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Posted 14 September 2007 - 09:08 PM

I. Description

This part of the forum will contain main sources of information regarding major or minor important projects we are or will be working on to improve DarkRO and/or its general organization and structure.

The idea is to keep track of each important project we are working on (or plan to start) and see how far we are to their completions (or mention whether they've been implemented successfully). Eventual deadlines may be given as well as the progress situation on each of the steps to undertake to finish the projects (labeled as "Tasks").

Those projects topics are mostly useful for reference purposes but can also be used to discuss a particular project using feedbacks from the community.

II. Formatting

Each "main" project topic will be labeled following this format:

P<number>] Project title. ("P" stands for "Project")

Example: P1] Implementing the DarkRO Constitution

It is possible to have Sub-Projects to main projects.

In such a case, we will use the following format instead:

SP<number1>.<sub_number2>] Sub-Project title. ("SP" stands for "Sub-Project" and "number1" refers to the main project's number)

Example: SP1.1] Nominating the judges
Example 2: SP1.2] Hiring committee members

Those notations and standard formats will make searching those projects and referring to them much easier since we're handling everything in terms of codes/ID.

III. User rights

Only Admins, GMs, Global Mods and Senate members may create topics in this section. However, anyone can reply to any of them (unless they are closed of course).

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