross shaped, splash attacks with area effect centered on yourself.
Devo.gif Devotion Support 5 Protect party members by taking the full damage that they are receiving.
Prov.gif Providence Support 5 Increase DEF against holy and demon type attacks.
Def.gif Defender Support 5 Decreases the ATK of ranged attacks against the caster.
Spear.gif Spear Quicken Supportive 10 Increases attack speed of two-handed spear weapons.

Stats bonuses

Str +9

Agi +8

Vit +10

Int +7

Dex +8

Luk +3

Talisman in Force

Effect: Soullinks to Crusaders and Paladins, increasing the damage of Smite by 300% with a bonus of 100 HIT. Therefore at level 5, damage will be 500% ATK instead of 200%. It will also increase the damage of Shield Chain by 150% and add a HIT bonus of 50.

<~ Information for Talisman Effect

Platinum Skill

Cr shrink.gif Shrink

NPC: Ford

Where: Found to the left out side of Geffen Tower.

Coordinates: Geffen 110 118

Item: Red Potion x1
Sticky Mucus x20
Empty Bottle x3
Jellopy x5
Unripe apple x1
Grape x1
Coal x1
Cyfar x3

Description: Give him the items and he will teach you the skill. He will roll a dice, if you lose, he will not teach you the skill. In that case, you will need to bring him another set of items for another chance. The chance of winning is 1 out of 6.

Effect: This skill activates when used and deactivates if used again or the duration expires. If you successfully defend using Auto Guard, there is a (5*Auto Guard LV)% chance to push the defended enemy 2 cells away.

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Just like an Acolyte, the best place to level a Crusader is at Glast Heim. Monsters in that dungeon are all of the Demon and Undead types/properties. A Crusader's Holy Property skills will be effective against them. Fight monsters at that dungeon until it increases your level.