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Announcement: Western Union Permanent

Posted by Matias


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So after almost two months we've decided to set Western Union to work permanently (Or at least until required otherwise <img src='http://dark-ro.net/f...IR#>/tongue.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':P' />)

While Western Union still has some down sides like proccessing speed (Could take up to one week before the donation is proccessed), fees arent really good (They have a base fee which you have to pay completely aside from the amount), we've really thought about it and thought it'd be worth giving it a shot.

So what do you need to do.

1.- Goto to www.xe.com/ucc and find out how is the exchange rate for your currency in dollars (Remember prices are in dollars so if for example you send us 2000 Phillipines Pesos it'll be 42 dollars est.) so you need to make sure you're sending the right amount
2.- Go to any nearby Agent Location.
3.- Fill in the required information. Not exactly sure what'd they require, but from when I called there is a basic set of info they might need.

Receivers Information.

Name: Matias Andres Scardia Walker
Address: Camino del Faldeo 3083 (Do not attempt to send letters, bombs, anthrax, cigarrettes or anything cos its not where I live <img src='http://dark-ro.net/f...IR#>/tongue.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':P' />)
City: Santiago
Country: Chile
Relationship: Friend

4.- You'll also have to fill the information with yours (Name, Address, etc)
5.- Once you've successfully sent the money you'll receive a receipt with a MTCN or Control number. Once you have this you'll send a mail to donate@dark-ro.net with the following information

Name: Your Real Name
Address: Your address
Location: Your City/Country
Donations Amount: How much money you sent us in USD.
Transaction Date: Date in which you sent the money
MTCN/Control Number: The control number. Keep it safe as its the only confirmation of your donation (Much like the TXNID from Paypal)
Donations Account Email: The email you registered your donations account with.

6.- Once we've received your email and collected the money (Which could take up to a week) we'll add the corresponding donation points to your donate account which you'll have to register under your email

Remember a few things:
* WU has fees which we can't do anything about, perhaps it'd be a good idea if you could team up with one or two friends interested in donating (People who you really trust a lot so they dont scam you) and make one donation and split the fees among your friends, as WU has base fees which you'll have to pay no matter how much you send it could be a bit expensive for just one person, thats up to you. We cant be held responsible if your friend sends money in your name and doesnt give you the items later.
* Proccessing the donations might take up to a week, as I wont be going everyday to WU to collect the money, this would depend on the amount of donations we receive.
* This will last for one month as a test run, while at the end of Febraury we'll evaluate how did this work and deciide wether or not we'll be making it permanent.
* As always, while we do give incentives to people who donate as a token of appreciation for their interest into helping the server stay up, you are NOT BUYING items.

If you'd like to see the topic where discussion would take place, click here

Greetings <img src='http://dark-ro.net/f...DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />