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#1333223 [Sep 4Th, 2014] Unexpected Downtime

Posted by Matias on 04 September 2014 - 07:41 PM

Hello everyone.


As you might've noticed the server has been down for a few hours now, the same occured yesterday. This is because the server has been facing a DDoS attack for which our current hosting was not prepared. 

We've been discussing with our hosting possible solutions to mitigate the attack and we've come down to a couple of options, however, to deploy the possibilities we will be needing a couple of days, which means the server will be down for at least 2-3 days. 


We're extremely sorry for this and we will be looking forward to get this over with asap so we can all enjoy the fun of DarkRO again.


Also, we will take this opportunity to update the server and have it ready by the time it comes back, the upcoming update will be a huge thing, bringing a lot of changes, we've also been working on making a few changes to standarize the updates proccess from now on, reducing the amount of possible bugs as much as possible for big updates, however, as this is the first time we'll be implementing this, we will be expecting a few bugs (The update is rather big: Client Files and Server files were restructured).

We will also be planning a few things to compensate our players for the downtime, so stay tuned to have a blast once the server comes back on!


In the meantime, we invite you to browse our forums, check out the <a href="http://www.dark-ro.n...-and-feedbacks/">Ideas and Feedback section</a> and support/comment some of the posted ideas or simply suggest a new one! We're always looking for ways to make the server more fun!

Or join us @ <a href="https://www.facebook...l">Facebook</a>


All status updates will be posted on this topic



--- Update


Things are taking a bit longer than I'd have hoped for and expected. 

Right now we're evaluating the possibility of setting up a temporary open test server where you guys will be able to play with some of the new revamped items to give us your feedback and not grow utterly bored until this is settled.

As of right now I expect the official server to be back in about three days.



---- Update 2 (Tuesday 9th)


Hello guys,

I know you've all been eager to get the server back up and so have we. 

We're sorting out a few issues but I expect the server to be back tomorrow (or the day after in worst case scenario)

Sometime today the forums will be backed up and while they will continue to work, they will eventually get rolled back (I'll prolly make a post right before we set a rollback point)

I'll try my best to make the forums rollback as minimum as possible (SERVER WILL -SHOULD- NOT BE ROLLED BACK)


---- Update 3 (Wednesday 10th 16.42)


Hello guys.

We're setting a backup/rollback point from this moment on everything web-based (Forums, Website, CP, Wiki, etc)

From this moment on, we do expect the forums/website to be unreachable at some point. This is completely normal and expected. 

Depending on how things go, we might be able to set a lower rollback point for the forums, but be aware that its not likely to occur. 


---- Update 5 (Update 4 got deleted)

We will start rolling the updates client side soon, which means you'll need to run the Updater.

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#1365142 Calling out all.

Posted by Stockholml on 05 June 2016 - 07:24 PM

You lack way too much information my friend.


GMs have always nuked (PK on or off) people to mess around. That's nothing new. If someone's butthurt from it, he/she can very well directly refer to Matias and claim I "Power Abused". A report shouln't be made at all, but rather a direct statement to Matias. That's why I closed the topic.


I am indeed the Force Events GM, but I am a GM. I noticed a scary level of inactivity from most of the staff, specially the SnO section (since Teo is almost as inactive as Matias). I could only see reports stacking up the RA section, until I decided to take over it. ZssaGau used to do the same. Kagamine Rin used to do the same. What's the difference? I'm actually hunting cheaters down and it scares you. I've neutralized 3 power abusing staffs in the past month. I'm being more considerable in most of the RA cases than previous GMs. And I'm chasing down bug/power abusers.


By the way, Teken's ban has been reduced to only a few more days. What mostly got your friends banned, was the unauthorized use of a staff account, as well as bug abusing. Clearly, you have no clue what's going around.


Now better step down from that bigotry of yours and self-proclaim yourself God and know-it-all.

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#1280910 Forum Update!

Posted by Kilik on 28 May 2013 - 12:56 AM

Well as many of you know, DarkRO is going through some big changes :D I'll list here some changes that were done to the forum. More will be added in the future (as Im still discussing them with Matias)



1. Forum has been updated to the latest version 


2. New Theme called DarkRO - Pie. Check it out :)


3. Multi-forum mask displayer


4. Im bringing in the Reputation System.  Give your positive feedback by clicking the "Like This" button located on the post!!


5. Shoutbox updates



More goodies to come =)




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#1360129 [Force] Untradable LHZ4 cards

Posted by Matias on 24 November 2015 - 08:46 PM

Hello everyone.


As I recently informed ingame, all Biolab (Lighthalzen Dungeons Level 3 and 4) MVP cards  have been changed to untradable in order to try to fix the issues caused by the Wolfchev instance which went unreported for so long, feeding way too many cards into the server, breaking the balance and the economy. 


So, we had a couple of options

1.- Delete LHZ3/LHZ4 cards involved in the incident, which means anyone who bought them would lose their money.

2.- Rollback to sometime around the second week of October, which would be unfair to all players.

3.- Manually undo the deals.


While discussed with the Staff, we've decided to manually undo the deals, since this will be the fairest option towards all. Nevertheless this will be a huge undertaken and might take from a couple of days to a week or so. And as a manually handled procedure it could be pront to issues (Skipping cards or non tracing a particular deal), we will do our best to be a thorough as possible, however no "undos" will be considered once we're done. (If we forgot to delete a card, or if we forgot to give you back what you traded, we wont do it again, since that will mess the entire tracing log).

Please bare with us for the next days until we can finish dealing with this issue. 


This issue involves  13 players and while punishment has not been decided yet (While this is a kRO quest, it also allowed breaking the economy and the ingame balance, much like Bossnia did at some point), they've been clearly identified.


Update 1 We've finally identified the deals, while the data needs to be updated regarding movements today we've identified about 1300 deals that will need to be undone, for this we will need to take the server down for a couple of hours. I'll update this topic as we make progress on this task. 

I've scartched the previous information as it was not true, there were some deals unaccounted for which broke the data traced and will need to be reviewed again, since it pretty much increased the amount of data from 1300 to 5800 entries.


Update 2

Its been a while since I last updated you on the issue, while not optimal there wasnt much to update either, I've been working for the past weeks on trying to get accurate data for the trades and I had nothing close to an ETA, reason why I havnt updated this thread to not raise false hopes as I did before.

In any case, whil I still have no definitive ETA, I am hoping sometime between tomorrow and next sunday, depending on the progress.

So far I already have traced all the items obtained, all the trades and all the items resulting from the trades, whats been holding me back for a few days, thoughgetting close, is the fact that some people tried to avoid losing items by dropping/vending/gstoraging them, which makes tracing slightly more time-consuming. 

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#1355117 Regarding Today's WoE

Posted by Matias on 19 July 2015 - 10:40 PM

Hello everyone,


I'd like to explain a bit what happened today. 


The server runs a lot of checks periodically, one of those checks is done on the HDD's on Sunday (today, at around 10.00), normally those checks pass by without noticing since nothing requires further actions. So far we've passed 218 days without issues, however, today the check encountered some bad sectors and had to run a deep check/fix (Think of it as Windows's chkdisk). 


Due to the above, the check on the HDDs took over 7 hours and it couldn't be cancelled. Since WoE brings the most players the load on the server was above other times and thus, during WoE the lag and disconnections were severe.


While this was brought to my attention around mid-WoE, the issue wasn't discovered until late WoE (about 20 minutes before it ended). With the Staff we discussed the possibility of extending WoE's time, however, with most of it already gone by (It'd be a unkind to announce this a few minutes before WoE ended), and considering that for at least half the people, it takes place late at night, we decided to not extend WoE. 


So, there goes the explanation regarding what occurred today. We shouldn't experience similar issues in the near-future. 


As a side note, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you about a couple of points (Since I haven't written anything lately I haven't had the chance! :P)


Recruitmentis constantly open and we're constantly looking for new members who wish to join our Staff, you can check out the openings on our Recruitment Forum where you can apply to open positions, given you comply with the minimum requirements.

I'd like to take remark the Designers Recruitment thread, as we've been actively looking for designers to join our Staff and help out with several projects (Client Skin/buttons, Website Banners/images, Sprites, etc), so if you think you are good with images, do apply!


DarkRO was one of the best servers back then because we kept doing things other servers didn't, we were the first to implement a serie of features that no other server had, thus making us unique. Those features are created based on player's suggestions and we're constantly looking for new bright ideas to make us stand out from other servers in order to attract new players, so I invite you all to check out our Ideas and Feedback forum to propose new features, content, functions, commands, events, etc. Thats one way to help us get more players!


Finally, a server filled with bugs is no good server to play on, we do have our Testers team which helps us find out a lot of bugs and refine new implementations, however, when more people use a feature, its more prone to error and to figure out bugs. Thats why you're a key part on helping us fix bugs and improve the gaming experience. I invite you all to report any bugs you find on our Bugs Report section and help us make a bug-free server (as much as possible :P). This involves from the simple to the complex, from Skill descriptions, to missing sprites or wrong calculations on skills. If you don't report it the chances of us finding out are a lot lower, ergo things remain broken for a much longer period of time!



Thank you for playing with us!



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#1321545 Gm's, Sno, Staff's You Dont Care To This Server Anymore..

Posted by Kilik on 10 May 2014 - 03:22 AM

You can leave.




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#1310659 January 7, 2014 Updates

Posted by Kagamine Rin on 07 January 2014 - 10:10 PM


  • Removed Christmas theme on towns
  • Removed Christmas Invasions
  • x2 THQ and Invasion has started today and will last for 1 week (Prize for 100 share and likes, if 200 was achieved x3 would have been given).*

*Matias could be lying to me when he said he has done the x2 thq and invasion points. So don't rage but if it isn't happening we will make it happen by nagging him.


Please don't forget to run your patchers before starting the game, also please bear in mind to at least update your kRO Renewal once a month to prevent bugs.

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#1281727 Website Update ~

Posted by Matias on 29 May 2013 - 06:28 AM

O EM GEE (Mind you how over stressed I am at this point and how much extra work I had to get this out!)


Yes, I finally finished with everything, at least with what was needed to release the new website~


~ Introduction


Ok, so we've had the old website for a really long time (Its been nearly 6 years with the same website X_x) and despite the MANY efforts to update it, there used to be a lot of dislike for the designs (Yes, I made about 7 different websites, all almost fully working), however about a year ago I stopped making websites for Force as I pretty much got tired of making them -_-'. However a while ago Maurice told me he was working on a layout for a new Website and we started off from there (Kudos to him! And thats a proof he isnt death as some people think :P. He still cares about us deeply <3)


Firstly, I'd like to mention that this is the main structure, there is quiet a lot I am not really happy about design wise and color-wise, which will be worked through time and thanks to your feedback! So please, do give us feedback on how to improve it. 

We got ourselves a designer for the banners and images not too long ago (Barely 2 weeks) and while he has a job, he has still been given us as much time as he can and has been working almost none stop on some of the images. So, we're still missing a few but those will be worked on during the next few days. Kudos to Yura/Xyaru for helping us with the images and all the work he did! -Hey Yura, you still got a lot, so dont lay back just yet!-)


~ Design & Concept


There are a lot of RO servers out there with websites, however there is one thing we don't like, and thats how most of those websites are pretty similar but with small detail changes (They almost feel like templates), so we went with something less "conventional" for the world of RO (Although it is nothing out of the world design-wise).

Obviously, this is DarkRO, so the Dark theme kind of sticks~ (We still gotta work a bit on our color-picking skills)


~ New Features


Some of the new features for the main site would be 2: Gallery and some Statistics. 


General Website

The Gallery works with our Facebook & YouTube accounts (Yay! We're on Social networks now!). Right now obviously its a bit empty~ But you guys will help us fill it in, right?!

In order to "upload" content you must first Login to the CP. Only after you're logged will you be able to access the "Upload" tab. After you've uploaded something, it will need to be approved by a Staff member, and only until then it will be shown in the gallery & social networks!


As for the Statistics, we're now collecting PvP and WoE statistics. PvP Statistics is based off, well, How many people you kill (From a recent period of time) and WoE is related to how many Emperiums your guild has broken. 

If you check out the "ranking" you will be able to see a bit more info. 

For the PvP ranking, you'll see how many times you've died and whats your highest streak (How many people you've killed without dying)

For the WoE Ranking, it will show you how many people you have killed while defending your castle, and while taking another guild's castle (Please reffer to notes at the bottom to know about a few issues on this)


Events are now shown in the main site, aswell as shared on our Facebook/Twitter pages! So you may never again miss an upcoming event!



As for the CP: 


The first thing you'll notice when logging in, is that it will ask you for some information (Security information and display name), to set this information you will require your Serial Code! (There is a link under the login section where you can get it sent to the email that is registered on the account. For security reasons this email will not be shown to you).

If you do not have your serial code or cannot recover it, you can hit the "Cancel" button. However, some of the site's functions will not be enabled for your account. 


The display name will be used through different places of the website (Some stuff is still pending implementation), however keep in mind, that you may not use the same display name on two accounts (yet).


A few new things can be found there:

First of all, Character sprites are created on the minute, so right now you can actually see your current "hairstyle" on your character. (Please reffer to notes at the bottom to know about a few issues on this)


You can now access your Login & Tradelogs . Login logs will show you when did you access your characters for the last time, Tradelogs will show your trades for the past month (Up to 200 trades).


Social: Ok, so a lot of people has been desperately crying out for V4P, I said it before and I say it again, we will not work on V4P. However, I did implement a Social Points feature (Which I havnt seen on other servers so yay!-Unless someone has, corremt so I can de-yay this :P-). What are social points? Simple, you can get social points for "spreading the word" on Facebook and twitter, You can do this once a day and it will basically  post on your wall a message about you playing DarkRO and inviting your friends. I'll explain a bit more down below. 


~ Social


Ok, So as I said earlier, a lot of people has been crying out loud for "Vote for Points", and I always said no, specially since a lot of those sites forbid V4P. So instead we will be doing campaigns (Yet to be informed) on voting sites. I'll be listing us in the next few days (We need the banners for this), like for example, if Pie gets to top 50 on RMS, we will do Exp increase. If Force gets to top 50 on rotop100, there will be an event. If both sites get to top 50, we give everyone X social points (These are just ideas, don't take them as granted right now :P)


So what are social points?

Simple, in the CP there is a Social Tab. If you click it you will see two links, Facebook & Twitter. If you click the link, there will be a pop-up which will ask you to authorize our App. When you do this, you will be able to "Spread the word" and throw messages like "Hey! I am playing RO @ Dark-RO.net! Join me!" (There are quiet a few phrases that go randomly). And you can do this every 24 hours. Every time you do this, you gain 1 Social point.

If you are cool and decide to help us populate our gallery, you will also receive social points (Assuming your submission is approved by the rules), and you will win 5 Social Points for those!


So what do I do with Social points?! You can claim prizes. The prizes are not yet available on the website as we still need to make a good list, but they will be anything (Supplies, Website perks, Forum perks, Ingame Perks or even headgears!). We will work on making these perks pretty nice!


Keep in mind please, prizes and how many social points you receive can and mostlikely will be changed in the future, as we see this new feature at work!


~ Halp!


Yes, the new website has changed a lot from the old one, the Staff will be writing guides in the Wiki (And everyone else is welcome to) on some of these new nice features. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


P.S.: Yes! The wiki is back<3


~ Notes


So, there are a few things pending:

  • Statistics: The former statistics system for WoE was HUGE and MESSED UP big time. I tried to write something similar but it was way too confusing. We will be working on improving the current system to something more useful as time passes by

  • Donations tab is temporarily under maintenance. Will probabbly be enabled tomorrow. I still got some more testings to do in there (You nor I want anything messed up there)

  • Database: The database is under construction. I just need to work a bit more on it so it gets easy to maintain and keep up with every update. 

  • Design: While the main layout/skeleton will not be changed, there are a lot of color/design improvements to be made. I invite you all to throw in your suggestions on our I&F section to help us improve the site even further (Wether its design wise or with new features!).

  • Bugs: While the website has been throughly tested for the past month and a lot through the past weekend, I do expect bugs to be left, specially with everyone using different browsers. So please, help me help you by fixing those bugs and report them all on our Bugs section of the forum. Keep in mind, everything is logged right now, so if we find you have been abusing any sort of bugs, your account will be permanently unbanned without any chance for it to be unbanned. (Report all bugs you find, for as little as they might be!

  • The website is highly security-oriented. You will need your Serial code to perform a lot of functions, you will need to confirm via email a lot of changes done to your account (If you decide to change passwords and what not) and sessions do not last longer than 15 minutes.

  • The website is heavily ajax oriented, we have come to notice a few people got issues with ajax, so we will be working on improving the non-ajax people's experience as time passes by.

  • The DarkRO Updater has a new page. All past updates are not lost, but need to be re-added. This will be a long task. We also need a possibly better design for the updates page *g*. Or a new skin for the updater? :P


Ok, thats it!


As this is the last update topic for the weekend, I'd take some time and thank all the Staff members who have helped us through this weekend, I've been under a lot of stress and I might've been a bit mean or rude, so I apologize for that. I <3 you all guys and despite my grumpy face, I really appreciatte everyone's help! <3!

As to the players: I am sorry all this took so long, while it was supposed to last a day or two tops, it ended up taking 5 days. There were a lot of issues and I am really sorry for the delay, the bugs and everything (Belive it or not, everything was tested a lot, we spent at least one month testing and we only decided to update after everything was confirmed to be working. Sadly, there were a lot of issues that arose after the migration which couldnt have been foreseen) I hope everyone is patient enough to understand! Thank you guys!

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#1199496 Pie And Website Downtime - March 17Th 20.00

Posted by Matias on 16 March 2012 - 08:10 PM

Hello everyone.

Both the website (Including forums) and Pie will be down on Saturday 17th for about two hours top for some server-side hardware maintenance.

The downtime is expected to be about an hour, however the window is being set for 2 hours in case any special issues arise.

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#1362304 [Force] Untradable LHZ4 cards

Posted by Matias on 05 February 2016 - 06:42 PM



I am almost finished, I can't schedule the downtime right now but it will either be tonight or tomorrow. I'll make a post with the announcement shortly before we get to this stage. (I don't know yet since I need to check out how long the whole proccess might take and consider WoE times tonight)

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#1360229 [Force] Untradable LHZ4 cards

Posted by ShaquileO'neal on 26 November 2015 - 02:44 AM

Just Delete all LHZ cards that came from the bug... then don't punish the abusers... Just Like Temporal Distortion...

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#1357351 [Sep, 11th] Staff Changes

Posted by Matias on 11 September 2015 - 10:17 PM

~Hello You!


Its that time of the year (or decade?) where we feel a change in the Staff Branches is required to keep improving and making this server a better place for its community. I do admit, some things have not been working out great in different aspects (I've had a rough year personally and I couldnt give DarkRO the time it deserved, though I am back now -Wether you like it or not :P-), we have been discussing on different changes that had to be made to make this server a better place for its community, after all, thats what we all want (I bet even trolls wantt that :P) and while I am not going to give you spoilers on whats to come, I can announce one of the first changes: Staff Changes. After all, we need the branches to work well before anything else.


~Aye! Boss. (GM Changes)


- Kilik

While he has been with us for an extended period of time (8 years or so?), life catches up, people grow and priorities change. Kilik has mentioned that while he has the will to continue, he no longer has the time to properly hold his S&O Leader position and as such, will be stepping down passing the torch to one of our oldies. 

I'd like to thanks Kilik for all his work as both a S&O, GM and a Global Mod (Its annoying how GM = GlobalMod/Game Master/Guild Master. I always get confused) through these years. Thanks dude! <3


- Last Black Sunshine

Some of you may know him as Teo, just like others, he has been with us for a long time holding different positions in both, the Dev and the S&O branches. While he once was an S&O GM, life caught up to him once and he had to step down, but like the Kasa, he is coming back to raise from the ashes (Such a melodramatic entrance!), and spit Fire into botters! He will be replacing Kilik and heading the S&O Branch. We can expect a lot of things to change regarding the branch. 


- Mika

Mika has been with us for a long time aswell and she has been leading the Events branch since Mia ditched us (Yes you did ^^), while she will not be quitting, she will be moving to focus her priorities on a different branch: Newspaper and Wiki mods, two branches that have been left aside for a while now and we wish to pick up. We all love both, the Wiki and the Newspaper articles! <3


- Stockholm

One of our newest GMs, he has been SubGM'ing the FE branch with Mika for a while now and will become its Head from now.


- Kevin

No changes on him, he remains as friendly as always.


- Obiwan

As Kilik steps down from his S&O Position and his Global Mod position, Obi, who is one of our oldest moderators, will be taking over the Forums/Mod lead role.




If you've been here for a while you know I started off in the old RCS and while my current duties have driven me a bit off from being able to give much support, I still hold the Support roles as one of my dearest (In every game I play I am a Healer for my first character :P), nevertheless this is not about me but about Support. 


As my incredibly clever and creative subtitle shows (not), this is regarding Support and Police. While back in the day RCS didnt have much activity and we through merging both RCS and Police into a single Branch (Support & Order) as a good idea, we have come to realize this is not working as expected in many ways. Support has not been given properly and its really important, as they're the ones who have the most interaction with the community (sort of PR people).


So, we've decided to turn Support & Order back into Police, putting them in charge of Order once again and Support will become a task of all Staff members, in different branches we have people with different knowledge and with different time availability, reason why, in order to improve the way Support is provided to players, we belive this change work in everyone's best interest.


This change wont occur overnight but rather through a period of time as we need to make sure everyone has the proper tools to provide top notch support to our players.




Finally, as I mentioned during the first post, I've been struggling a bit with university/work/personal issues/RO, nevertheless I am back again and will be working to make up for my time off, so expect more changes in the future!


P.D.: Miles is back, while I couldnt properly put him in either of the above sections due to his current role, he is back and will be working on the Storywriting branch, so I thought he still deserved a Welcome back comment :P



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#1212900 Forum Rules

Posted by Kilik on 22 April 2012 - 04:09 AM

Forum Rules


Each user agrees with his/her registration to the following forum rules. The moderation team holds up the right to warn, mute, censor, ban, suspend users, delete topics and posts if the users do not follow the rules.

Account Related

  • Each user may register for only one account. Multiple registration will result in a perma ban on the new account, and a warn on the old one.
  • Making a new account for the purpose of having a different display name is not allowed.
  • Any attempt to avoid a moderator's mute or ban will result in a perma ban on the new account and a temporary ban on the old account.
  • Each registered member may only use one account, and it must only be used by them. In other words, no sharing forum accounts with another member/unregistered member.
  • Do not choose display names that can lead to Staff Impersonations. Such accounts will have their display name changed to "Member#" This punishment is also reserved for inappropriate forum display names.

General Rules

  • The primary language of the forum is English. Other languages can be used in the International Sections.
  • Post new threads in the correct forum section. Failure to do so can result in a warn to the topic owner, closure of the topic, and the possibility of your topic being ignored.
  • No posting porn, politically extremist, immoral or offensive material that can break the law. Do not post cracks, keys, hacks, illegal download pages to 3 party programs, etc. This includes links to any of the stated above offenses.
  • SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. If your post is either off topic, doesn’t help the topic owner, or doesn’t help move the thread forward, expect a forum warn and/or mute. However, an exception is any Off Topic section of the DarkRO forum.
  • Bumping topics is not allowed. However, if your topic hasn't been replied to in 2 days after the post date, I will allow a bump post.
  • No spamming emotions or images since it may freeze peoples' browsers.
  • Topic content, links, usernames, etc with the intent to flame other users is not allowed. Same goes for trolling: posting with the intent to annoy others or cause a flame war.
  • Inappropriate language or excessive cursing is not allowed.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Give credit where credit is due. If you copy something from the internet, give proper credit.
  • Advertisement of/Linking to any other Ragnarok server is prohibited.
  • Don’t misuse the report button. The button is used if you think a post is breaking the forum rules, and is not to be used to talk to Staff members. Misusage will result in a warn and/or mute.
  • Do not attempt to avoid the bad word filter. Such actions will get you warned.
  • Post your ideas about the game and/or forum in the Ideas and Feedback section of the forum.
  • No topics discussing religion. It will usually result in a flame war.
  • No creating multiple topics about the same problem. It doesn't get you more attention, instead it will be considered spam and you will be either warned/muted or both.
  • No ABABABA talking. However, if the discussion between the 2 individuals is good, this may be an exception. However if spam occurs, then the person will be warned. A definite exception to this rule is topics posted in the Off Topic section.
  • No harassing other members. Harassment is defined as attacking other people physically, mentally, sexually, and socially. Users who harass other users will be given a harsh punishment, therefore don’t do it.
  • No reviving topics that haven't been replied to in over a month. Create a new topic and either post the link to the old topic there, or quote the old topic. An exception is the Ideas & Feedback section, and pinned topics.
  • Racial, ethnic, gender based insults, or any other personal discrimination is strictly not allowed.
  • Don’t post Spam or any offensive links in your status updates. Offensive links mean links to porn, 3rd party programs, other Ragnarok servers, etc. Status updates can be removed with warning.

Game related:

  • The forum will not be used for PHP Dealing. This means trading real life money for ingame items. Such posts will result in a perma ban from the forum
  • No revealing custom quests information. This includes NPC coordinates, and Naruto answers, etc. You can reveal such information if it's for an official quest such as the Biolab Entrance Quest.
  • Any posts that are directed towards a single player over an issue that started ingame is not allowed. It will be removed from the public view. Continued posting will result in the topic starter being warned and/or muted by a moderator. If necessary, the poster can also be temporary banned.

Moderation Team and User Responsibility, Moderation and Final Notes

  • Each user agrees to the rules after registering for an account. If you have been warned unjustly, contact the moderator who gave the warn. If you are not happy with the response, contact a Global Moderator. In extreme cases, contact the Administration. The Admins word is final.
  • Respect all staff members. If a moderator is found abusing their powers, report it to a Global Moderator. If a moderator gives an invalid warn, the right to prove it wrong is your choice.
  • Report Staff members via private message
  • Punishments increase when the same offense is repeated. For example, an account suspension will be given instead of a warn or mute.
  • Suspensions and bans cannot be given without a warn first. If a user is new, a verbal warning may be issued without a warn level increase.
  • Depending on the serverity of the case, a punishment may be issued despite the stated above
  • All forum moderators reserve the right to punish users on offenses not found in this post
  • All forum moderators reserve the right to remove/edit/move/close any thread for any reason.
  • All forum rules posted in this forum are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Global Moderators are allowed to change offensive forum names without prior notice to the user. If the user wishes to have a different forum name, they will be required to complete community service. ( Use the name Member, Member1, etc )




-Partial credit goes to Wishbone

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#1085511 Cleaning My Ro Files

Posted by blewolf on 13 February 2011 - 08:23 AM

I got 3+GB of files in my darkRO Folder, Help me clean up :( Tell me whats needed and whats trash

Posted Image
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#907474 How To Kill Mistress Without Her Teleporting?

Posted by vernan on 17 October 2009 - 07:25 AM

I usually use a bow stalker, but, the arrows misses after few arrows, even if I use earth arrows.
Then I would use the ica sword, which is only effective if I am against the wall,
because, she will thunder jupitel, and then she teleports.

If I use a sinx, she will thunder jupitel, and then she teleports.

If I will use a sniper, that is still bow, and it will still miss.

So, how to kill Mistress? Especially for a bow type?

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#1362338 [Feb 7th] (Semi) Scheduled Downtime: LHZ Issue

Posted by Matias on 07 February 2016 - 03:37 PM

Hello guys,


We're pretty much done with the LHZ issue so I'll be taking the server down, while there are still a few issues I need to work on, I will have everything ready during the afternoon.


I can't give you an exact time (In order to reduce the downtimes to the very minimum), but it should start at around 17.00 Server time (In either case I'll give half an hour heads up) and it should last sometime between 1.5 to 3 hours. 


Once the downtime is over I'll give you guys information on what was done and some other data. 


Update 1

Downtime will begin at 17.00 as Scheduled


Update 2

So, downtime was a lot longer than expected due to way more people than the ones I had accounted earlier trying to avoid the undo by either Dropping the items or placing them on gstorage. 


While I was planning on writing a nice summary I'll make it short right now since I am extremely tired (I might expand on it tomorrow)

- We had 16 people involved in the issue (I dont know who they are), out of those 3 were not banned since they only got 1 item once (Items were deleted tho)

- Those 16 players introduced about 419 LHZ cards into the market, completely rekt'ing everything. They also introduced 325,097 items dropped in the dungeon, which goes from equips to lesser cards. This doesnt count consumables such as berries and similars)

- This caused 18,644 transactions (Trades, Vending, Buying, Dropping/Picking up, Guildstoring/Guildpicking) that were undone. This meant 44,798 items in total (Consider cards compounded)

- There were 19 levels of depth in the transactions (This means, If we started tracing a Poring card for example, that poring card was traded to 19 different players without going back to any of its previous owners)

- Out of all the previous number, there were 728 attempts to bypass the undo by dropping the items.

- With all of the above in consideration, we had about 637 items that had to be manually traced.


All and all I can say I am about 98% sure we undid all the damage that was done, the 2% corresponds to lesser value items (Some TG, Hydra, Violin, Damascus and such) items that were hard to trace and that could have been missed (By the manual trace)


Now, just to clarify a bit on why did this take so long. 

Firstly, the initial issue was detected around the end of Novemeber, which was little over a month with the issue going on, while I tried to handle the issue right once it was reported, I had my thesis defense (For those who do not know its a huge essay-of-sorts that you usually write for about 6 months or a year to graduate from university which states something regarding your degree that you researched and proposed. Defense must take place in front of a committee of people who will try to bash it down *ugh*) by the 2nd week of december (Which was moved to the 3rd) so sadly I had to prep that one out to not risk flunking my whole last year of university (You know, kinda Life > everything else) and after that I lost my computer which I got back on the 25th/26th, so basically during december there was little progress done on this issue. But all through january and until today I've been working constantly to finish this. 

The initial work was being done on my computer which took about 6 hours to complete (And it wasnt even tracing 20% of the items due to lack of code, the first downtime/announcement about having the issue fixed, remember?) so basically I could do about 3-4 tests a day, after a week of that I decided to move the tests to the server, voila, it took about 50 minutes to run, but I was still not considering some parts of the trace, once I started considering more and more things (To make it as accurate as possible) during about two weeks finally I was like *Got everything traced* but the tac was taking approximately 26000 hours (Which is a bit more than 1000 days, so basically if we had the server down for 3 years it'd be done), I spent the past few weeks optimizing the databases and the queries, ending up with a 20 min (app) trace system, however there were still a lot of cases that had to be manually checked. 


All and all I had to run the script 5 times to gather some data, which was about 2 hours (The two hours I was initially talking about) and while the script ran I was doing the manual traces, which as stated before, were far more than I had initially expected. 


Anyways, I am extremely tired as of now, so I'd simply like to apologize to everyone for not being able to do this any faster, for the extensive amount of time we had LHZ cards untradable, for the downtime and... not sure for what else :P


We will now resume duties as normal, that means we will start working on bug fixing and picking up several projects that have been on hold since November. 


<3 you all and thanks for your patience. (To the ones who deserve it at least :P)


I forgot to mention/clarify how was this undone. 

1.- We fetched the initial loots from the 16 initial players and checked their trades and the trades from the trades and so on... 

2.- With every trade, we gave back the items to whoever traded them and deleted the items from whoever received them (So on and so on until we gave back the 16 initial players the items they traded)

This is what might cause some confussion amongst some of you so keep this in mind when you login

3.- Whenever we deleted the items, we checked your inventory/storage/cart for the item we're looking for (Compounded or not) and picked the closest refined item (If you traded a +6 and you had a +10 and a +3, we'd decard/delete the +3, if you had a +8 instead of a +6, we'd delete the +10)

4.- If we found a match and the item had cards on it, we removed the cards from the item and placed them in your STORAGE

5.- After placing cards on storage, the item was deleted.


So there is a huge chance you will find a lot of your items decarded or that you will have a lot of cards in your storage (When we add the cards they dont stack, so instead of Having 6 Poring cards in a single stack, you'd have 6 Stacks of 1 poring card each)


If my explanation isnt clear bare with me.. Im sleepy T_T

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#1354416 [Force] June Patch Notes

Posted by Dazzu on 29 June 2015 - 06:16 AM




  • Disabled Stat glove effects
  • Removed Pink Beanie's no trade restriction.
  • Removed Long Tongue slot.
  • Fixed weapon element where it does not persist upon changing weapons.
  • Fixed Bard/Dancer Ensemle bug.
  • Reduced Balance Set pieces AllStat bonuses to 1 (from 2).
  • Reduced Fortress Set defense bonus to 3 (from 5).
  • Reduced Balance Set's AllStat bonus to 3 (from 7).
  • Removed Balance Set's reflect bonuses.
  • Reduced Balance Set's defense bonuses to 2 (from 4).
  • Added new effect to Balance Set: "Grants (Hard Def/2) to Hard MDef".
  • Added new effect to Warmonger Set: "Damage is increased by 5% at the cost of draining 2% of Max HP per second."
  • Reduced Warmonger Set's atm/matk damage bonus to 7 (from 9) [Independent from new effect].
  • Fixed missing donation hat sprites.



  • Armor Voucher drops are now set at 100% and are non-MVP loot (ie. Parties are able to share these loots by setting 'Item Sharing Type' party option to 'shared').
  • Woe Guardians (Archer, Sword, Knight Guardian) have received significant HP and damage boosts.
    • Archer Guardian
      • HP: 1,000,000
      • Damage Range: 50,000 ~ 60,000 (before reductions)
      • Attack Delay: 300ms
    • Knight Guardian
      • HP: 3,000,000
      • Damage Range: 40,000 ~ 50,000 (before reductions)
      • Attack Delay: 200ms
    • Soldier Guardian
      • HP: 2,000,000
      • Damage Range: 30,000 ~ 40,000 (before reductions)
      • Attack Delay 350ms



  • Armor Set quest has been implemented. Guide here
  • Increased voucher requirement to 10 (from 1).
  • Fixed Skill Resetter NPC occasionally not giving the proper skill points.
  • Fixed Event NPC.



  • Modified current @ss system:
    • @ss <item_name> will display the shop's coordinates in the chat window
    • @searchstore brings up an item search interface. Clicking a shop teleports you to the shop's coordinates.
  • Fixed Prontera and Hugel's corridor shop restrictions.
  • Autotrade now has a duration of 72 hours.



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#1343580 [ Release ] Darkro Installer V.1 (full & Lite) + Other Downloadables

Posted by Dazzu on 28 November 2014 - 03:28 PM

Updated 29/06/2015 - 2.50GB

  • DarkRO Client Zip Download
  • Zip file contains the parent folder 'DarkRO'
  • Extract contents to a suitable drive
  • Patch through the red updater






Lite - 170.9MB

  • Simple darkRO installer - only contains patched darkRO files up to 21/10/2014 patch. See patch notes here.
  • To use, refer to the following steps:
    • Download the darkRO Lite installer .
    • Download and install a kRO renewal client.
    • Update your kRO.
    • Install the darkRO Lite in a separate folder.
    • Merge darkROCore folder contents into the kRO folder.
    • Select overwrite files when prompted.
    • Run the red patcher.
    • Play.

Full - 3 Parts (~2.3GB Total): 4MB Executable, 1.49GB BIN1, 831MB BIN2

  • Full darkRO installer - contains both patched darkRO files (21/10/2014) and a kRO renewal client.
  • Requires all 3 files to run the installer.
  • To use, refer to the following steps:







  • If anyone is having issues with errors/downloads, please post a detailed report here.

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#1343086 The Community With #force Channel

Posted by Kagamine Rin on 21 November 2014 - 05:25 AM

It has come to my recent attention that the a lot of our community members are verbally abusing other human beings. It's kinda sad how everyone results to insulting other players. I know you're all tough and all "macho" behind the keyboard. Just so you know the attitude of these kind of players are childish and it's best not to entertain them. It's funny how these kind of players have zero regards to the person they insult behind the keyboard and if you insult back, you're no better than the instigators.


A lot of talk has been happening in regards to banning players that does this since the GM team feels that a slap in the hand no longer works. I disagree to the whole banning thing but if the problem persist and certain players don't change their attitude especially the insult before/during/after WoE and avoiding punishment by logging in a sub account then we might result to having bans.


Now I'm here to inform you guys and keep you in the loop and help our community be a better place for more players. It's not easy to be in the side that people think that what we are doing is wrong and we kill the fun of insulting or flaming people. What we want you guys to understand is that can you be a decent human being in the game and show some respect since other people can respect you and why can't you respect strangers.


Guild Leaders, we know you're not in control of your members of what they do and say, but you have some form of influence to their attitude and what they do if you pay them or out of loyalty for fighting in the name of your guild. If you want the name you made for your guild tarnished then that's up to you but please help your guild be a better one for new players. 


I know there's a lot of difference and we cannot hope to please everyone or hope to understand other people and their circumstances or how you're brought up. But just respect the other person behind that keyboard since they didn't do anything wrong, and if they do instigate you can be the better person and ignore it. Lets help each other not to let this problem escalate to banning players. I know not everyone can read or has a forum account so please let them know.


No idea if  I made sense but hopefully you get the point of this topic. Thank you for reading and as always feedback is always welcome.


GM Mika

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#1319740 Remove Inactive Guilds On Guild Rankings Database

Posted by Enjo333 on 23 April 2014 - 12:01 PM

Just Like the topic says Removing the Inactive Guilds like Rinjinbu, FourManArmy, Vegetarianz and any other inactive guilds can make the guild rankings more Correct Because it is not fun to see your guild ranks at the bottom of the inactive guilds right? just an idea :D 


Comment your FeedBacks Guys Especially GM's







I don't know how to do a poll but if the gm can edit this it will surely be helpful :D if the topic will be hot 

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