Assasin Cross Build

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Assassin Cross Build

I am here to share some of my builds for Assassin Cross. It may not be the "Best" but it surely kills.(xD)
Assassin Cross is the most dangerous character in ragnarok world.
It also has amazing skills that supports and enhance his ability to pawn.
From Cloak to Hide, followed by Enchant Poison and Poison React. He also owns the most Deadly skill, Enchant Deadly Poison .
This skills makes us, fellow assassin cross, to be more dangerous and be more protected from our opponent.

SinX Dex-Type:

Str 245-255 (It depends on what bonus stat on str that you have. But Im suggesting you to make it divisble by 10.)
Agi (Until it makes your ASPD 196)
Vit 130+ (Tip: Make your Hit points atleast 200k)
Int 1
Dex 143 (it will be exactly 525 hit rate if you are using 2pcs nile rose, Vhelm, Varmor)
Luk 1+19

  • This Stat-Build is for player who has 2pcs niles, Varmor, Vhelm. (no LHz Card)

SinX Dex-Type (w/ LHz Cards)

Str 245-255 (It depends on what bonus stat on str that you have. But Im suggesting you to make it divisble by 10.)
Agi (Until it makes your ASPD 196)
Vit 180+ (This Stat-Build has more or less 300k Hit Points)
Int 1
Dex 33 (Using Sniper Card it will make your hit rate perfect. I just added some dex to increase attack rate up to 1200.)
Luk 1+19

  • This Stat-Build is Powerful. Your Hit Points is enough to kill a PD-type SinX.


  • Headgear(Upper)

Headprotector Of Fire[1]
Headprotector Of Sound[1]
Alice Doll[1]
PooPoo Hat
Valkyrie Helm[1]
Hokage Hat[1]

  • Headgear(Mid)

Angel Wing Ears[1]
Evil Wing Ears[1]

  • Wings(headgear Lower)

Gargoyle Wings
Icarus Wings
Dragon Wings

  • Weapons

Main Gauche[4] (+10 for better damage)

  • Armor

Valkyrie Armor[1]

  • Garment

Valkyrie's Mantheau[1]

  • Shoes

Valkyrie's Shoes[1]
Unknown/Named Sleipnir

  • Accesories

Nile Rose[1]


  • Headgear

Permeter card
Orc Hero card
Leaf Cat card
Grand Peco card
Deviruchi Card
Leib Olmai Card
Lord Knight card

  • Armor

Tao Gunka card
Ghostring Card
Angeling Card
Evil Druid Card
Garm Card

  • Weapons

Turtle General card
Hydra Card
Skel Worker card
Thanatos card
Sniper card
Whitesmith Card

  • Garment

Raydric Card
Choco Card
Deviling Card
Giant Whisper Card

  • Shoes

Green Ferus Card
Amon Ra card
Antique Firelock card (Must use +9/+10 Valkyrie's shoes or Ordinary to take effect)
Matyr card

  • Accesories

Yoyo card
Mantis card
Owl Baron card
Owl Duke card

PD-type SinX

Str 245-255 (Makes your str divisible by 10)
Agi (until it reach 196 ASPD. It will be lesser, because i suggest to use doppelganger card)
Vit 130+ (No need for high hit points, we will dodge them. xD)
Int 1
Dex 143
Luk 111+19 (It will make your Perfect Dodge like more than 60)

  • This Build is for player who have Nilerose, Varmor, Travel Hat or VHelm.

I suggest to use Torn Wings to gain additional PD aside from your Base PD(LUK).
This enables Crit Damage as well but you will see that this build is not crit-based build, you will depend for your hit rate still.