Assassin Cross

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Assassin Cross

J4013 m skill.gif

Job Base: Assassin
Job Type: Transcended 2-1
Max Base level: 255
Max Job level: 100
Job Change: Job Master, Yuno
Max Base level: 99
Max Job level: 70
Job Change: Yuno

Back Story

The Assassin Cross is the transcendent version of the original Assassin. Retaining their old abilities since they were Assassins, The Assassin Cross gain new skills, being able to amplify their own damage by endowing themselves with poison and utilize techniques that can attack a small radius around the attacker. Being more lethal than their Assassin counterpart, they are feared for their ability to deal high damage to those who disrupt the balance of the world. They are also considered a valued asset to any guild, being one of the most popular and powerful Emperium breakers in the game.

Job Quest

  • Note that on Force, you may talk directly to the Job Master to change into an Assassin Cross once you meet the requirements. But the job quest is still available on Force for anyone willing to choose this path instead.
  • The job quest on both Pie and Force can be summarized as follows:
    1. You need to look for a book called "The Book of Ymir" located in "Sage Castle" in Juno.
    2. After you follow the necessary steps, that book will bring you to Odin's Hall: Valhalla.
    3. Once there, you will be able to talk to your Job NPC and change into an Assassin Cross if you meet the prerequisites:
      • You must be a transcendent 1st class character.
      • You must be at least job level 40.


This is a list of skills only accessible after becoming Assassin Cross. More basic skills can be found in the Assassin class description page.

Skills Type Levels Short description
Asc katar.gif Advanced Katar Mastery Passive 5 Increases damage done with a Katar.
Asc edp.gif Enchant Deadly Poison Active 5 Uses up a Poison Bottle to enchant your weapon and increase Atk power.
Skill Soul Breaker.gif Soul Breaker Offensive 10 Attack that causes severe damage to low-DEF targets.
Asc meteorassault.gif Meteor Assault Offensive 10 Area of Effect attack that can cause random status ailments.
Asc cdp.gif Create Deadly Poison Active 1 Ability to create Poison Bottles.

Stats bonuses

Those are the stats bonuses you receive as you increase your base level. The table shows the total number of each of the stats after reaching the max level.

Force +9 +15 +3 +0 +10 +8
Pie +9 +15 +3 +0 +10 +8

Talisman in Force

Effect: Soul linked Assassins and Assassin Cross' get a boost in their damage for Throw Venom Knife by 100%

Custom modifications


  • Using Enchant Deadly Poison (EDP) at any of the last 2 levels will result in a loss of ASPD as follows if the user has a maximum ASPD of 197:
    • EDP at level 5 will result in -2 ASPD reduction.
    • EDP at level 4 will result in -1 ASPD reduction.
    • EDP at level 3 and below will result in no ASPD reduction.
  • There is a 1 second after delay to Back Sliding.
  • Advanced Katar Mastery at max level gives +50% more damage when wielding a Katar.


How to make Poison Bottle

I made this guide, because away for some it can seem I obviate, for many it is a doubt. Firstly to create Poison Bottle you will need Skill Create Deadly Poison lvl 1, but before he/she will need the following items:

After he/she catches all, you will get to do a bottle. But I always advise you to catch 100 units of each. Because for your chances they increase and you to fail much less or until you not to fail will need to change your build. You will need a lot of patience to get the items, because the chance of drop of Karvodailnirol is low. You have two good options to get him/it:

I advise you drop of Remover, therefore the chance is larger same tends less than Poison Spore. For who doesn't know, to Remover is locates in lhz_dun01 in more amount.


after drop all the items in the amount of bottles that wants to do (how i said previously, I advise 100 or more) you will need to change your items to increase your success chances a lot. In case you have, place a Lord Kaho's Horn and many equipments that give you Luck and place your status with 99 of dexterity and 99 of luck and place what to remain in intelligence (in case they please have better build they place) and you will then be able to make a great amount of bottles to kill, to kill and to kill in the War Good luck;)

Common builds



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